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GYMSHORTS (stoner punk) debut video for “Go Fish”

Providence, RI’s stoner punks GYMSHORTS have released a video for “Go Fish” off their recently released album Knock Knock. Be sure to check out the stream of the album here and if you like what you hear, order some vinyl here.

They are currently on tour with Mt. Eddy and Death Valley Girls.

Check out the video and the tour dates below.

Trashed Ambulance release insane fan-made video for “Dogs Chase Cars”

Canadian punk band Trashed Ambulance just released a new music video, created by their fan Shitty Dizzny, who also created animated music videos for Teenage Bottlerocket and Bad Cop/Bad Cop. In his latest creation for Trashed Ambulance, called “Dogs Chase Cars”, we see a lot of familiar cartoon characters from the Simpsons, Rick & Morty and Scooby Doo (of course). Check it out below.

Dogs Chase Cars is off Trashed Ambulance’s most recent album “Flashes Of Competence” out now on Thousand Islands Records.

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers stream “Reality Bites” off upcoming album “Bought To Rot””

On November 9th Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers will come out with their first album “Bought To Rot”. They released their third track “Reality Bites” from the album today which you can listen to below. 

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers is fronted by Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace and features Atom Willard (also from Against Me!) on drums and Marc Jacob Hudson on bass. Fans of Against Me! will be happy with the songs heard from this project so far. The three songs are unmistakably Laura Jane Grace songs, but with a bit more relaxed attitude. 

Vicious Mistress Records stream new compilation “Punk In The Streets vol 5”

Vicious Mistress Records just released “Punk In The Streets Vol. 5.” Check out the ripping 14 song compilation below.

“Punk Band” the movie now streaming

Punk Band – the movie is billed as “the mis-adventures of an American punk rock band self-destructing on the road, as the country takes sides during the fall of 2016” but is actually so much more than that.

Right off the bat Punk Band hits you with a rousing soundtrack featuring the likes of Naked Raygun and Local H, paired with live footage of the film’s focus point, Chicago’s Voice Of Addiction.

Punk Band – the movie isn’t your typical band bio. Filmmaker Bradley Pontecore says “it’s more of a look at every struggling band that packs their gear into a van and hits the road for weeks at a time to play dive bars patronized by only a handful of people at times.” Set to the highly polarized political climate of 2016, the movie touches on many social issues including drug use, and mental health.

Streaming now on Vimeo and Amazon. Check out the trailer below.

Batshitcrazy stream “ep.4”

Earlier this month Batshitcrazy released their EP “ep.3” and now, only a few weeks later, they’ve followed it up with the aptly named “ep.4”.

Both EP’s feature short songs that are both aggressive and poppy at the same time. Think of Green Day-esque hooks combined with high energy guitars, and great backup vocals. Stream “ep.4” below!

Fat By The Gallon (FFO: Lagwagon) release video for “Explode”

Fat By The Gallon has released a new music video for their track “Explode.” “Explode” is from their recently released EP “Jackasses on Pleasure Island.”

You can stream the music video and entire EP below. 

This is the first new release for Fat By The Gallon since the 2016 release of their “Drunk & Despondent” EP, released via Dang! Records.

Antillectual release new single “The Invisible Hand Meets the Visible Fist”

Dutch punk band Antillectual released their second single of the year: “The Invisible Hand Meets the Visible Fist”. The band decided to quit making albums and only release single songs. Earlier this year they released “Heads You Win, Tails We Lose”.

Singer/guitarist Willem has this to say about their newest single:

We live in a world that dictates that you either produce commodities under sketchy circumstances, or buy them. But there is a third way, not harming the world and its living creatures and that is ethical consumption. Make sure to know who you support with your money!

Check out the video for the single and their tour dates below. 

Arising From (Melodic) streaming new album “Contemplating the Unknown”

Montreal based melodic-punks Arising From are streaming their latest release Contemplating the Unknown through Thousand Islands Records. The five song EP features that late 90’s early 2000’s melodic feel, while also dipping its toes into the Suicide Machines ska world for the second track “Was It You”.

Check out the new album below.

This is the first new music since Arising From’s self-titled EP released in 2017.

PEARS release video of “Camptown Races” for monthly “Public Domain” video series

New Orléans based punk rockers PEARS have released a video for the song “Camptown Races” for the monthly “Public Domain” video series. Each month a band selects a song that is considered public domain. The series has run for three years now and it took that long for a band to choose the 1850, Stephen Foster classic. You may remember Foster as the man who also wrote the hits: “Oh! Susanna” as well as “Beautiful Dreamer”. Clearly PEARS saw the line between folk-Americana and modern punk rock and they decided to dive over that line. There is also something to be said about a dude wearing a Black Flag t-shirt while belting out this wicked tune.

So head on below to hear “Camptown Races” like you’ve never heard it before.

Brogues (Ex-Morning Glory) streaming new album “Metropolitan Blues”

Brogues are streaming their latest release Metropolitan Blues. The fourteen track album features some classic punk rock anthems and is just an all-around great album. My words can’t do justice to just how great this album sounds.

Go on ahead and check it out for yourself below.

This is the first new music from Brogues since the 2016 release of Heart & Song. 

Came and Took It streaming new album “Resume”

Colorado pop-punks Came and Took It are streaming their new album Resume. Featuring twelve all new tracks this album is a great example of what pop-punk can be. Solid music with some decent, thought out lyrics, I was partial to the song “100%”.

Give the new album a listen below.

This is the first new music from Came and Took It since their 2016 release Bait for the Buzzards. If you enjoy The Riptides or North Alone, these guys kind of remind me of The Riptides lyrically and North Alone from the musical side. 

The Antidon’ts (Punk, FL) Stream Latest Album “We Reap What You Sow”

Florida-based punk rock three-piece The Antidon’ts are streaming their entire latest album. The record is titled We Reap What You Sow and features 13 shouty, stripped-back tracks.

You can check out Reap What You Sow below. It’s the first new music from the band since their 2017 split EP with the confusingly acronymed Millions of Dead Citizens.

Dead Wells (Punk, IL) Stream New Single “Small Victories”

Chicago-based punk rock four-piece Dead Wells have just released a new single. The track is called “Small Victories” and the band have given no indication as to whether it will appear on a forthcoming EP or album, or will simply remain a stand alone single. Either way, you can check it below.

Dead Wells released their debut, self-titled EP in 2017.

Debt Neglector (Punk, FL) Stream Latest EP “The Kids are Pissed”

Orlando’s Debt Neglector are allowing fans to stream their entire latest EP. The record is titled The Kids are Pissed and it has been released by Smartpunk Records.

You can check out The Kids are Pissed below. The previous release from the quartet was the 2017 full-length Atomicland.