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Album Review: OFF! – “OFF!”

OFF! is exciting. It’s fast, angry– practically bleeding vitriol. Unfairly known as Keith Morris’ comeback, OFF! is a great band in it’s own right, and their first full length will please not only fans of hardcore, but fans of punk rock in general.

Sixteen songs in sixteen minutes. Relentless doesn’t even begin to cover this album. This is pissed off moshing music with some serious content to fuel its fire. Keith Morris may be 57, but he’s never sounded angrier. At first consideration, it’s nearly impossible not to consider the fact that Morris may just be too old for punk, but every syllable he delivers is so coated in venom that you can’t help but feel embarrassed for hardcore’s new generation, so reliant on artificial sounding screams that the genre has become something of a homogenized chugging mess. Morris uses his own voice, and he’s shouting. Not growling. He’s using the same voice he’d use in everyday life, the one you use to shout at the guy who cuts you off on the freeway, the one you use when you’ve been pushed beyond the point of options. It’s powerful, human, and undoubtedly vicious. But beyond his old school approach to vocals, his age also grants him a unique perspective. On “Cracked,” Morris addresses his own age, and in a way his own allegiance with punk rock. He’s a lifer, and he’s not going to let anyone slow him down.

But again, this isn’t just about Keith Morris. The other key to this delicious musical stew is Dimitri Coats, frontman of Burning Brides. He performs as OFF!’s guitarist and plays hardcore with a zealots dedication, but also allows himself the occasional flourish, notably the rollicking atonal guitar solo on “Wiped Out.” The rest of the group is rounded out by Hot Snakes members Steven Shane (bass) and Mario Rubalcaba (drums), who despite playing hardcore with a post prefix in the past, show their true colors with OFF! and play without pretense or condescension. These guys are better musicians than they show, but it’s clear from start to finish that they own every beat and note they play without an ounce of listlessness. As a whole, OFF! comes off as more of a congregation than a band. These guys are dedicated to their sound,  and as simple as it may be, they all know to respect its power.

OFF! is an incredible throwback album, but it can’t just be looked at through a lens of nostalgia. This is relevant stuff, written by a man who’s seen a thing or two– a punk stalwart that lives and breathes the scene we all know and love. Morris doesn’t expect us to love OFF! because he’s in it, he’s a punk rocker and he knows that’s not how it works. Listen to his verbal crucifixion of those punk dinosaurs begging for a crown on “I Got News For You” (“You think you’re the king of the scene, that you created? I’ve got news for you!”). OFF! doesn’t ever rest on their laurels, they know they have something to prove and they’re not going to let a legacy be their only appeal. Punk rock is something of a lifestyle, but more so it’s a symbol of creative empowerment. Morris admits on “Jet Black Girls” that Darby Crash saved his life. If that’s the starting point to all of this, it’s no wonder OFF! is so committed, the end game isn’t just to be a band, it’s to pass the scene along to a new generation, to inspire someone who didn’t know they could make music. OFF! just might be as punk as it gets.

Interview: Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/OFF!) talks his start in music, personal life, and current on-goings

Recently The Five Count, a radio show based in Mankato, Minnesota, performed an exclusive interview with Keith Morris. The Circle Jerks / OFF! frontman talks about his personal life, how he got started in the punk rock business, and current events regarding his various bands.

You can listen to the whole thing here.

OFF! released their self-titled album earlier this year on Vice Records.

Music Video: OFF! – “Wrong” (starring Jack Black)

In a somewhat surprising move, hardcore supergroup OFF! have released their newest music video for their song “Wrong” through the comedy-based website FunnyOrDie. “Wrong” appears on the band’s self titled album, and the music video stars actor/musician Jack Black as its ‘protagonist’ (or as much as he can be of a protagonist considering the video is only 97 seconds long).

You can watch the video for “Wrong” right here. Warning though, it’s not exactly safe for work.

OFF! released their self titled album back in May of this year through Vice Records.

Keith Morris (Off!, Black Flag, Circle Jerks) talks about various music projects, his dreadlocks, Green Day, drugs and more.

Keith Morris (currently of OFF!, formerly of Circle Jerks and Black Flag) was recently interviewed. In the interview he discussed various music projects, his dreadlocks, Green Day, drugs and more.

“I know there is a large musical landscape. When you talk about a landscape, you’re usually talking about something that is fairly horizontal. Let’s talk about Green Day. I went to a Green Day concert. There is like 4,000 people there. The Queers opened, they were a lot of fun. The Muffs played, they were a lot of fun. I dig them as people. Green Day played and I really liked what they did. I was impressed. I was seriously impressed. But, between each band, I couldn’t discern one band from another. It was like an American Idol version of punk rock. Everything was padded and sad. There just wasn’t a lot of color being tossed around. Too much horizontal and not enough vertical. When you’re horizontal, you are sleeping. When you’re horizontal, they fold your arms over your chest and bury you in a suit and I’m not into that. I’m all about the energy and being angry and screaming and yelling and jumping around trying to stir some shit up. So, I was at this concert, this rock performance, the bands performing were happening, but the music in between was not. It was indiscernible. I don’t have time for that.

You can read the full interview here. OFF! released their self titled album on May 8th through Vice Records.


Interview with Keith Morris and Steven McDonald from OFF!

Punk Globe Magazine has recently done an interview with Keith Morris and Steven McDonald from the hardcore supergroup OFF!

You can watch the full half hour interview here.

OFF! released their self titled album on May 8th through Vice Records.

Video: OFF! – Live at Amoeba Music

OFF! recently did an in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Berkeley, California, and the entire set has been put up online for your viewing pleasure.

You can watch the 20 minute set right here.

OFF!’s self-titled album was released on May 8th through Vice Records.

Tour: OFF! announce US tour w/ Negative Approach

West Coast hardcore supergroup, OFF!, have announced they will be heading out on a US tour in September with Negative Approach and support from Power Trip, and Double Negative on select dates.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations for the tour here.

The band’s self-titled album was released on May 8th through Vice Records.

Off! stream new song, “Cracked”, off upcoming self-titled record

West Coast hardcore supergroup OFF! is streaming a new song off their upcoming self-titled full-length.

You can listen to “Cracked” here. While you’re at it, check out a great interview we recently did with punk legend Keith Morris.

The self-titled album is due out on May 8th through Vice Records, and will be a follow-up to “The First Four EPs” box set, released through Vice Records, as well as a two song EP released last May.

The band will also be performing at Riot Fest East in July.