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Music Video: Counterparts – “Jumping Ship”

Canadian Harcore act, Counterparts, have released the music video for their new song, “Jumping Ship,” off their upcoming album “The Current Will Carry Us.”

Check it out here.

“The Current Will Carry Us” is set to be released October 24th via Victory Records.

Counterparts premiere music video teaser for new song “Jumping Ship”

Canadian hardcore act Counterparts have announced that they will be releasing a music video for “Jumping Ship,” a track off their upcoming album “The Current Will Carry Us.”  They didn’t mention when they would release the whole thing, but you can watch a trailer for it right here.

The new album will be released on October 24th via Victory Records. You can pre-order the new album here and check out tour dates here.

Counterparts announce new album “The Current Will Carry Us” and U.S. tour dates

Canadian metalcore outfit Counterparts will be releasing their new album entitled “The Current Will Carry Us” on October 25th through Victory Records.

The band will head out on tour starting next month with Volumes and In Dying Arms.  You can check out the tour dates, along with the cover art for the coming album right here.



Counterparts welcomes back original drummer

Metalcore/hardcore act Counterparts has announced that the search for a drummer is now finally over as they welcome back original drummer Ryan Juntilla to their ranks. The news comes shortly after the departure of the band’s previous drummer, Chris Needham.

The band will enter the studio in August to record their Victory Records debut.

Counterparts drummer quits the band

Metal/hardcore act Counterparts have just announced that their drummer, Chris Needham, has just stepped away from his duties in the band. The rest of they guys are staying together, and drawing on the talents of former drummer, Ryan Juntilla, until they can find a permanent replacement. Here’s what had to say about the whole ordeal.

“Some very important/sad/exciting/whatever news today. Chris Needham, our good friend and drummer for this past year has decided to leave Counterparts. Unfortunately, the band just wasn’t what Chris wanted from life anymore, and that’s basically all that can be said about that. He was an unreal kid, and we’re going to miss that silly bastard more than he even knows. So, this being said we will be in need of a new drummer. So please, get on that shitty kit of yours and send us some videos, because we will be watching each and every one of them like fucking hawks.”

The band has stated plans to continue on with the recording of their debut Victory Records album, and have set an August 22nd date to begin work in the studio.

Counterparts released their last album, “Prophets”, last year on Verona Records.