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Free download: Rafael Vigilantics’ acoustic versions of songs “Roll The Dice” and “Shot You Down”

Portland hip-hop punker, Rafael Vigilantics, has recorded a couple of acoustic tunes and offered them as a free download.  Hit up his site at SoundCloud to download Roll The Dice along with Shot You Down.

RV’s latest LP, Bury Me Standing, came out last May on Horns Up Records.

Travis Barker confirms new Transplants material is in the works

transplantsIn January Transplants drummer Travis Barker tweeted “Get ready for new TRAN$PLANT$ music” causing rumors to swirl around a potential new album.  Looks like there may be something to it because Barker tweeted again today the following:

“Recording drums for a new Transplant$ record.”

Transplants released their last album, Haunted Cities, in 2005.

Beng Beng Cocktail working on new album, streaming new track “Two Towers Fall Down”

beng-beng-cocktailFrench ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or crystalcore as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail have uploaded a new track to their MySpace page titled Two Towers Fall Down.  The info in the player suggests the song will appear on a new album that is “coming soon.” Definitely give these guys a listen if you enjoy broadening your musical horizons.

Beng Beng Cocktail’s From The Swallow To The Bottle was released last July on Beer Records.

New music from France’s Beng Beng Cocktail

Looking for something a little different but still punky?  French ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or crystalcore as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail has uploaded the track Waves Of Death to their MySpace. Definitely give these guys a listen if you enjoy broadening your horizons.

Beng Beng Cocktail’s From The Swallow To The Bottle was released last July on Beer Records.

New material coming from Transplants

transplantsIt’s been almost 5 years since punk/hip-hop super group Transplants put out any new material but according to a tweet from Travis Barker (Drums) it looks like we haven’t seen the last of them.  It’s a bit vague but here’s what it said exactly:

“Get ready for new TRAN$PLANT$ music”

Video: “Jolene” by Rafael Vigilantics

rafael-vigilantics-albumHip-hop, punker Rafael Vigilantics has thrown together a video for the track Jolene off his latest album Bury Me Standing and you can check it out right here.  Vigilantics plays hip-hop music but the dude is definitely punk rock.  Take it from a guy who typically hates hip-hop, the song is worth a listen.

Bury Me Standing was released March 23rd on Horns Up Records.

Video: Travis Barker remixes Slaughterhouse “The One”

images10Here’s a video of Travis Barker rocking the drums on a remix of Slaughterhouse’s song “The One.”

Freddy Madball announces solo album, listen to “London Calling” cover featuring Rancid

freddy-madballFreddy Madball, vocalist of hardcore legends, Madball, is going solo.  On November 4th he will release “Catholic Guilt”, his debut album as a solo artist.  Traditional Madball fans should prepare themselves for something a little different than what they’re used to – this is a more or less, a hip hop album.  Here’s an official statement regarding the release:

The album will contain Freddy’s tough as nails vocals but with different muscles flexed. “I’m doing everything on this album, singing, rhyming and yelling, rhyming being the focal point.” says Freddy. While Madball have always had an urban beat to their sound, Catholic Guilt has all out boom bap beats and rock breaks.

One of the tracks on the album is a cover of The Clash’s “London Calling” done as hip hop and featuring Rancid.  You can give it a listen on Freddy’s MySpace page.

Stream Danny Diablo’s upcoming album “International Hardcore Superstar”

dd Danny Diablo‘s forthcoming album “International Hardcore Superstar,” is streaming now in its entirety. The album is set for release October 6th on Hellcat Records.

Click here to listen to this international hardcore superstar.

Danny Diablo’s latest album “Hardcore for the Cold Hearted” was released on Countdown Records in December 2007.

Danny Diablo: “Don’t You Want Me” Video Premiere

hellcat10So Danny Diablo just premiered the music video for “Don’t You Want Me”. I must say it is a very interesting spin on the original song by Human League…in fact I can’t really come up with the right words to describe it. You’ve definitely got to check this out..

His next album, “International Hardcore Superstar” comes out September 15th on Hellcat.