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Music Video: Riverboat Gamblers – “DissDissDissKissKissKiss”

riverboat-gamblers-underneath-the-owlCheck out the video for DissDissDissKissKissKiss by the Riverboat Gamblers right here.  The track appears on the band’s most recent album, Underneath The Owl, released last March on Volcom Entertainment.  Here’s what the band said about the making of the video:

It was directed and edited by Gates Bradley. He took my germ of an idea and made a bubonic epidemic. He moved to South America in order to focus on the intense editing job. While there, he stared at the mountain of footage on his computer for 3 weeks straight eating only plantains and chewing coca leaves. The experience left him a shell of the man he once was, and he will no longer speak English words unless they are words found within the song (which is less than practical).  The video was shot in my house and I would like to thank all our friends who showed up and overcame their shyness (I’d like to think the “party table” helped) to perform in the video. Extra special thanks to co-conspirator Jose Jones for lights, cameras and action.

The bands’s guitarist, Ian MacDougall was hit by a car last month and is still recovering

Ian MacDougall of Riverboat Gamblers hit by a car and seriously injured

ian-macdougall-hospitalRiverboat Gamblers guitar player, Ian MacDougall, was hit by a car on Saturday night in Austin, Texas while biking home.  After spending 2 days in the ICU, suffering from a fractured skull, broken hip and brain hemorrhaging, Ian is now recovering at home.  Doesn’t sound fun, and on top of all that, the unfortunate event has left Ian with a boat-load of medical bills.  Friends of the band and Ian are asking for help in covering some of the expenses so if you’re interested in helping a fellow punker out here are the details.

Riverboat Gamblers releasing split 7″ with Andrew W.K.

volcomOn slow news days (usually weekends and Fridays) I like to post stories with little to no real information.  For example, I can tell you that Riverboat Gamblers is putting out a split 7″ with Andrew WK on Volcom Entertaiment, but I can’t tell you when it is actually being released.  Riverboat Gamblers mentioned in a MySpace bulletin that you could pick it up at their show but I have no idea how you can get it otherwise.  My researchers tell me it will feature new music from both bands but that’s all I got.

Fun Fun Fun Fest’s complete schedule just posted

funfunfest092Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest has just posted the full schedule for their November fest. The line up looks pretty good..but you be the judge. Check it out and start figuring out how you’re going to see two of your favorite bands at the same time…with four stages you’re going to run into some scheduling conflicts every now and then..

Dillinger Four hits the west coast

fat15The rumors have been confirmed..Dillinger Four just announced their first west coast tour in 6 years! And better yet they are bringing the Riverboat Gamblers and The Arrivals. Check out the bands Dying Scene shows section to make sure you catch a show…it might be another 6 years before they make it back out here again!

Dillinger Four released their last album, “Civil War” in 2008 on Fat Wreck Chords.

Interview: Mike Wiebe of Riverboat Gamblers most embarrassing story

volcom3Debaser caught up with Riverboat Gamblers frontmant Mike Wiebe in Austin for a little Q&A.  Mike talks about straddling the punk/rock genres blah blah blah and then tells his embarrassing story, which is actually pretty entertaining.  You can read the full interview on Debaser but here’s a snippet:

I remember thinking how surreal it was that this is what my life had become—driving to work with my neighbor’s urine-filled condom rolling up and down the dash like a weird water balloon.

Riverboat Gamblers released “Underneath The Owl” on Volcom Records last March.

Riverboat Gamblers: Video blog of pre tour recording and shooting videos

volcom2The Riverboat Gamblers posted some private footage on their myspace blog of the band messing around while shooting… something… well, just read what they wrote:
“Flip video software kinda sucks and I was delirious from beef, but here are some snippits of us shooting the Dissdiss video, the Victory Lap video and recording a Prince song in Sweatbox studios…”