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Anti-Flag announce “For Blood and Empire” 10th anniversary Australian tour

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have announced an Australian tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their fifth album For Blood and Empire. They will play the album in its entirety each night of the tour, and they’ll be supported by former ALL singer Scott Reynolds.

The band’s full touring schedule, which includes shows in the US and Asia, can be found below.

Anti-Flag released their ninth LP American Spring in 2015 through Spinefarm Records. Later in the year, they released a compilation album titled Cease Fires through their own A-F Records.

Anti-Flag (punk-rock) announce live charity EP “Live And Acoustic In Vienna” and competition

Stalwarts of the politico-punk scene Anti-Flag have announced the release date for an acoustic EP recorded in Vienna last year. The EP differs from the norm somewhat in the fact it was recorded in one take at Supersense Wien, a one-of-a-kind analog “direct to vinyl” studio and the band plans to donate all the proceeds to Amnesty International. The EP will feature five classic Anti-Flag numbers and one Ramones cover and will be available to buy from June 24th. Along with this the band are also running a competition to win a unique copy of the record to coincide with the release in an effort to help generate sales (and therefore extra revenue for Amnesty).

Details of this competition, along with the a statement from Anti-Flag regarding the release can be viewed below.

Check out the “after movie” from last year’s Punk Rock Holiday and try not to buy a ticket to this year

I’ve never been to Slovenian punk festival Punk Rock Holiday but every year I post the “after movie” from the previous year’s fest I become more and more convinced it must be the best punk festival in the world. You can check out the after movie footage from 2015’s fest below.

This year’s lineup includes Millencolin,Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of MedicineThe Bouncing SoulsTerrorDONOTSA Wilhelm ScreamThe ToastersThe Decline, and a ton of other great bands.

Check out more info from their official website.

DS Photo Gallery and Show Review: Anti-Flag, Leftöver Crack, War on Women, Blackbird Raum, The Homeless Gospel Choir 2/27/16

On the 27th of February in the year of our lord 2016, the greatest anarchopunk artists of our generation converged on West Hollywood, California at a dank, dusty, little venue for what would become one of the most amazing punk rock shows in the past decade. This is a written and pictorial memorialization of the the events that unfolded at The Troubadour that evening. Read it below!

DS Photo Gallery: Anti-Flag, Leftover Crack, War On Women, Blackbird Raum, Homeless Gospel Choir at DNA SF (3.1.16)

***This photo gallery/review is a little delayed due to some hood rat piece of shit that decided to pepper spray me while waiting to go home after the show, so my vision was impaired for a day or two.***

A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite venues DNA played host to an incredible night of punk and politics with co-headliners Anti-Flag and Leftover Crack, with support from War on Women, Blackbird Raum, and Homeless Gospel Choir.

With the exception of Homeless Gospel Choir, I was familiar with all the bands on the bill, and was super excited to see how the night played out.

One man, one guitar – Homeless Gospel Choir is exactly what you need to kick off a night like this. Powerful, reflective, political, gritty, melodic, and a little light-hearted – Derek Zanetti did well to win over the crowd and get the juices flowing for the rest of the night.

Next up was Blackbird Raum. The band fits very well with Leftover Crack, and the sextet is so full of energy it makes your head spin. Washboards, banjos, stand-up bass and more set this band apart from the average. And with dual male/female vocals, the band’s sound is quite unique. The folk-punk sound and community is alive and well here on the West Coast, especially here in Northern California, and the band drew quite the crowd of smelly punks dancing and singing along.

War On Women made it on the cover of the last issue of New Noise Magazine, and it’s no wonder why. The members are no stranger to the punk scene, coming from some heavy hitters in the East Coast punk game. The self-described ‘co-ed, feminist hardcore band’ does well to get the crowd moving, but not too much to where they miss the political undertones of some of the tracks. Frontwoman Shawna Porter is in your face with an aggression only akin to other hardcore bands. The crowd ate it up and was lubed and ready for Leftover Crack to take to the stage.

There’s no such thing as Leftover Crack so they say. This is a band I never tire of seeing. The guys have their ups and downs, and everyone has their opinion of them, but I absolutely love the music and the message. When guitarist Chris Mann came to stage donning a angry baby mask, I knew it was going to be an incredible set. The diversity of a Leftover Crack show is a sight to see – young and old, punks and squares, drunks and straight-edge kids alike dance along to the catchy yet sometimes dark tunes of the C-Squat rockers. The band always samples a little bit from their Choking Victim catalog, including one of my favorites, “500 Channels”. In true LOC fashion, the band always touches on politics, and being that it was Super Tuesday, the guys had a lot to say about the current state of affairs in our country. Politics aside, the band rocked the house, inviting members of Blackbird Raum and other friends to share the stage to close the set.

Finally to the stage was the Philadelphia veterans Anti-Flag. Get your pens and paper ready, as there will be a lecture, and you are expected to take notes – there will be a test at the end of the set. Despite the numerous breaks for political rambling, Anti-Flag has always been a favorite of mine to see live. Chris #2 is like a bouncy ball, just bouncing around stage, jumpkicking and throwing hands in the air – it’s a great stage presence. Justin Sane still hits all the marks and does well to get the crowd to sing along with him. Big thanks to Barry Synoground who invited me to the soundbooth to shoot from there – the pit was pretty rowdy and lacked protection for little ol photographer me. Although, I was back sidestage as the set rounded out, and Chris #2 joined fans in the middle of the pit with his guitar. Super intimate and great moment to be a part of. There’s no wonder why Anti-Flag has been at it for 20 years and selling out venues left and right.

Have a look at all the photos from the night below.

Huge thanks to Barry and Alan, as well as Noah and crew for a great night at a great SF concert institution.

Record Store Day 2016 releases include new music from NOFX, Direct Hit, Ignite & more

The official list of releases for this year’s edition of Record Store Day has been unveiled. Among notable releases included on the list are a brand new 7″ from NOFX titled Sid & Nancy, a split 7″ from Direct Hit! and The Brokedowns, a 7″ single from Ignite, and a vinyl reissue of Anti-Flag‘s Live Acoustic At 11th Street Records.

Head over here to check out the full list of RSD 2016 releases, which also includes plenty of reissues of classic records by bands like the Ramones, Hüsker Dü, and The Vandals.

Record Store Day falls on April 16th this year. More info on participating record stores is available here.

A-F Records releases details for 2016 Record Club

Pittsburgh label A-F Records has announced the details for its 2016 Record Club. Members of this kind of exclusive vinyl subscription series (limited to 125 people) get a copy of all of the label’s 2016 releases, plus a special live album by the label’s founders, Anti-Flag and some other perks.

You can find all the details below, and if you’re interested in joining, get more info here.

Album Review: Anti-Flag – ‘Cease Fires’

In 2015, Anti-Flag released their ninth studio album, American Spring, a surprisingly solid, albeit formulaic, collection of songs. That could have been it for Anti-Flag’s musical contributions to the year and spent the next few years touring in support of American Spring, but instead they decided to end the year with Cease Fires, their fourth compilation release.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Anti-Flag, here’s some background info: the band celebrated their twentieth anniversary in 2013 by re-recording songs from throughout their discography (one song per studio and compilation album) and releasing them as a part of their 20 Years of Hell singles series. Cease Fires gathers those re-recorded songs, a b-side from the subscription series, and two unreleased songs from the American Spring sessions.

Let’s get the new songs out of the way first: If you’ve liked the clean sounding, yet aggressively political pop punk sound of Anti-Flag’s records throughout the past decade (The Bright Lights of America notwithstanding), there’s no reason to not enjoy “Coward in My Veins” or “The New Jim Crow.” “Close My Eyes” starts a bit slower, kind of sounding like a song from Bright Lights might have sounded like if the band hadn’t had their major label budget.

The re-recorded songs make up the real meat of this compilation, and the differences between the new recordings and the originals varies from song to song. Compositionally speaking, “Kill the Rich” is near identical to its original, but it still sounds like a brand new song due to the band’s changes in lineup and sound between 1996 and 2013. “The Consumer’s Song” gets a (much improved) full band treatment, “The Ink and The Quill (Be Afraid)” gets the fat trimmed off, and “The Great Depression” is toned down into a lo-fi twangy jam (it also, sadly, loses the guest vocals). Are they better? That’s for the listener to decide, but Anti-Flag certainly made the most of this project instead of half-assing these re-imaginings like Alkaline Trio did on Damnesia in 2011.

On the lesser side of things, the new version of “Wake Up!” doesn’t offer much, and “The WTO Kills Farmers” is transformed into a much more standard affair. It’s also worth noting that both The Terror State and For Blood and Empire have better songs that could have been picked to re-record. Naturally, plenty of songs get the acoustic treatment with varying degrees of success. “20 Years of Hell” is a high point, and the updated lyrics that include mentions of Pussy Riot and Chelsea Manning in “Mumia’s Song” are a nice touch, but then there’s “The Ghosts of Alexandria” which, much like the album it comes from, is just kind of… there.

Old school fans probably won’t care much for these recordings, but old school fans also jumped ship around the Underground Network-era so who cares what they think? It’s hardly essential listening, but Cease Fires is a fun listen for diehards and fans who came late to the party, and it complements the band’s current sound well.

4 / 5 – Stream the album below.

RIYL: NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, Strike Anywhere

Seeing Red: DS Writer Catherine Dempsey on why Anti Flag’s “This Is The End” bores her to death

Is there anything worse than a bad song on a nearly perfect album? Probably, but for the sake of our series, Seeing Red, there isn’t. In Seeing Red we ask our staff writers to talk about the songs that they hate on albums that they love.

Today we have Dying Scene columnist Catherine Dempsey, who talks about her endless boredom with Anti-Flag‘s “This Is The End” off their 2006 record, For Blood and Empire. You can read her thoughts below.

Anti-Flag stream their new(ish) album “Cease Fires”

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have just released a full stream of their sorta-new album Cease Fires. The collection consists of twelve re-releases, along with re-recordings of two previously unreleased B-Sides “The New Jim Crow,” and “Coward In My Veins”. These two new songs are a welcome addition to what already stands out as an impressive cross-section of the band’s body of work, and you can check it out below.

Cease Fires is currently available on Bandcamp for $7, and serves as the band’s first release since American Spring via Spinefarm Records, back in May.

Video: Ukulele Anti-Flag medley

Do you have 2 minutes to spare? Are you a fan of Anti-Flag? If so, you might be interested in checking out a fun ukulele medley of 20 Anti-Flag songs from throughout their career. You can watch it below.

Anti-Flag themselves are releasing Cease Fires, a “new” album of re-recorded songs and b-sides on December 18, 2015 through A-F Records. Their latest album of all new material, American Spring, came out in May 2015on Spinefarm Records.

Anti-Flag premiere new song “The New Jim Crow” off upcoming album “Cease Fires”

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag are streaming a new song titled “The New Jim Crow”, which is taken from their upcoming LP “Cease Fires”. You can give the track a listen below.

“Cease Fires” is set for release this Friday (December 18th) through A-F Records, featuring b-sides and new recordings of unreleased songs. Anti-Flag’s latest album “American Spring” came out in May on Spinefarm Records.

Anti-Flag premiere new song “Coward In My Veins”

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag are streaming a new song titled “Coward in My Veins,” which is taken from their upcoming LP Cease Fires. You can give the track a listen below.

Cease Fires will release on December 18th through A-F Records, featuring b-sides and new recordings of unreleased songs. Anti-Flag’s latest album American Spring came out in May on Spinefarm Records.

Anti-Flag release 6 rare 7-inches digitally and offers entire A-F Records catalogue for free/PWYC download

Pittsburg punk veterans Anti-Flag have decided to celebrate Black Friday a little differently this year. In conjunction with A-F Records, the band has released digital rips for 6 rare 7-inches on the label’s Bandcamp page. This includes the Kill Kill Kill, Emigre, and splits with Bad Genes, Against All Authority, Obnoxious, and God Squad. These 6 releases along with the entire A-F Records catalogue have been set to free or pay what you can download.

The label and band offered the following statement in an email received by most Bandcamp users:

“black friday is bullshit. for a lot of reasons. so this year i wanted to do something a little different.

i’ve put up 6 super rare anti-flag 7-inches on our bandcamp page and made them available for free / pay what you can download. these are vinyl rips, captured directly from the records themselves. ripping these records was actually one of the first things i did when we re-launched A-F Records a few years ago, and i’m stoked that you all can hear them, they are punk as fuck.

The rest of the A-F Records catalog is also available for free / pay what you can download. that’s over 60 records. if you can afford to throw a couple of bucks to a release or two, know that you’re directly supporting independent punk rock music, and every single one of your dimes is going to our artists and also future releases. if you can’t afford that, that’s cool too. download some music. be inspired. let punk rock change your life. start a band.

head here to download them:

we are thankful for this community and the solace that we’ve found here. be good to one another, we are all that we have.

peace and love,

stowe, #2, head, justin, pat, jesse, code, massie, & steve

p.s. corporate rock is still a fucking scam”

As mentioned before, you can head right to the A-F Records bandcamp page and get your fill of punk music. Check it all out here and get it before it’s gone!



Anti-Flag announces new album “Cease Fires”

Punk icons Anti-Flag have announced a new album! It is called “Cease Fires” and is made up of b-sides and rerecorded material.

The album is coming via A-F Records and is due to be released December 18th; we will keep you posted as the date nears.

You can check out the tracklist for the album and some upcoming tour dates below.

Anti-Flag’s latest full-length album, American Spring, came out in May on Spinefarm Records.