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Converge begin demoing new songs

Nearly two weeks ago, we reported that Converge were finished writing their long-awaited new album. Well, yesterday, the band posted an update on their Facebook page saying that they have about 12 songs demoed so far. No further more information has been given at this time, but stay tuned for updates, as official details surface.

It’s been almost two years since Converge released their last album, Axe to Fall. Their most recent release is a 7″ split with Dropdead, which surfaced last June. In addition to a new album, the band announced last March that they were working on a DVD.

Converge finish writing new album

Remember last November that Converge started working on a new album? Well, according to a post on drummer Ben Koller’s Facebook page, the band is almost finished writing their seventh album. He wrote, “There’s some really rad stuff on the way in the Converge camp. Almost a whole new record of material is written! BONKERS!!!”

It’s been almost two years since Converge released their last album, Axe to Fall. Their most recent release is a 7″ split with Dropdead, which surfaced last June. In addition to a new album, the band announced last March that they were working on a DVD.

Converge stream “Runaway” off split 7-inch with Dropdead

You may have known that Converge released a new split 7-inch with Dropdead yesterday. You may not have known, however, that they are streaming the song “Runaway” off the release on their MySpace.

Converge are currently working on a new full-length album.  We’ll keep you posted as details unfold.

Coverge / Dropdead split detailed

Deathwish Records has announced that the upcoming split between East Coast hardcore bands Converge and Dropdead will be released June 21st via Deathwish and The Armegeddon Label.  Each band will contribute one new song to the release.  The Deathwish website reads:

Both songs were recorded at Kurt Ballou’s God City Studios in early 2011, and mastered by John Golden (Neurosis, Melvins, etc). “Runaway” from Converge is an instant classic for the band, unrelenting in its speed and emotional ferocity from beginning to end. While Dropdead’s “Paths of Glory” is an unforgettable political punk/hardcore anthem, that proves that the years behind the band have only strengthened their hold on the battlefront of the true underground.

Converge is presently working on a new full-length album.

Best Friends Day 2011 lineup announced

If you live in Richmond, Virginia, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars when you read the lineup for the 2011 Best Friends Day festival. This year, the festival will be hosting Against Me!, Converge, Off With Their Heads, 7 Seconds, Strike Anywhere, and many more. The festival “is a Richmond tradition of bringing together friends from all over the country (and world) for a weekend of bands, events and more!”

The festival will be taking place from August 18 to August 21. For the complete lineup and other information about the festival, check out the Best Friends Day website.

Converge give big update about tour, new album, split ep and DVD

East Coast hardcore band Converge have given a big update about a future U.S., U.K. / European tour, their new album, a split EP with Drop Dead and an upcoming DVD release.

They spent a good portion of the winter writing and recording demos for a new album, which will be released by Epitaph/Deathwish sometime down the road (that means no date is ready to announce yet). Besides the new album they will be self-releasing a split 7″EP with the legendary Drop Dead. If all goes well, look for the release to be available at the upcoming U.S. shows.

The new Converge DVD is currently being edited. If things go as planned there, they hope to get through this process soon and have it released later this year. Deathwish will be repressing their “Unloved And Weeded Out” collection as a 12″LP soon. The vinyl versions of “Axe To Fall”, “No Heroes”, “You Fail Me”, and “Jane Doe” are available now on Deathwish.

They are still confirming dates and specifics for their tours, but you can check out the latest info here.

Converge begin working on new album

In a recent tweet, East Coast hardcore band Converge announced that they will begin working on material for a new album. There’s not much more information than that, but you can be sure that here at Dying Scene we will not sleep until any and all updates have been passed on to our beloved readers.

Straight from the horses mouth here’s what the band had to say, “This week we commence writing a new album together at God City, get ready world…

Converge’s latest work was their self-released 7″ EP, On My Shield, which came out this past summer.

Converge releasing limited 7-inch “On My Shield”

Converge has announced that they will be self-releasing a brand new 7″ EP titled On My Shield, which will be available directly from the band while on tour or from their webstore post-tour.

The EP was recorded at Godcity studios in-between the band’s 2010 “Axe To Fall” U.S. & Euro tours and features the new song “On My Shield” on the A-side, and a laser etching on the B-Side.

The band released their last album, Axe To Fall, October 20, 2009 on Epitaph.

stream Converge’s upcoming album “Axe To Fall”

converge_axe_to_fall1 You can now stream Converge’s Upcoming album “Axe To Fall” in it’s entirety on the band’s Myspace page. The album is slated for an October 20th release date on Epitaph Records.

Converge: Video premiere for “Axe to Fall” and interview on FEARnet

epitaph49Take a look at the new and frightening video for Converge‘s song “Axe to Fall” and interview on Fearnet, a site that features horror, thriller, and suspense films and videos, trailers, and shorts. “Axe to Fall” is the title track from the band’s new album which is set to be released October 20 on Epitaph. Here is what vocalist Jacob Bannon had to say when asked about the band pushing in new directions:

We’ve been a band for going on two decades, so our approach to creating music is pretty much etched in stone. Like all bands we strive to evolve with each album, and I personally feel we accomplished that. If anything, we are continuing to refine what we are and our approach.

You can watch the video and read the full interview here.

Converge gets ready for US tour

epitaph46Starting September 24th, Converge will be on the road for their 2 month US tour and will be playing with the likes of Mastodon, High on Fire, Dethklok and a few others. Those dates and locations are posted on the band’s Dying Scene Shows page. They’ll be supporting the upcoming Converge album “Axe To fall” which will be released October 20th on Epitaph Records.

Converge premiere new album title track “Axe To Fall”

EpitaphConverge premiered the title track from their upcoming album “Axe To Fall,” which is set to be out October 20th on Epitaph Records.

To stream the track or download the MP3, you can go to

Converge’s last album, “No Heroes,” was released October 24, 2006, on Epitaph Records.

Outbreak’s “The Countdown Begins” debut on the Saw VI soundtrack

saw-viOutbreak will debut their new song “The Countdown Begins” on the Saw VI soundtrack, slated for release on October 20th. Although, this is the sixth movie and probably will have a similar ending to the other five the soundtrack features a handful of good bands in addition to Outbreak: Converge, Hatebreed, Lacuna Coil, and much more.

You can check out the track listing for the soundtrack on the Full Story page.

Buy Converge’s old touring van!

convergevan“Hey Timmy, Sweet van!”

“Thanks, I just bought her. She’s got 225k miles, no 4th bench and some holes in the seats but she runs like a champ.”

“Wow, where’d you buy it?”

“Oh, just off a band you may of heard of called CONVERGE. No big deal.”

Yeah, that could be you… assuming you’re name is Timmy, but you get it. Converge is selling their old touring van and you yourself can buy it and roll around in the stink of all the memories and tour adventures it went through… and then make your own. All you need is $2,500 and shes yours. So if you’re in the market for a tour van or if you have a part time job of shuttling small families to and from the airport, whatever your cause, this van should be yours.

Go to Converge’s myspace blog for more information.

Converge posts “Dark Horse” off new album “Axe To Fall”

converge_axe_to_fall1You’ve already got the track listing, the album artwork and the release date of Converge‘s highly anticipated new album “Axe To Fall”. But now, thanks to yours truly [and myspace], you can listen to one of the new songs by clicking here. Its called “Dark Horse” and its number 1 on the album.

“Axe To Fall” will be released on October 20th on Epitaph Records.