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Say Anything to start recording new album in October

Say Anything have announced that they have been writing new material for their next album, which they plan to begin recording in October for a potential 2014 release. Frontman Max Bemis tweeted:

“Looks like tracking beginning on new SA in October. Whole record is written and named with a cover artist and musicians in place ( :”

Say Anything’s latest studio full-length was Anarchy, My Dear, which was released in March 2012.

Max Bemis (Say Anything) streams cover of Hot Rod Circuit’s “At Nature’s Mercy”

Max Bemis, frontman of Say Anything, released a cover of Hot Rod Circuit‘s “At Nature’s Mercy.”  Max originally recorded the song as a wedding gift for Hot Rod Circuit frontman Andy Jackson.  The pair have decided to put the track on the limited-edition vinyl reissue of Hot rod Circuit’s 2007 album, “The Underground is a Dying Breed,” which was released earlier today on Enjoy the Ride Records.

You can give it a listen here.


Say Anything announce plans to release another compilation of rarities/b-sides

According to recent reports, during the encore at a recent Say Anything show in Phoenix, Arizona, frontman Max Bemis announced the band would be releasing another compilation of rarities and b-sides to follow up “All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities,” which came out on January 22nd through Equal Vision Records.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on another rarities/b-sides compilation from the band surface. Say Anything’s latest studio full-length was “Anarchy, My Dear,” which was released in March, 2012.

Max Bemis and The Painful Splits announce “The Painful Splits Are Multiplying”

A few months ago it was announced via twitter that Max Bemis (Say Anything) would plan to release a new album by The Painful Splits, his side project that doesn’t have to do with Chris Conley or comics. Now Bemis has released a message confirming that the Painful Splits will be releasing their new album this summer, and it will be titled The Painful Splits Are Multiplying. You can read the full announcement here.

The Painful Splits Are Multiplying will be the fourth release under The Painful Splits name, and the first since 2011’s The Painful Splits Destroy.

Riot Fest announces lineup: Blink-182, Bad Religion, Against Me!, Lillingtons, Flag, Rancid, Violent Femmes

Midwesterners are rejoicing to the tune of this year’s Riot Fest lineup announcement. The annual Chicago punk festival will feature an overdose of great bands such as Bad Religion, Rancid, Against Me!, Bad Brains, Blink-182, Screeching Weasel, Violent Femmes, Taking Back Sunday, PennywiseFlag, AFI, Sublime w/ Rome, The Lillingtons, The Lawrence Arms, Say Anything, Flatfoot 56, and so many more. Click here to check out the full lineup.

Riot Fest will run from September 13-15th in Humboldt Park. Click here for ticket information.

Max Bemis finishes “Polarity” comic series

Say Anything front-man Max Bemis has been working on a comic miniseries titled Polarity, Loosely based on Bemis’ real life experiences dealing with bi-polar disorderFollowing the release of the first two issues, Bemis has tweeted that he has completed writing the series:

maxbemis: Well, I officially just finished writing my first comic series. Literally one of the most fun endeavors of my life. More to come ( :

Say Anything’s latest album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” was released in March 2012 on Equal Vision Records.

Say Anything & Eisley to release split 7-inch tomorrow

It has just been announced that Say Anything and Eisley will be releasing a split 7-inch tomorrow on Equal Vision Records. The vinyl will be available on their upcoming tour, and tomorrow through Equal Vision’s online store. You can pick up your copy here.

The two groups are currently touring with other Equal Vision groups HRVRD, Northern Faces and, I the Mighty.

Say Anything announce fill-in musicians for summer tour

Say Anything have announced that they have tapped former Tallhart drummer Reed Murray and Eisley bassist Garron DuPree to fill in for Coby Linder and Adam Siska respectively on their upcoming summer U.S. tour. They write:

“Hey guys

We’re extremely pleased to announce that our good friend Reed Murray, formerly of Rory Record’s very own Tallhart, maverick drummer and great friend, will be playing for us on the Rarities and More tour.

Additionally, Garron DuPree from Eisley will be filling in for Adam, who cannot do the tour due to a previous commitment.

Thanks y’all!


A year has passed since Say Anything released their last album Anarchy, My Dear on Equal Vision Records. They have already announced a follow-up to that album, which will be produced by their singer and guitarist Max Bemis.

Two Tongues to record sophomore album

Max Bemis (Say Anything) recently sat down to do an interview with AbsolutePunk, during which he made mention that he would love to get started on a second Two Tongues album with Chris Conley (Saves the Day). Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I’m doing a new Painful Splits record that’s gonna come out this summer and so there’s definitely gonna be a lot of stuff in between there. Me and Chris currently have been talking about doing the second Two Tongues record, which will probably be next year as well. But we’ve wanting to do a second record from the beginning – when we were recording the first we were like, “we gotta make like a million records,” but we’re both so busy. But we’re definitely starting to get the gears going on that.”

You can read the whole thing here. There’s no other mention of Two Tongues though.

Two Tongues released their self titled debut in 2009 via Vagrant Records.

Max Bemis to produce next Say Anything album

Say Anything singer and guitarist Max Bemis recently told Absolute Punk that he is going to produce the next album, which is expected to arrive next year and will feature a guest appearance by his wife Sherri DuPree of Eisley. He states:

“She’s going to, she’s probably will on every single record we make. But I’m also lining up one or two really awesome guests spots. And I’m also lining up musicians like drummers and stuff who are gonna play on it, and like I can’t talk about it yet, but it’s some really exciting stuff. And also, just sonically, and I know I’m being a tease, but there’s definitely going to be…when people hear the way we’re going to be making the record – I can definitely say that I’m producing it myself which is a first – but there’s certain ways sonically that we are basically changing the sound of the instruments, not necessarily my singing or songwriting, but I think that it’ll be exciting to people and it’s gonna be kind of a 180 in that respect. They are definitely the most, like, Say Anything-y type songs that I’ve written in a while – they’re very Say Anything. But the arrangements are gonna be pretty creepy.”

A year has passed since Say Anything released their last album Anarchy, My Dear on Equal Vision Records.

Say Anything announce tour dates

Iconic hipster punks Say Anything have announced a  tour with Eisley, HRVRD, and Northern Faces this summer.

Say Anything are touring in support of the album Anarchy, My Dear”, which was released in March 2012 on Equal Vision Records. The tour starts June 6th in Dallas and ends July 12th in LA.

Check out the tour dates here.

Max Bemis opens 2013 Song Shop

Say Anything frontman, Max Bemis, has opened his infamous Song Shop, now with the option to add vocals from his wife, Sherri Dupree.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Song Shop allows you to pay Max a seemingly reasonable rate for a song written especially for you. Songs sell out quickly, so get ’em while they’re hot or wait another year.

You can read a statement from Max about this year’s song shop opening here.

Video: Maxis Bemis performs “Try To Remember, Forget”

JD Salinger reincarnate, Max Bemis of Say Anything, made a very rare live performance this weekend. You can watch the video of him performing an acoustic version of “Try To Remember, Forget” here.

The song, originally featured on the infamous Menorah/Mejora EP in 2002, has  rarely been played live, if at all.

Say Anything is at work on new material. They last released “Anarchy, My Dear” back in March via Equal Vision Records.

Max Bemis offers free download of acoustic cover of Saves The Day’s “Firefly”

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis is offering his acoustic cover of Saves The Day‘s song “Firefly” up for free download.

You can snag your download of the song here.

Say Anything is at work on new material. They last released “Anarchy, My Dear” back in March via Equal Vision Records. Bemis’ song shop will once again open its digital doors on February 4th.


Max Bemis (Say Anything) to write comic book with EP soundtrack

Say Anything front-man Max Bemis is working on a 4-issue comic miniseries titled Polarity. Loosely based on Bemis’ real life experiences dealing with bi-polar disorder, Polarity is set to be released in April through Boom! Studios. Bemis also plans to release a new song with each issue of Polarity to accompany the story. All four songs collected together will make up a brand new EP.

You can check out more information on the project here.

Say Anything’s latest album, Anarchy, My Dear, was released in March 2012 on Equal Vision Records.