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DS Exclusive Interview: Wisdom In Chains talks new album, the state of hardcore today, and more

Real hard core will always survive no matter what the trends are. It doesn’t mean that all hardcore has to have one sound forever time bound to the 80’s throwback styles with no room for experimentation, but the key element for a true hardcore band will always be a dedication to the spirit of “real life” music and an emphasis on heartfelt songwriting. By “heartfelt” I don’t mean weak in the knees sappy shit (and I love me some Bryan Adams “Summer Of 69” so I’m not a hater of some real pop music), but rather I mean hardcore has to represent the lifestyle, blood, sweat and dedication that as soon as you hear it registers on a “no bullshit” level in your gut as the real thing. Wisdom In Chains are undeniably a band strongly carrying the torch of true hardcore, superb songwriting and meaningful lyrics coupled with serious brutality that is felt rather than formulated. That said, the band is about unity and will uplift you as well as paint a stark picture, so this isn’t just about fighting.

It was a real honor to have such a great band come play The Basement in Kingston, NY where I book rock and punk shows. I sat down with the guys at a local Mexican restaurant called El Danzante (where I take every cool visiting band like DeMilitia or The Resurrection Sorrow who comes to my town). After some serious eating and lots of jokes I turned on the tape recorder and asked the boys about the state of hardcore, what inspires them and “everything they know”.

Check out the full interview here.

Discipline frontman suspected of murder and arson

Eesh.  This isn’t good.  Frontman, Joost de Graaf, of Dutch hardcore act Discipline was arrested last week for allegedly killing his wife and subsequently burning their house down. After being found unconscious and with only minor injuries, de Graaf supposedly gave a partial confession to the authorities and is likely going to be charged with murder and arson.  We’ll keep you posted.

Music Video: Wisdom in Chains – “Back to the Ocean”

Hardcore-punk act Wisdom in Chains have posted the music video for their song Back to the Ocean. The track appears on the band’s latest album Everything You Know which was released last November on I Scream Records.  I gotta admit that this is the first I’ve heard of these guys and I’m really digging their sound.  Great blend of street punk/oi! and hardcore.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re unfamiliar with the band.

You can watch the video here.

Video: Mike Hood (Hoods) talks about fantasies he has about his bandmates and strange encounters

Sacramento hardcore act, Hoods, have shared Part II of the History of the Hoods video with BlankTV that features more comedic ramblings from lead singer Mike Hood.  This time about grooming his band mates, styling their hair, and an encounter with Charo (or was it Charo?) – maybe Ron Jeremy…

Check it out here.

Hoods released their last album, Pit Beast, in 2009 on I Scream Records.

Video: Mike Hood (Hoods) talks band origin and getting a happy ending at a massage parlor (funny)

Sacramento hardcore act, Hoods, have shared a video with BlankTV that features lead singer, Mike Hood, describing the origins of the band and the beginnings of the Sacramento hardcore scene.  Perhaps even more interestingly, Mike randomly concludes the video with a story about how he “accidentally” ended up paying for a happy ending at a nearby massage parlor.  Check it out here – it’s pretty funny.

Hoods released their last album, Pit Beast, in 2009 on I Scream Records.

New Song: “I Close My Eyes” by Misconduct off brand new album “One Step Closer”

Swedish punks Misconduct have just uploaded a new track available to stream on their MySpace page. The track, I Close My Eyes, appears on the band’s hot-off-the-presses album, One Step Closer, which was released today on I Scream Records. Listen to the song here.

One Step Closer is the latest album from Misconduct since their 2004 release United as One on Union 2112 Records.

Video: Making of music video for “Closer” by Misconduct

i-screamLast week Swedish punk rockers Misconduct released the music video for the song Closer off their upcoming album One Step Closer and now you can see the behind the scenes video for the making of said video right here.

The new album is scheduled to be released April 12th on their new label I Scream Records. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you like Pennywise you need to check this band out.

Stream new tracks from upcoming Mr. Irish Bastard album “Fistful Of Dirt”

mr-irish-bastard1You can stream 3 brand new tunes from Mr. Irish Bastard posted to their MySpace page.  The tracks (Ghost Town, I Smell Blood, and Skin And Bones) will appear on their upcoming album Fistful Of Dirt set to be released in April 2010 with new label I Hate People Records.

Mr. Irish Bastard put out their last album in 2006 titled The Bastard Brotherhood.  If you’re into Celtic punk and bands like Flogging Molly, be sure to check these guys out.

Video: Misconduct – “Closer” off upcoming album “One Step Closer”

misconductSwedish punk rockers Misconduct have released the first music video for the song Closer off their upcoming album One Step Closer.

Click here to watch.

The new album is scheduled to be released April 12th on their new label I Scream Records.

Misconduct signs to I Scream Records, releasing new album this spring

i-screamSweden’s melodic punk rock outfit Misconduct has signed a wordwide deal with I Scream Records to release their upcoming album One Step Closer.  No official release date yet but fans can expect it out sometime this spring followed by a European tour.

One Step Closer will be a follow-up to 2004’s release United as One on Union 2112 Records.