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The Murgeburgers (Punk, UK) Stream Video for “Shots in My Skull”, Announce Album Details and US Dates

Scottish punks The Murderburgers are allowing fans to stream a video for their latest single. The track is titled “Shots In My Skull” and will feature on the band’s forthcoming album, What a Mess.

What a Mess is The Murderburgers’s follow up to their 2016 effort 12 Habits of Highly Defective People and is due for release in Japan on February 27 and generally on March 15.

Handling the release for around the world will be: Waterslide Records in Japan, Brassneck Records in the UK and Europe, and Asian Man Records in the US. Pre-orders for the full-length are available now.

The Murderburgers will also be opening their 2019 calendar with a run of tour dates around the US and UK. Details of these and the video for “Shots In My Skull” are below. Enjoy!

Pkew Pkew Pkew (punk) announce new album “Optimal Lifestyle”

Toronto’s Pkew Pkew Pkew are pleased to announce they will release their new album, Optimal Lifestyles, on 1st March 2019 via Big Scary Monsters (UK) and Dine Alone Records  (US).

Pkew Pkew Pkew also recently revealed a run of UK tour dates for May 2019 supporting hotly-tipped LA punks du jour Spanish Love Songs, and as a taster of the new album the band are streaming lead single ‘I Don’t Matter At All’ in full, breaking straight into the Spotify New Punk Tracks playlist today.

While Pkew Pkew Pkew’s 2016 self-titled debut angled more towards the minutiae of the late-20s punk life, Optimal Lifestyles catalogues and reflects on the root causes of the band’s previous fun-loving, hard-partying behaviour with unflinching clarity and precision. Front man Mike Warne writes songs in the same tongue as plot-driven realists like The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, who actually went to Toronto to workshop songs with the band for the record.

A standout moment from those sessions is lead single, ‘I Don’t Matter At All’. Much like the album itself, the song is a giant leap forward for Warne’s songwriting, pulling inspiration from The Hold Steady, of course, but leaning deeper into the retro-rock feel of bands like The Strokes and Japandroids, too.

“Is this good or is this bad?” ponders Warne of the lifestyle Pkew sings about. “It’s fun to live like an idiot, but it’s probably bad, also. We’re all constantly wondering if we’ve ruined our lives forever or not, being in a band.”

Song-by-song, Optimal Lifestyles lays out a journal of the sort of living Warne speaks of, but this isn’t a jokey, bro-ish shrug-off of his circumstances, and neither is Pkew’s a purely self-indulgent self-destruction. It’s an acceptance of the circular futility of life in Toronto, increasingly marked by hellishly-accelerated rent increases and unfeeling gentrification.

More than anything, this record is about trying to cope with a city, an industry, and a world that increasingly doesn’t seem to give a shit about people—only money. So Pkew Pkew Pkew cope by calling out the bullshit.

Pkew Pkew Pkew’s central thesis is that things might get fucked up from time to time, but there’s still value in trying. Warne testifies that though it’s a Sisyphean, almost masochistic, struggle to be in a band in 2018, it’s better than the alternative, like joining the vulgar charade that is the fraudulently-earnest, vapid hugging-crowd at beige adult parties, where no one is really happy, but everyone pretends to be.

Warne and the rest of Pkew are honest about where they’re at in life, and over time, one comes to realize that their sardonic wit cloaks a quiet optimism.

“There’s always something better, and it makes sense to try for it,” Warne says. “That’s the shitty and good part: you still do it, cause otherwise you’ve given up.”

Frank Turner releases “Don’t Worry” EP

British singer/songwriter Frank Turner has released an EP titled “Don’t Worry”, featuring a single of the same name from his last album “Be More Kind” as well as 2 new tracks. “Bar Staff” is one of those newbies and it’s going to be a Frank Turner classic, mark my words. You can stream the release on Spotify

Be More Kind was released May 4 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

Problem Daughter sign to Wiretap Records for new release “Grow Up Trash”, premiere music video for 1st single

Problem Daughter are getting more growns up. In fact, they’ve grown up trash. On March 22nd, the Salt Lake City pop-punk outfit will release their 5th album, “Grow Up Trash” via Wiretap Records (North America) and Bearded Punk Records (EU).

To get your properly stoked the band has premiered a music video for “Self Amusing Smile,” the first single off the upcoming release, and it’s got everything you know and love about the band wrapped up in it. Catchy hooks, plentiful transitions, and a fun loving whacky video. Check it out below.

Named as the state of Utah’s representative on Kerrang’s ‘United States of Punk’, the best punk bands from every US state. Not regulated to a mere two chords and screaming, the quartet take everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant. Their music smells like a sweaty basement show, tastes like cheap beer on a lamp-lit porch and feels like not wanting to go home at the end of the night.

Problem Daughter released their last album “Fits Of Disorganized Boredom” in 2016 through our very own Dying Scene Records.

The Callouts (rock pop punk) stream new album “Give Up”

Providence, RI’s The Callouts have released their sophomore album Give Up, a follow up to 2016’s Check Your Friends, via 75orLess Records. The new album finds them leaning into their pop punk background while also expanding their sound into a space between indie rock and straight forward rock and roll. Making for an eclectic experience that has a little bit of something for everyone.

Check out the stream below.

DS Premiere: Burnt Tapes (Punk, UK) Stream New Single “Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli”

London-based indie punks Burnt Tapes have been good enough to give you fine folks an exclusive first look into their recording process on their latest video. The tune selected for visualisation treatment is titled “Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli”.

The track is the second single from the much-anticipated album, Never Better, which is scheduled for release on February 22 via Lockjaw Records (UK/EU) and Wiretap Records (US). Pre-orders for the full-length effort are live now over at the Lockjaw Records website. You can also get your name in line for the spangly blue vinyl when its ready to ship here.

Burnt Tapes’s vocalist and guitarist, Phil Georgoulopoulos, had the following the say about the band’s debut album:

“It’s the first release that more closely represents who we want to be as a band, and I’m really excited to finally share it with everyone… You can expect a lot more self-deprecation and regret.”

The visuals for “Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli” were captured by Luigi Sibona at The Ranch Studios and you can check out the videographer’s work below.

Burnt Tapes’s previous multi-track release was the 2017 EP, Alterations.

The Maine release the single ‘Numb Without You’ and announce new album

The Maine have announced their seventh studio album ‘You Are Ok’ (out March 29th) and have released the first single ‘Numb Without You’. Their last full-length self-released record ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ came out in 2017. The Maine have mixed up their sound over the years, ranging from pop punk to indie-rock, this new release seems more pop rock. It’s a decent enough song by the time it reaches the chorus.

You can hear the song below, along with the upcoming album track list and their tour dates for 2019.

Introducing new pop-punk act California Hearse

LA based California Hearse, a new music project from the rhythm section of Gentlemen Prefer Blood released an EP at the end of last year. The six-song release features pop punk songs about depression, death and surfing. The self-titled EP is available on all streaming platforms and the single ‘Welcome Home’ can be streamed below.

MxPx cover The Ataris classic ‘San Dimas High School Football Rules’

MxPx have released a cover of The Ataris trademark song ‘San Dimas High School Football Rules’.

“After 17 years of marriage, I found out that this my wife’s favourite song, so we had some fun,” says MxPx frontman Mike Herrera.

This version is great fun, with Mike enunciating some of the words slightly differently and they drop the chugging guitar for the first part of the second verse mixing it up a bit.

Check out the video below.

Radar State (pop punk) stream debut album ‘Stray’s

Radar State (featuring Members of the The Get Up Kids and The Anniversary) full length ‘Strays‘ finally came out via Wiretap Records and Disconnect Disconnect Records. The album is receiving some strong reviews (see Brooklyn Vegan and There are some excellent choruses on offer in this debut studio album (see ‘Anywhere‘ and ‘Artificial Love‘). You can stream the album below.

Radar State formed in 2017 when The Get Up Kids co-frontmen Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic came together with The Anniversary frontman Josh Berwanger, completed with drummer Adam Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits), they released their debut EP that same year.

Bouncing Souls announce “Crucial Moments” EP and book, unveil 30th anniversary tour dates

Gigantic news from straight outta the Garden State this afternoon. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the Bouncing Souls!

The pioneering Jersey punk rockers celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, and have a smorgasbord of pretty awesome events planned to help mark the occasion.

Perhaps most important is the announcement of the release of Crucial Moments, a brand-new 6-song EP that’s due out March 15th on Rise Records. In what’s a bit of a departure from the band’s normal modus operandi, the new material was recorded with Will Yip who’s previously worked with everyone from Lauren Hill to The Fray to Tigers Jaw and all points in between. Also available will be a companion book entitled Crucial Moments: Thirty Years Of Life With The Bouncing Souls, slated to be chock full of stories, journals and pictures from the band’s storied career. Check out the retrospective video for the title track from Crucial Moments below, and snag yourself a pre-order from the myriad available options right here!

Last but certainly not least, the band are heading out on a pretty lengthy tour to mark their anniversary, and they’re bringing a bunch of friends like the Bronx and Off With Their Heads and Skinny Lister and The Casualties and Bar Stool Preachers along for the ride. Check out the full rundown below (after the video).

Push! (Hardcore, Portugal) release single “With Love” ahead of LP

Portugal’s hardcore exports Push! have released advance single “With Love”, ahead of their upcoming third album Dark Dive, which is released on February 8th.

Pre-orders for the album are up now; you can watch the video for the single below.

Old Firm Casuals detail new album

The Old Firm Casuals have announced the release date for their upcoming album. Holger Danske is out on March 15th.

The album is being co-released on Pirates Press and Demons Run Amok Entertainment. No advance tracks or pre-order links have yet surfaced, but you can check out the track listing below.

A Crash Republic (MA, Pop Punk) Release New Single “Overture” from Forthcoming EP

Boston pop-punk trio A Crash Republic will release their debut EP Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy on February 1st. However, the band have been good enough to let you hear their new single “Overture” today.

According to A Crash Republic, the track is about hating your town and all of the people you find yourself around. Cheerful!

You can check out “Overture” below.

Dial Drive (Punk, FL) to Release New Album “Wasted Time” in March

Orlando-based punk rock outfit Dial Drive have just completed their latest full-length album and it’s prepping to be released in March with A Jam Records.

It’s titled Wasted Time and will feature a total of 10 new tunes produced, recorded, and mixed by Brooks Daniel Paschal.

Nathan Durazzo, guitarist/singer of Dial Drive had the following to say about the record:

“It’s like getting shot in the dick with a shotgun. But in a good way! It’s a little heavy, a little poppy and some skankin’ songs”.