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The Casualties announce additional tour dates with Gwar

NY hardcore punk legends The Casualties have have announced additional tour dates with Gwar and they can be checked out here. The expanded dates see the guys start right up again immediately after Fun Fun Fun Fest, beginning November 8th in Kansas and ending December 6th in Minnesota. For all you Europunks you might want to keep checking back here for some really good news…Stay tuned!

The Casualties released their latest album We Are All We Have last year on SideOneDummy Records.

Interview: BlankTV talks Warped Tour and band history with Jake Kolatis of The Casualties

BlankTV caught up with The Casualties guitarist Jake Kolatis at the Pomona Warped Tour stop.

They talk about the Casualties Encounters movie, Warped Tour, Jersey, some Casualties history, and all around funny stuff until Jake decided that one particular phone call was more important. Check it out here.

Their latest album We Are All We Have was released in August of 2009 on Side One Dummy Records

The Casualties touring with GWAR this fall

NYC’s street punkers The Casualties have recently announced a 3 month-long tour with metal icons GWAR. The first leg will have the bands touring the US and Canada, with The Casualties opening for GWAR, for all of October and for the first week of November. You can see if they are playing anywhere near you right here.  More dates will be added soon.

The Casualties released their latest album We Are All We Have last year on SideOneDummy Records.

Video: “Casualties Encounters” – get to know The Casualties

BlankTV posted a pretty cool video of The Casualties.  They also wrote a better introduction for it then we could so we’re just going to copy and paste it:

If you were to pull back the curtain on your favorite artists, what would you think? How does the pop star strike you with no costumes? What about the cute boy band with pimples on their faces? Or the legendary diva in her pajamas? Most artists spend hours, days or weeks perfecting their image and meticulously planning every detail of how they are perceived by their fans. But not The Casualties. As a staple in the punk rock scene for over a decade they have proven time and time again that they are as genuine to their sound and aesthetic as anyone. They have never hidden behind any gimmicks or illusions to try to maintain a preconceived notion others may have of them. What you see is what you get, pimples and all.

To spend a day with The Casualties is most definitely entertaining, but it’s also very enlightening. Jake Kolatis and Mark “Meggers” Eggers, one half of The Casualties, allowed the camera to follow them throughout their day while they get new tattoos, drink some beers, peruse the offerings of a chili cook-off and even give a first hand look at Casa De Casualties all in the beautiful and scenic downtown Jersey City, NJ. It reveals a deeper look into what makes them who they are and where they came from. Don’t let that tattooed and pierced exterior fool you either, these guys are some of the nicest and most engaging people you could ever hope to hang out and have a beer with. And that’s something that can’t be achieved with gimmicks and illusions.

Check out the video here.

Interview: DS talks riots, tours and music with Meggers of The Casualties

It was a pretty crazy Latin America tour for The Casualties. Not many bands can say they incited a riot but these dudes can now, not that it’s necessarily a good thing. Upon their return to the States, I caught up with Casualties drummer, Meggers, to discuss the tour, the Costa Rica riot incident, and their newest album We Are All We Have.

Click here to read the full interview and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be the drummer in one of the most influential hardcore punk bands of our generation.

Interview: Jake from Casualties talks about punk and South America

PunkOutlawTV caught up with Jake (The Casualties) a few days ago at Jersey City Tattoo and had a chance to interview him for their upcoming documentary. According to PunkOutlawTV, this is just a small segment from what was a pretty lengthy and revealing interview. Check out the interview here.

The Casualties latest album We Are All We Have, came out last year on Side One Dummy Records.

What happens when you break a window at a Casualties show in Costa Rica? People riot!

casualtiesDamn, Ticos are hardcore! During a Casualties show in Costa Rica, the fans that couldn’t get into the venue stood outside.

Sounds ‘normal’, right?

Well, those same fans started to break windows a couple of songs into the set, which allowed people to start crowding around the window to try and catch a part of the show.  Apparently the crowd was the sort of crowd you normally find at a punk show, but the band said that it wasn’t that bad of a crowd. From then on, things got interesting…the show got cut off, the band was asked to leave, and people started to riot!

Meggers actually updated everyone immediately after the riots happened and had this to say:

The riot that took place was uncalled for. We just wanted to play a show and enjoy our first experience in Costa Rica. The fans made us happy and we wanted to return the favor for their support. The whole thing should have been handled differently, and I assure you it was out of our control. We would love to come back and play a complete set. Thank you for the love and support Costa Rica.

You can read the tour manager’s account of what took place here.

The band currently finished up a couple of shows in South America and are now heading to Mexico. Fans in the US will be able to catch them this summer where they’ll be headlining all the dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Check their Dying Scene shows page to see when they’ll be in your town. They are also holding a contest in which you can cool stuff. Click here to see the press release.

Music video: The Casualties – “War Is Business” off of latest album “We Are All We Have”

the-casualties-we-are-all-we-haveHardcore punk act The Casualties have released the music video for War is Business, the second video off their latest album We Are All We Have.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

The band is currently in South America for a couple of shows before moving up to Mexico. Fans in the US will be able to catch them this summer where they’ll be headlining all the dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Check their Dying Scene shows page to see when they’ll be in your town.

The Casualties announce details on 20th anniversary show

the-casualities-groupIt’s been 20 years since this legendary punk band came onto the scene and they’ve been bringing it this entire time. This occasion calls for a celebration, and make no doubt about it, this celebration is going to seriously rock!

The Casualties will be playing a one-off show in New York City on the 28th of March. Joining the band will be The Unseen, Violent Society, and Guilt Trip. Tickets are only $7 too!

Check out their MySpace page for more info!

Their latest album We Are All We Have was released in August of 2009 on Side One Dummy Records

Casualties Tattoo Contest!!

NYC punks The Casualties have recently posted a blog for a new contest they’re running. The prize for the winner is an autographed copy of their newest album, We Are All We Have, which was released last August on Side One Dummy Records. Read further for more details according to the punx,

Calling out everyone in the Casualties Army!

Send us a picture of your Casualties tattoo and at the end of the month we’ll pick our favorite and send you a signed copy of our newest album “We Are All we Have”! All applicants will be featured on our pictures page. Previous submissions are also eligible to win.

Rules: ALL submissions must be sent via email to [email protected]
You MUST include your name, email address, and phone number. If you have already submitted a picture and its up on our pictures section, please send us an email with your contact info and description of your pic so we can enter you in to the contest.

Over and out,
The Casualties

The Casualties are currently on tour in Europe. Check out dates and locations on the band’s Dying Scene Shows page.

Music Video: The Casualties – “We Are All We Have”

the-casualties-we-are-all-we-haveTake a look at this video of The Casualties‘, We Are All We Have. This video appropriately appeals to the angst in me and will probably do the same for anyone who watches it. The song is the title track from their latest album released on Side One Dummy Records, and it’s pretty damn awesome: “Vengeance with our fists screaming in the air,” lyrics that are inspiration enough to have a listen of the entire album. Watch it here.

The band has some upcoming shows, including a 5 day mini-tour with Hatebreed. Check out their Dying Scene Shows page to see if they are playing near you.

The Casualties announce dates for a 5 day mini-tour with Hatebreed

the-casualtiesHardcore punk band The Casualties have announced that they will soon be on a mini-tour with Hatebreed, and the band seems to be getting a little flak from their fans for it on their Myspace page . The bands will be hitting New York, Vermont, Viginia and Connecticut together. Take a look at the dates on the Dying Scene Shows page.

We Are All We Have, the bands latest album was released this August on Side One Dummy Records .

Less Than Jake announce Fall tour

m_da28233e2e36672c807cac4e58cdab19Ska/Punk band Less Than Jake is hitting the road November 13th with The Casualties, The Dangerous Summer, The Swellers, Cage, Fishbone, and many more. To find out more info on dates head to the Dying Scene Shows page.

Sleep It Off released their last album, “GNV FLA” in 2008.

Interview: The Casualties

the-casualtiesHardcore punk act, The Casualties are currently touring the US in support of their recently released album “We Are All We Have”, and during their stopover in LA Dying Scene’s Natalie Perez was able to catch up with bassist Rick Lopez.

Check out the Full Story page for a little Q&A.

The Casualties head out on tour

sideone8The Casualties head out on tour in just a few hours. First stop….Columbus, Ohio! To check out the rest of their stops go to the Dying Scene Shows page.

Their next album, “We Are All We Have” comes out on Side One Dummy in 6 days (August 25th).