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DS Staff Picks – Top Albums of 2013 (griffintainment)

Hey what’s up, beautiful people.  My name’s Dustin, I’m a reviewer of many fine records here at Dying Scene.

This is my list of the Top 10 releases of the past year.

I realized as I was compiling my list that shaving it down to just 10 was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.  The Creepshow, Off With Their Heads and The Flatliners released albums that all sat around the 11 spot.

Also I think I should mention why I didn’t include The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute. It’s a great album, a great idea and features the best collection of bands I’ve ever seen in a single comp. I just felt that to rate it or place it a certain spot on a list is missing the point of it in the first place.

Not so for the ten that follow. Agree, disagree, kiss you computer screen or punch it, it’s all good to me. Cheers.

Swingin’ Utters release music video for “Greener Grass”

California punk veterans Swingin’ Utters have released a music video for their song “Greener Grass” and you can check it out below!

The track appears on the band’s latest album “Poorly Formed,” which was released on February 19th through Fat Wreck Chords.

Album Review: Swingin’ Utters – “Stuck in a Circle”

The last few years have been good for Swingin’ Utters fans who wanted new music from the long-running San Francisco act. The band ended their seven year hiatus in 2010 and only a year later they released Here, Under Protest.  And only two years later they gave us Poorly Formed. To keep up the momentum of celebrating their second album since returning, the band has released their newest single, Stuck in a Circle, containing the title track, a No Use for a Name cover, and an unreleased b-side.

As one might expect from a single, “Stuck in a Circle” is exactly the same as the album version found on Poorly Formed. If you’ve already listened to the album, then you know how it goes. If you haven’t gotten around to the album yet, “Stuck in a Circle” is fairly representative of the sounds that the Utters have been tinkering with since their reunion. The production is clean here, and the mid-tempo verses are entwined with slightly faster chorus, with lyrics that explore the circular nature of life. It’s not as fast or urgent as the album’s first single, “The Librarians Are Hiding Something”, but “Stuck in a Circle” highlights the band’s experimentation on Poorly Formed and it makes sense that the Utters would want to release something a little different as a single.

The first b-side here is the band’s cover of No Use for a Name’s “Not Your Savior”, which appeared on the recent Songs of Tony Sly tribute. The Utters utilize a string arrangement to replace the original’s guitar leads, creating a chillingly beautiful take on an already beautifully written song. The added lyric “you’ll believe it when they lie / why do the good ones have to die” at the end only helps to amplify the already somber atmosphere surrounding the circumstances that led to this cover being recorded in the first place.

“Chain Gang Reaction(ary)”, the single’s other b-side, is exclusive to this release. Like the title track, “Chain Gang Reaction(ary)” is a bit different from the band’s usual style, with driving guitar that keeps the song moving at a consistent pace pretty much its entire playtime. A whole album of this kind of thing might wear thin quickly, but it works well as just a single song. The experimentation in songwriting fits the overall theme of trying new things on Poorly Formed, and the only reason I can think of why the track was relegated to b-side status was simply because it didn’t fit the flow created by the rest of the songs that did make it onto the album.

Despite all three songs being good songs, it’s hard to really think of Stuck in a Circle as an essential release… if only because two of its three songs are readily available elsewhere. This single is really only for either die-hard Swingin’ Utters fans, or those who have yet to give Poorly Formed a listen and just want a short sampler before diving in. For everyone else, “Chain Gang Reaction(ary)” is definitely a song worth checking out, but it might be worth your money to buy the song individually and then pick up both Poorly Formed and The Songs of Tony Sly in full, assuming you haven’t already.

3 / 5

RIYL: No Use for a Name, Lagwagon, NOFX, any band that shares members with the Utters (Filthy Thievin’ Bastards, Druglords of the Avenue, One Man Army, etc).

Swingin’ Utters stream new song “Chain Gang Reaction(ary)”

California punk veterans Swingin’ Utters are streaming a new song called “Chain Gang Reaction(ary),” taken from their upcoming 7-inch “Stuck In a Circle.” Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Darius Koski had to say about the track:

“This one’s a little different for us; [we were] trying to mix things up a bit. I wasn’t really sure if this’d fit into our thing, but we made it work. I was trying to unleash our inner Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or something.”

You can check out “Chain Gang Reaction(ary)” right here!

“Stuck In A Circle” is set to be released on November 26th via Fat Wreck Chords, who released Swingin’ Utters’ latest album “Poorly Formed” on February 19th.

Video: Swingin’ Utters play acoustic version of “Scary Brittle Frame” on Exclaim! TV

California punk veterans Swingin’ Utters recently appeared on Exclaim! TV to play an acoustic version of “Scary Brittle Frame,” which appears on their 2011 album “Here, Under Protest.”

You can check out a video of the performance (and find details on the band’s current US tour with Blacklist Royals) below.

The band’s upcoming 7-inch “Stuck In A Circle” is set to be released on November 26th via Fat Wreck Chords, who released their latest album “Poorly Formed” on February 19th.

Swingin’ Utters detail upcoming 7-inch “Stuck In A Circle”

California punk stalwarts Swingin’ Utters have announced they will be releasing a new 7-inch entitled “Stuck In A Circle,” featuring the song of the same name from their latest full-length, along with a cover of No Use For A Name‘s “Not Your Savior,” and an unreleased track.

The cover art can be seen above and the tracklisting, as well as details on the band’s upcoming US tour with Blacklist Royals, can be found below.

“Stuck In A Circle” is set to be released on November 26th via Fat Wreck Chords, who released the Utters’ latest album “Poorly Formed” on February 19th.

Swingin’ Utters announce US tour w/ Blacklist Royals

California punk stalwarts Swingin’ Utters have announced they will be hitting the road for an extensive run of US tour dates with Blacklist Royals in mid-November.

Details on the tour can be found below!

Swingin’ Utters released their latest album “Poorly Formed” on February 19th through Fat Wreck Chords.

Swingin’ Utters announce U.S. tour dates with Dropkick Murphys

California punk stalwarts Swingin’ Utters have announced U.S. tour dates with Dropkick Murphys.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

The Swingin Utters released “Poorly Formed” on February 19, 2013 through Fat Wreck Chords.

Download Blk Galaga’s new single “Abandon Ship”

NYC-based punk band Blk Galaga has released their new single “Abandon Ship” off of their upcoming EP, ?Rail on the Top Shelf,” which will be out September 25. It is available for free download here.

Rail on the Top Shelf follows the band’s 2013 full length, “Something for Everyone, Nothing for You,” which was released earlier this year.

Blk Galaga’s next show is opening for The Swingin’ Utters at The Bell House in Brooklyn on August 26.

DS Photo Gallery: Swingin’ Utters at Punk Rock Bowling

Saturday afternoon at Punk Rock Bowling featured a slew of great bands, with the legendary The Damned and Devo rounding the night out.

After The Briggs, and before The Weirdos, was the influential folk-punk band, Swingin’ Utters, whom I’m sure need no introduction.

I am shite with remembering setlists and songs and all that, but suffice it to say, it was classic Utters at its finest. You had Johnny going frickin’ nuts on stage, Darius and the gang jammin’ out, and…well, just have a look at the pics and throw on some “Juvenile Product Of The Working Class”, and it shan’t be too hard to imagine yourself there.

Check out shots from Swingin’ Utters’ set here.

Swingin’ Utters are currently on tour in the US and Canada. Head here to check out when they’ll be passing through your town.

Video: Swinging Utters acoustic at Fat Wreck warehouse (“Stupid Lullabies”, “The Librarians Are Hiding Something”

Seminal punk band Swingin’ Utters dropped by the Fat Wreck Chords warehouse recently to perform acoustic versions 5 songs including older classics like “Stupid Lullabies” “Next In Line” and newer hits like “The Librarians Are Hiding Something”.

Check out the video here.

Swingin’ Utters last album, “Poorly Formed,” was released February 19th on Fat Wreck Chords.

Swingin’ Utters announce US and European summer tour dates

California punk rockers Swingin’ Utters have recently announced a slew of US & European tour dates for this summer. The tour starts on May 25th at the annual Punk Rock Bowling festival, and runs through July 25th ending in Switzerland.

The band last released “Poorly Formed” in February of this year.

You can check out to see when they are coming to your area here.

Swingin’ Utters announce US/Europe tour dates

The Swingin’ Utters announced a bunch more US and European tour dates that’ll keep them busy most of this summer. The Goddamn Gallows serve as support on US dates, in addition to local acts like The Ducky Boys in Cambridge, MA.

The post-Punk Rock Bowling US dates start May 31st in Iowa, while the European dates start July 4th in Germany. Click here for the updated rundown.

Swingin’ Utters are touring in support of “Poorly Formed,” which was released February 19th on Fat Wreck Chords.

Cock Sparrer Cover Song Week (THURSDAY): Swingin’ Utters cover “I Got Your Number”

This year marks a whopping 40-year milestone for the British punk/oi! pioneers Cock Sparrer, who got their start in London in the early 70’s, years before bands like the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones got their start. Departing from our regular random cover song posts, this week we’ll feature a whole collection of songs that are covered off of all the band’s albums; from their 1977 debut self-titled album through their most recent release from 2007 “Here We Stand.”

Today, listen to the Swingin’ Utters cover of “I Got Your Number,” first appearing on their 2004 live album “Live In A Dive.” The band re-recorded the cover in-studio for a music video in 2007. Cock Sparrer released the song originally on their 1983 record “Shock Troops.” Listen to both versions here.

If you missed ’em, here are covers from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Live Video: Dropkick Murphys cover Swingin’ Utters – “Strongman” (Festival Hall, Melbourne)

While at a recent show in Melbourne Australia, Boston celtic-punks Dropkick Murphys invited Swingin’ Utters Johnny Peebucks up on stage to help perform a cover of the Utters song “Strongman.”  Kinda cool.

Check out a video of it here.

Swingin’ Utters are currently touring with Dropkick Murphys, Frank Turner and Marching Orders.