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Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) releases music video for “Sad”

Yotam Ben Horin, front-man of Israeli pop-punk act Useless ID, has just released a music video for “Sad”, the second track off his brand new solo album “Distant Lover”, and we’re very pleased to be premiering it for you below.

Regarding the making of the video Yotam had this to say:

“During my time in Hollywood in between 2 tours, I found myself in a house with Israeli actors and directors whom I’m friends with from back in the day. I stayed over their house for a few days and left them a copy of my solo album Distant lover and headed out to tour with The Ataris, when I returned for a day. Ian Fisher the director told me he had an idea for “Sad” the second song off the album and that we should shoot it once I’m back from my next 3 week tour. Finished with tour, on the day of the video, I got rid of my tour beard and met my good friend Joe Escalante and the Kung fu records family for some paddle boarding in Huntington beach. I literally headed from there back to LA tried to beat traffic and once 8 pm hit, Ian and Gev said “Action”! I always felt this was the strongest song of the album and I’m happy these wonderful people had a vision and brought it to life.”

“Distant Lover” is out now on Hardline Entertainment.

Authority Zero announce European tour

Arizona punks Authority Zero have announced they will be heading overseas for a lengthy European tour later this spring. The full itinerary for the tour which will see them supporting bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, and Strung Out on select dates can be found below.

Authority Zero’s latest full-length album The Tipping Point was released in April of 2013 through Hardline Entertainment. Prior to embarking on this European tour, they will be playing a 20th anniversary show with Good Riddance in their hometown.

The Bunny Gang (ft. Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly) release music video for “Sirens Through The City”

Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell’s The Bunny Gang have released a music video for their song “Sirens Through The City,” and you can check it out below.

The band’s sophomore album Thrive was released on September 23rd, 2014 through Hardline Entertainment.

Authority Zero announce 20th anniversary show with Good Riddance; will be recording live album

Authority Zero have announced they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary by playing a hometown show with Good Riddance, at which they will be recording a new live album. The show will take place on May 16th at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona – head over here for more info and tickets.

The band’s latest full-length album The Tipping Point was released in April of 2013 through Hardline Entertainment. We’ll keep you posted as more details on their 20th anniversary live album come to light.

Podcast: Dying Scene Radio ep. #7 (special guests: Justin Thirsk of Chaos Delivery Machine and Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ)

This week on Dying Scene Radio, the Bobs forgo the traditional format (no BAND SPOTLIGHT) in lieu of conducting two key interviews with Justin Thirsk of Chaos Delivery Machine and Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ, respectively. Per usual, the two compare notes about the weather (Bob thrives in a sub-tropical paradise while Bobby survives yet another week of frozen, mucky hell), Bobby’s girlfriend breaks up with him because of, among other things, the podcast, then Bob insists that his co-host settle for a “nice, vegan chick” instead of a “punk rock girl”, and Bob voices his displeasure with Bobby’s constant weekly updates about Blink 182.

Regarding the Bobs’ interview with Justin Thirsk, Bob begins with an apology for giving bad information the week prior about Justin’s brother, Jason, who was the original bass player of Pennywise and the author of their iconic anthem, Bro Hymn. Justin takes the Bobs on a trip down memory lane about his former band 98 Mute and explains the origins of his new recording project, Chaos Delivery Machine.

Bob compares Korean food to a Japanese band celebrating 20 years together, then mentions Burger King when another veteran punk rock band becomes the topic of conversation (Bob obviously needs to eat better before the show). Bob goes on to explain “Crossover” to Bobby, then finishes his thought by comparing punk and metal music to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Bob invites Bobby to visit Florida for his birthday, then tries to convince him to move back to the Sunshine State, insisting that all New Yorkers are “mean and nasty” – recalling his time frequenting the state as a youth and being punched in the face for an off-color remark. Bobby refuses to give up the other reasons why his girlfriend dumped him.

The Bobs both agree that they have “Type A” personalities, then the two “A-holes” connect with Green Jellÿ founder and frontman, Bill Manspeaker, in an online video chat. In true form, Bill shares the link with his fans who proceed to flood the chat room like circus freaks aiming to impress their ringleader – the almighty Cowgod himself. The Bobs attempt to reign in some of Bill’s adoring fans but bedlam ensues (the FULL INTERVIEW can be found on youtube).

This week’s episode is sponsored by FAT ENZO.


Stabbed In Back – Dasvadaniya
Western Addiction – Clatter & Hiss
Torches To Triggers – Clay Minds
The Flatliners – Fangs
Justin Thirsk Interview Part 1
Chaos Delivery Machine – The New Testament
Anchor – Losing Faith
Taj Motel Trio – Burn It Down
Skankshot – One For The Squatters
Burning Heads – Pop A Pill
Migre Le Tigre – Waves Of Change
Justin Thirsk Interview Part 2
98 Mute – M.A.D.
Dearly Divided – ‘89
Cancer Bats – True Zero
Caskitt – Friday Night Lightweights
Bill Manspeaker Interview (Pt 1)
Green Jellÿ – Electric Harley House Of Love
Bill Manspeaker Interview (Pt 2)
Green Jellÿ – The Bear Song
Bill Manspeaker Interview (Pt 3)
Green Jellÿ – Three Little Pigs

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Chaos Delivery Machine (members of Pennywise and 98 Mute) stream new song “Where The Sidewalk Ends”

Chaos Delivery Machine, featuring Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise and 98 Mute bandmates Justin Thirsk and Jason Page, are streaming a brand new track off their upcoming album “Burn Motherfucker, Burn.”  Give “Where The Sidewalk Ends” below.

“Burn Motherfucker, Burn” is slated for release on May 5th through Hardline Entertainment and serves as the band’s sophomore release behind “Manifesto” released in 2008 on Felony Records.

Pre-order “Burn Motherfucker, Burn” right here.

Chaos Delivery Machine details “Burn Motherfucker, Burn”

Chaos Delivery Machine, featuring Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise have announced their sophomore effort Burn Motherfucker, Burn.

You can check out the track listening below.

The album is slated for a May 5th release. 

Interview: Nathen Maxwell (The Bunny Gang/Flogging Molly) on “Thrive,” balancing two projects, and “what is punk rock?”

Nathen Maxwell is in a pretty good place.

While no doubt better recognized for the job he’s had for effectively half his life (bass player of Flogging Molly, of course), things are finally ramping back up in the Maxwell-led Bunny Gang camp. The band put out an album in 2009 (White Rabbit, SideOneDummy Records), toured a bit, wrote and recorded a follow-up album entitled Thrive in 2012 and then…well…the waiting game began.

Two years, several band members and a new record label (Hardline Entertainment) later and Thrive is set to finally see the light of day. With obvious Clash-influeced reggae-dub-punk influences, the album centers on a “one love” vibe that was inspired at least in part by the documentary with which it shares a name (more here). And yet, it’s not ALL peace and love, as the album points continuously to the circular nature of war profiteering and the conflicts that, hopefully, won’t be our demise.

We caught up with Nathen a week prior to the September 23rd release of Thrive to talk about the holdups behind the album’s release, the balancing his Flogging Molly and Bunny Gang sides, and answering the all-important question: “what is punk rock?”. We also spent some time discussing the controversial documentary that gave Thrive its name, and whether or not it gets hard to keep up the “one love” mantra in an ongoing war cycle. Check out our chat below.

Full Album Stream: The Bunny Gang (Flogging Molly) – ‘Thrive’

The Bunny Gang (the project of Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell) has released a full stream of their sophomore album Thrive.  You can give it a listen right here.

The Bunny Gang will release Thrive next Tuesday, September 23, 2014 via Hardline Entertainment. Keep your eyes peeled for a DyingScene interview with the band.

Authority Zero premiere music video for “Lift One Up”

Arizona reggae-punks Authority Zero have released a music video for the song “Lift One Up,” off of their most recent album The Tipping Point.

You can check out the video below.

Their latest album, The Tipping Point, was released in April 2013 through Hardline Entertainment. The band will also be hitting the road this fall and you can check out the dates and locations here.

Authority Zero release teaser for “Lift One Up” music video

Arizona reggae-punks Authority Zero have released a teaser for the music video for their song “Lift One Up.”

You can check it out below.

Authority Zero’s latest album The Tipping Point was released on April 2nd, 2013do through Hardline Entertainment.

Nations Afire premiere music video for “Break Your Fall”

Southern California rock act Nations Afire have premiered the music video for their song “Break Your Fall.”

You can check it out below.

The song appears on their latest album The Ghosts We Will Become, which was released on July 2, 2013 through Hardline Entertainment.

Authority Zero announce US fall tour

After wrapping up their current European tour, Arizona reggae-punks Authority Zero will be embarking on a lengthy tour of the United States. Details on when and where you’ll be able to catch the band this fall can be found below.

Authority Zero’s latest album The Tipping Point was released on April 2nd, 2013do through Hardline Entertainment.

The Bunny Gang (Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly) announce new album “Thrive”

Nathen Maxwell’s (Flogging Molly) new project  The Bunny Gang has announced plans to release their new album “Thrive” on September 23rd, 2014 via Hardline Entertainment. The press release provided some more information:

The 11-track album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX with producer Ryan Hewitt [Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers]. The band, which is fronted by Flogging Molly’s Nathen Maxwell, plays music that crosses the lines of rock, punk and reggae.

“Sirens Through The City,” taken from The Bunny Gang’s upcoming album, is available for free download on Hardline Entertainment’s most recent label compilation and you can get a hold of that here.

Authority Zero stream unreleased track “Authority Zero”

Arizona reggae-punks Authority Zero are streaming a previously-unreleased track called “Authority Zero”, which was recorded and released “exclusively” in Australia on their latest album The Tipping Point. About the song, the band wrote:

“HERE IT IS!!! This track was release EXCLUSIVELY in Australia when The Tipping Point came out. NOW YOU CAN ALL HEAR IT!

There have been a lot of questions worldwide about how to obtain one of our first songs written back in the early years, and one of the very last to date to be recorded recently and released “exclusively” on The Tipping Point cd’s in Australia. Well the time has come. We want everyone to be able to hear it and sing along at all the shows as we will be breaking it out on our upcoming EUROPEAN TOUR. Have a listen, share, and enjoy. Thanks”

You can give “Authority Zero” a listen below.

The Tipping Point was released on April 2nd, 2013 through Hardline Entertainment.