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Say Anything offering free download of 2 different remixes of their song “Do Better”

Say Anything are giving away a free download of two remixes for their song Do Better off their most recent self-titled album.  One remix is by Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service and the other is from music producer Matt Squire.

You can get the tracks on the band’s website (you have to fill out a form to download).

Say Anything and Angels & Airwaves Announce U.S. Tour

say-anything-spring-tour Say Anything and Angels & Airwaves kicked off their Spring Tour last night in San Francisco, CA.  The bands will play 41 shows all across the U.S.  before the tour comes to an end on May 28th in Las Vegas, NV. You can check out the tour dates and locations in the Dying Scene Shows section.

Say Anything released their self-titled album in November 2009, while Angels and Airwaves released their third album, Love, in February 2010.

Max Bemis of Say Anything reopens his “Song Shop”

maxbemisHere’s a cool late night story. Ever wanted your favorite musician to write a song about you? Who hasn’t right? Well for you Say Anything fans your dream can be made a reality for 150 bucks.

Lead singer of the band, Max Bemis opened his Max Bemis Song Shop last year in an effort to bridge the gap between him and his fans. After much success the singer had to close the shop to fulfill contract obligations with his bands album. Now, after popular demand it’s back for a limited time. So crack open those piggy banks and head over to the bands website to submit your song ideas.

Album Review: Say Anything – “Say Anything”

say_anything**The Album Reviews published on Dying Scene are written and submitted by regular users of the site.  These users are not professional music critics nor are they paid for what they write.  If you disagree with an album’s rating, feel free to voice your opinion and give it your own rating in the comments.  If you’d like to submit your own review do it here.

Before Say Anything released their new, self-titled album, fans were tantalized with the single Hate Everyone, a bitter rant about all the awful people surrounding Max Bemis, and his utter disgust with them.  A raw, but perfect example of the angst Bemis is frequently found expressing, and full of descriptive lyrics and catchy tempos that made Say Anything famous in the first place. It was a good way to start the process of hyping up the self-titled album.

The actual album starts with the song Fed to Death, which seems like an allegory for Jesus Christ, but knowing Bemis, it could mean anything. Poppy and upbeat, but containing a depth in its lyrics that perfectly contradicts the sound. The album goes on and jumps through genres like a kindergarten hopscotch tournament, while retaining a punk/emo backdrop.

There is the typical anger and dismay in the lyrics that flows out of Bemis, but unlike …Is A Real Boy, where everything will end negativity, in this album you can find positivity and hope. The song Cemetery exemplifies this, “If you want then when we die, we’ll ascend to some place way up high, if they ask, then I’m with you.” Holding on to self-deprecation, but not turning a blind eye to a better life, Max Bemis has no doubt matured since …Is A Real Boy.

Musically speaking, this album is a flawless meeting of new age pop and punk: It’s filled with guitar riffs with hooks, catchy choruses, a plethora of different genres, and experimentation. Crush’d is a electro-pop track reminiscent of something off the top 10 countdown, but there is an edge and roughness that doesn’t make it feel out of place on the album. You can also find full on assaulting guitars with songs like She Won’t Follow You and Less Cute.

Don’t give up on Say Anything. They’re back, and with a vengeance. If you’re a fan of anything the band has done, pick up this album immediately.

Say Anything are streaming their entire self-titled album

say_anythingIf you can’t wait another week you can listen to Say Anything‘s new album on their MySpace now. All 13 tracks are up for your listening pleasure. The brand new album, which will be self-titled comes out November 3rd on RCA Records.

Say Anything: Interview with Village Voice

say_anythingCheck out this Village Voice interview with Say Anything. Max Bemis, writer and vocalist for the band, discusses the changes in his life and how they are reflected in the band’s new album:

I was very isolated at the time of the last record, and the closest relationship I had was this horrible, abusive relationship I was in…Now I have more human relationships: I’ve become a lot closer with my friends and my bandmates, and I just got married…I’m basically going through this human drama on a daily basis that’s generally very positive.

Click here to read the full interview.

Say Anythings new self-titled album is set to be released November 3rd on RCA.

Say Anything: Listen to “Eloise”

say_anythingSay Anything is releasing their self-titled album November 3rd on RCA. Until then, they are putting up tracks on their MySpace from the new album. Up now is “Eloise”, so check it out and let us know how you think the album is going to do.

Watch Say Anything’s performance of “Ahh Men”

m_fa81333537dc486fb870ba556bf8ad1eApparently Say Anything did a secret show, and performed their new song “Ahh Men”. Luckily, someone captured this performance and posted it for all of you who weren’t able to make it to the show. This song is off their upcoming self-titled it by clicking the Full Story.

The new album is coming out on Doghouse Records November 3rd.

Watch a video of Say Anything performing their new song “Mara And Me” off upcoming self-titled album

doghouserecords6At a recent Say Anything show, one fan recorded the live performance of their new song “Mara And Me”. This song is the 8th track on their new self-titled album due out November 3rd. Click the Full Story link to watch.

“Say Anything” will be released via Doghouse Records, following up their 2007’s “In Defense Of The Genre”.

Video: Say Anything’s Max Bemis performs an acoustic version of “Eloise” from upcoming album

say_anythingSay Anything front-man, Max Bemis, performs an acoustic version of “Eloise” for Rolling Stone.  The track is from the band’s upcoming self-titled album and you can check it out here.

“Say Anything” will be released November 3rd.

Free download of Say Anything’s “Property” from their upcoming album “Say Anything”

doghouserecords5Right now you can listen to Say Anything‘s new song “Property” from their self-titled album dropping Novembery 3rd. The only catch is that you have to sign up for their mailing list. When you do, they will email you the free download. But this offer isn’t available for very long so if you want it you better go now!

Say Anything reveal release date and cover art for upcoming full-length

say_anythingAlright, so we’ve been saying for weeks that the new self-titled album from Say Anything was coming out October 13th, but apparently we had no idea what we were talking about.  Our source is having his fingernails pulled out right now.  Anyway, the actual release date (according to the band) is November 3rd.  The cover art is <= but you can see a larger version here.

Front-man, Max Bemis, had this to say about the album:

The record is about becoming the hero of your own story by fighting against what opposes you, both within yourself and from other people and society. There is a deep spiritual unity that all people possess and once you let go of the sort of mind control you and others can place on yourself, you can tap into it, and it’s like having superpowers. It can lead you through an adventure no matter who you are, how dark your past is, or how messed up of a person you think you are.

Max Bemis of Say Anything performs new song “Crush’d” acoustically, plus two not so new favorites “Woe” and “Baby Girl, I’m A Blur”

maxbemisLead singer of Say Anything, Max Bemis, has posted something special over at You can check out a live acoustic performance of their new track “Crush’d”, which will be featured on their upcoming self-titled third album.  You can also find 2 acoustic versions of oldies “Woe”, off the 2006 album “Is A Real Boy”, and “Baby Girl, I’m A Blur” off 2007’s “In Defense Of The Genre”.

The third album “Say Anything” will be released October 13th via Doghouse Records.

Premiere of Say Anything’s music video of “Hate Everyone”

say-anything-hate-everyoneCheck out the premiere of Say Anything‘s music video “Hate Everyone.” The single is from their upcoming self-titled album due out October 13th.  Watch the video and count how many times the singer says “I hate everyone.”

The band is currently on tour. Check the dates and locations here.

Check out Say Anything’s “Hate Everyone” video teaser

doghouserecords5 Get a sneak peek of the video for Say Anything‘s new single “Hate Everyone.” The whole video will be premiering on MySpace tomorrow but this teaser will hopefully hold you over.  Take a peek!

Say Anything is currently on tour. Find the dates on the Dying Scene Shows page.