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Bayside frontman opens up about “Cult”

Bayside front-man Anthony Raneri recently sat down with hmv to discuss the band’s upcoming sixth full length album, Cult. During the interview, Raneri talks about what the writing process was like while writing the new songs, where the album title came from, and what the recording sessions were like.

You can read the interview here.

Bayside will be releasing Cult on February 18th on Hopeless Records. The band will be touring in support of the release this March with Four Year StrongDaylight, and Mixtapes.

Album Review: Bayside – “Cult”

The flack for Bayside is unwarranted and unjustified. They’ve always been great musicians with something more than a novelty given the voice and storytelling ability of Anthony Ranieri, who skews personal tragedies with rumblings on the music scene, to great effect. Their fervent ambition and passion kicked me into gear since Sirens and Condolences and in assessing their past merits, the tunnel vision of ignorant fans still doesn’t simmer. At all. They’ve always been consistently making good music and as jaded as fans get, ready to throw their angst-pronged attacks at every turn and corner, it’s time to stop and take note – Cult is the fucking juggernaut of Bayside albums.

It’s melodic, punk and heavy-guitar rock, mashed up to a marvelous extent. It isn’t pretentious and this uniformity bodes well for music done with a non-complex beat. Seriously…it’s as if the band charged up with middle-fingers to haters in such a sweet, simple and powerful batch of songs. It leaves an indelible impression and the intent of the hard-rock tune in “Big Cheese” sets these wheels in motion. It’s a la Balance and Composure with drifting guitars and a loud ambiance. Ranieri’s vocals are clean, slick and so perfect to accentuate the strong instrumentation throughout. He’s never sounded better.

The rampant solos chalk up so much more technicality to the record and when spots of aggression pop up, it’s sublime to say the least. “You’re No Match” exemplifies this with epic riffing and hooks. The same applies for “Transitive Property” which is emotionally open and apparent as a plead for a loved one to stay. Remarkable and consistently charismatic – all wrapped in a grunge blanket as they pay homage to so many emo-influences along the way.

“Objectivist On Fire” offers more of a crooning Ranieri but not dispelling massive hooks, bombastic breakdowns and a spin off 90s alternative that recall their Victory days. Pop-punk fans can chart their way to “Something’s Wrong” and “The Whitest Lie” as they dial back the heaviness for good measure. The flow of all the tunes is far from erratic which hindered them on records of old but here, the arrangement is spot on. Guitarist Jack O’Shea and drummer Chris Guglielmo really get to flex their muscles on Cult, incorporating the most impressive riffs and fills to improve on the plodding, modern rock-tinged songs of ghosts past. There are above-average choruses that make such a good impression and overall, Cult is another solid addition to Bayside’s diverse catalogue. They’re worth talking about and no matter what you think or thought you knew, chalk this up in the win column because their arsenal just got a bigger piece of artillery.

4/5 Stars

Bayside streaming upcoming album “Cult”

Bayside are streaming their new album “Cult” in its entirety and you can give it a listen over here.

Cult is due out February 18th on Hopeless Records. The band will be touring in support of the release this March with Four Year StrongDaylight, and Mixtapes.

Bayside release “Cult Webisode #3: Jack”

Bayside have released a third video in their behind-the-scenes webisode series leading up to their next album, Cult.

This webisode features guitarist Jack O’Shea, who discusses the realities of the recording studio and more. Check it out below. If you missed the first two webisodes, you can watch them here and here respectively.

Cult is due out February 18th on Hopeless Records.

Bayside will then hit the road in March with Four Year StrongDaylight, and Mixtapes. See those tour dates here.

Bayside release “Cult Webisode #2: Anthony”

Bayside have released a second video in their behind-the-scenes webisode series, leading up to their next album, Cult.

This webisode features lead singer Anthony Raneri talking about writing, how the band got its name, and more. Check it out below. If you missed the first webisode, you can watch it here.

Cult is due out February 18th on Hopeless Records.

Bayside will then hit the road in March with Four Year StrongDaylight, and Mixtapes. See those tour dates here.

Members of The Wonder Years, Bayside and more talk about Green Day’s “Dookie”

Tomorrow Green Day‘s iconic album “Dookie” will turn 20. To celebrate, Fuse talked to several artists, including members of The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, and Bayside, about the impact the album had on them. Here’s what Yellowcard’s Ryan Key had to say:

“I wonder where we would be without Dookie. When I say “we” I mean the entire scene we have found ourselves in. From the opening moments of “Burnout,” young wanna-be punk-rockers everywhere felt their hair getting a little more spikey. There is something about the journey that record takes you on that is unlike anything I had heard before. There were raging pop punk anthems all over the record but I think the most notable thing is the pop sensibility that Green Day had so early on in their songwriting career. Songs like “She” and “When I Come Around” were totally outside of the box and, for me, demonstrated that we could use our style of music to write these huge, everlasting pop songs. I still reference Dookie today when I need a good kick-in-the-ass crash-course on melody writing.”

We highly recommend you head over here and give the full article a read.

Bayside releases “Cult Webisode #1” video interview with bassist Nick Ghanbarian

Bayside has released a video interview with bassist Nick Ghanbarian in promotion of their upcoming album. You can check out “Cult Webisode #1” below.

“Cult”  is due out February 18th through Hopeless Records.

Bayside release lyric video for “Time Has Come”

Bayside have released a lyric video for their single entitled “Time Has Come” from their upcoming album “Cult.” Check it out below.

“Cult”  is due out February 18th through Hopeless Records.

Bayside get tricky in new music video release – “Hate Me”

Bayside continue their trend of “interesting” marketing techniques with their new music video for “Hate Me.” Check it out below.

The video was posted on YouTube with the band listed as Caraboo, but we’re all a little too clever to fall for that, right?

It’s pretty obvious this is a new video for the third song off Bayside’s upcoming album, Cult, which is due out February 18th through Hopeless Records.

As for Caraboo, they are, by all accounts, a real band from New York. Their Facebook page (just started at the end of November) only has 31 likes as of this writing, but I’m guessing that number will be going up soon.

Bayside announces headlining US tour with Four Year Strong, Daylight, and Mixtapes

Bayside has announced their headlining “Great American Cult” tour around the United States in early 2014. The band will be touring in support of their upcoming album, Cult, and will feature Four Year Strong, Daylight, and Mixtapes as opening acts.

You can check out the tour poster and tour dates below.

Bayside will release Cult on February 18th 2014 through Hopeless Records.

Bayside announces “Time Has Come” cover contest

Wanna win some cool stuff from Bayside? Of course you do. The band has just announced a contest which gives fans the opportunity to record their own interpretation of the song “Time Has Come.”

Check out the contest page here for the directions, rules, and to check out all the cool prizes you can win. Good luck!

Bayside will release “Cult” February 18th 2014, on Hopeless Records.

Second wave of bands announced for Groezrock 2014 (Madball, Cro-Mags, The Devil Wears Prada, Get Dead…)

One of the biggest and most anticipated music festivals East of the Atlantic has announced a second wave of bands.

Along with the already-announced bands, which you can see here, Groezrock 2014 will also feature hardcore legends Madball, Cro-Mags, and Judge.

Also hitting the stage in May will be The Devil Wears Prada, Paint It Black, The Wonder Years, and Bayside. Find a full list of the second-wave bands below.

Festival organizers also released a new promo video, which you can also check out below.

Bayside sign to Hopeless Records; release lyric video for new song “Pigsty” off upcoming album “Cult”

Pop-punk veterans Bayside recently signed to Hopeless Records and are getting ready to release their new album “Cult” this upcoming February.

The band has just released a little lyric video for the song “Pigsty”, which will appear on the new album, and you can heck it out below.

Here’s what vocalist Anthony Raneri had to say about the making of “Cult” and it’s sound:

I lost my grandfather, stepfather and stepbrother in a four month span during the making of this record. As a counterbalance, I also got married, had my first child, and built my first home. The whole year was an example of how hard and wonderful life can be, and how quickly your world can change…Cult, in a way, is the Bayside discography without using any old songs…to me, it is every characteristic of every Bayside record all mashed in to one. It is the earnestness of “Sirens”, the riskiness and creativity of our self titled record and “Walking Wounded”, the quirkiness of “Shudder” and the experienced solid songwriting and aggression of “Killing Time”.

The band has just announced a spring overseas tour with Alkaline Trio. Dates and locations can be found here.

Tour announcement: Alkaline Trio/Bayside

Alkaline Trio are heading overseas next spring, and they’re taking Bayside with them.

The bands have announced a list of tour dates in the UK and Europe next April and May. Get a full list of the dates and locations here.

Alkaline Trio have less than two weeks left on their current US tour with New Found Glory and H2O.

As we found out earlier this morning, Bayside have a new album coming out in February. You can read more details on that right here.

They also have a few east-coast concerts scheduled in December with Man Overboard and Modern Baseball.

New Bayside album – “Cult” slated for February release

A new album from pop-punk veterans Bayside has been “in the works” for awhile, and it looks like we finally have some more information on it.

The band posted the artwork you see here on their Facebook page, featuring the title, Cult.

The album is also listed for pre-order on Amazon, with a scheduled release date of February 18, 2014, on Hopeless Records.

If this remains true, it will mark three years since Bayside’s last release, Killing Time, which came out in February 2011 on Wind-Up Records.