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Less Than Jake added to Bamboozle line-up

Less Than Jake are currently on the road celebrating 20 years as a band, and despite that advanced age they aren’t slowing down. They just added a stop at the Bamboozle Festival in May to their 2012 shows.

LTJ will play on the second day of the festival, when Blink 182 and the Foo Fighters headline. They were added to the roster that already includes a few good punk bands like Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, The Wonder Years and Trapped Under Ice.

Bamboozle takes place May 18-20 in Asbury Park, NJ. See the poster with all of the announced bands here.

Less Than Jake release “20th Anniversary Coffee”

Gainesville, Florida’s Less Than Jake have just taken the next step in their recent trend of surprise anniversary releases, and this time around they are unleashing Less Than Jake 20th Anniversary Coffee.  Seriously.

“Are you about to have a crappy cup of diner coffee when you could be sipping on Less Than Jake coffee?” reads a statement on the band’s Facebook page.  For those of you who want to rock out to “Black Coffee” while sipping the band’s fair trade, shade grown, organic Mocha Java blend, head right over here.

Less Than Jake released their second anniversary E.P., “Season’s Greetings From Less Than Jake”, this past Thursday on Sleep It Off Records.

Less Than Jake release new EP out of nowhere, streaming new song

Less Than Jake have completely unexpectedly released a new EP titled “Season’s Greetings from Less Than Jake” today. The release comes only 8 months after last summer’s “Greetings From Less Than Jake” EP and you can stream a track from it called “Younger Lungs” right here.

Season’s Greetings is the latest release on Less Than Jake’s own Sleep It Off Records, as the group continues to pave its way in independence. The EP, mixed by Stephen Egerton of The Descendents, is available only from Less Than Jake’s online webstore and will also be sold at shows. Like with their summer EP release, the band never announced it was recording new music, so Season’s Greetings comes as a complete surprise to both loyal, lifelong fans and first-time listeners.

The band embarks tonight on the beginning of its northeast run of tour dates with Samiam, Flatfoot 56 and Plow United, the dates of which can be seen here.

Free Compilation: Less Than Jake Tour Sampler (Flatfoot 56, Samiam, Plow United)

Less Thank Jake are about to head out on their first run of tour dates for 2012 and to celebrate they are giving away a free downloadable compilation featuring their supporting acts Samian, Flatfoot 56 and Plow United.  You can get it here.

The dates are spanning 10 days over the Northeast and you can check out the specific dates and locations here.

Less Than Jake last released their last EP, “Greetings From…” on Sleep It Off Records.

Music Video: Less Than Jake – “Conviction Notice”

The fellas in Less Thank Jake have recently posted a video for their song “Conviction Notice” and you can enjoy it here. The footage was shot by Trifecta Films from a show the band played at the Manchester Uni in the UK and the band’s friend Matt Frodsham did all the fun animation.

The song comes off Les Than Jake’s album “GNLV/FLA” released in 2008.

The band has a bunch of upcoming tour dates with Plow United, Samiam, and Flatfoot 56. To view the dates and special ticket offers, click here.

Less Than Jake last released their last EP, “Greetings From…” on Sleep It Off Records.

Less Than Jake post retrospective video to celebrate 20th anniversary

To celebrate 20 years of ska/punk rock bandhood Less Than Jake has posted a retrospective video on their official website.  It features a ton of old live footage dubbed over with the snippets of the band’s best songs and is pretty fun for anybody who considers themselves an old school Less Than Jake fan.

The band has a bunch of upcoming tour dates with Plow United, Samiam, and Flatfoot 56. To view the dates and special ticket offers, click here.

Less Than Jake last released their last EP, “Greetings From…” on Sleep It Off Records.

Less Than Jake announce U.S. tour w/ Samiam, Flatfoot 56, Plow United

Less Than Jake have announced brand-new tour dates with old-school pop punk bands Plow United and Samiam, along with Chicago celtic punks Flatfoot 56.

To view the dates and special ticket offers, click here.

Less Than Jake last released “Greetings From…” on Sleep It Off Records.

Interview: Less Than Jake talk about recording new music, to releasing their latest EP on Vinyl

Florida ska legends Less Than Jake announced in a recent interview plans to release their latest EP “Greetings From Less Than Jake” on vinyl. In addition to that, here’s what they had to say about recording new music:

I believe the plan is to put this out on vinyl in the very near future as well as get back to the drawing board and start working on another EP.

You can read more about their future plans, their out of the norm merch items, their live DVD and more. It’s a good read. Check it out here.

Videos: Less Than Jake perform three acoustic songs on their tour bus

Who doesn’t want to watch an exhausted (or hungover) Less Than Jake play three of their songs on acoustic guitars while sitting on their tour bus? Actually, don’t answer that. Just click here and check out a couple of the guys playing versions of “Suburban Myth,” “Can’t Yell Any Louder” and “Leave It All To Me (iCarly Theme).”

LTJ last released their EP, “Greetings From,” in June. Check out our review of that here.

Album Review: Less Than Jake – “Greetings From” EP

The phrase “short but sweet” is a massive cliche, but it’s also completely appropriate here. Skacore legends Less Than Jake‘s “Greetings From” EP, which was released without warning on June 20, clocks in at 5 tracks and 14 minutes long, but it’s a great example of everything the band does well.

“Can’t Yell Any Louder” opens the EP with a bang, jumping right into a snappy horn line and tight drums. It combines an upbeat ska beat and a punky, singalong chorus, two things these guys are truly excellent at doing. It’s easy to see this one becoming a permanent staple at their live shows.

The second track, “Goodbye Mr. Personality,” is a little smoother and slower. It opens with a sweet little guitar riff and takes down people who are obnoxious and unworthy of your time, which is always a good message. But it does it with crystal-clear vocals and a clean ska beat.

They then power into “Harvey Wallbanger.” Fret not, LTJ fans, their signature “whoooooas” are not absent. We’ve located them in the opening bars of track three. This number is a harder-driving punk jam named after a cocktail and starting off with the lines “We are recession royalty/We take Adderral to stay awake, and alcohol to fall asleep.” It’s an ode to booze and drinking your troubles away, not to mention living in the moment with the line “let’s have a toast for living now.”

“Oldest Trick in the Book” is a bit more slowed down and introspective. It’s a lighter sound (though a heavier topic) with a strong reggae groove. It’s a reflection on the end of life, with the chorus “All I know/I’ll change the world before I go.” The depth of the subject matter and scaled-back sound are a contrast from the previous track, which just makes them stand out even more. Uh-oh, this might mean the guys of LTJ have grown up. It was bound to happen, but at least they did it well.

The EP closes with a fast-paced party of a song, “Life Led Out Loud,” which is reminiscent of a “Hello Rockview” era sound. They plow through punk beats into singable ska choruses and a pounding bridge. And more “whoas” of course.

“Greetings From Less Than Jake” feels like a retrospective of all the nuances of the band’s sound; everything they’ve done right over the years. It feels like it could have been recorded alongside one of their classic albums but at the same time it couldn’t have, because it’s got a sense of growth and refinement that can only come from many years of practice and a few billion recording sessions (or 287). They’ve also embraced a new business model where all the money from each album sale goes directly to the band, which makes this feel even more awesome.

Download Less Than Jake’s “Goodbye, Mr. Personality” off new “Greetings From” EP

Florida ska legends Less Than Jake dropped a surprise EP this week, and now you can get one of the songs for free. Head on over here to download “Goodbye, Mr. Personality” off of the “Greetings From Less Than Jake” release.

The whole album is only $5 and is part of a new distribution model that cuts out all the middle men usually involved so all the money goes straight to the band. You can grab that over here.

Less Than Jake release new EP “Greetings From Less Than Jake”

Out of nowhere ska-punk legends Less Than Jake have released a brand new ep today entitled “Greetings From Less Than Jake” and you can download it for $5 here (you can also snag one of the songs for free here).

Here’s what the band had to say,

“Greetings from Less Than Jake! This is our 287th release you’ll be listening to. It’s amazing to us that we can still put some songs together, have fun in the process and have people across the globe collectively listen in. We’d like to sincerely thank our fans. Without you, there is no chance we would have survived the ups and downs of the music industry and be lucky enough to make music for a living and criss-cross the globe. Thanks to EVERYONE for the last 19 years and more to come in the next 19 years!

The band released their latest full-length album “GNV FLA” in 2008 on their own label Sleep It Off Records.

Fun Factoid Friday: Less Than Jake’s song “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”

Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash some punk rock trivia. Today’s “fun factoid” is about one of the all time best songs by Florida ska-Punk legends Less Than Jake, “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads.”

If you’ve heard the song off the band’s 1998 album, “Hello Rockview” then you know there is a comical soundbite as the intro, but did you know there are actually 2 versions?  One has a stoned sounding kid rambling about how “Punk belongs on f’ing Mars, man!” which came from a short documentary called “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” that chronicles the parking lot antics of Judas Priest fans.  The other intro for the song contains a clip about teenagers sniffling glue from a Victor Lundberg speech called “An Open Letter to My Teenage Son.”

You can check out the various intros and their origins right  here.

Less Than Jake post “Anthology” commercial

Punk/Ska trailblazers Less Than Jake have posted a trailer for their upcoming DVD release, “Anthology.” As you should already know by now, the DVD set includes 4 discs of live footage as the band plays 6 of their albums in entirety. Click here for the trailer.

Anthology will be released June 21st via Sleep It Off Records.

Less Than Jake in the studio recording new EP

The members of Less Than Jake have been busy dudes. In addition to recently completing a nation-wide tour and self-releasing a live DVD, sax player JR has revealed that the band is currently in the studio recording a brand-new EP. They hope to release in time for Warped Tour where they will be playing in its entirety.

The band’s latest studio recording was last Fall’s ‘TV EP.”  Their DVD “Anthology” will be available June 21st on their label Sleep It Off Records.