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New Music: Mexican Cheerleader – “Genghis Puss”

Today we’re happy to bring you the latest full-length from Underground Communique punk rock act, Mexican Cheerleader. The album is titled Genghis Puss and you can nab your copy right here.

Honestly, this is good stuff. A little New Mexican Disaster Squad (coincidence?), a little Smoking Popes, a little Copyrights. Simple, digestible and filling pop punk.

Listen to an interview with Justin Schwier of Underground Communique Records

One Kind Radio have posted an interview with Justin Schwier of Underground Communique Records up for streaming on their website. Schwier commented on their newest signing, Vacation Bible School, the end of The Methadones and the label’s future as far as releasing independent music goes. You can check out the interview here.

Vacation Bible School releases tracklisting of upcoming album

Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School is done with their new album, titled Vacation Bible School Ruined The Scene. They have posted a tracklisting (which you can see here), and let the public know of their CD release show in Chicago on December 5th. The album will be coming out around that same time, and we’ll really see if VBS ruined the scene or not.

Vacation Bible School Ruined The Scene will be released on Underground Communique.

FREE Underground Communique Fest Sampler

Underground Communique Records has announced a free sampler featuring a few new, unreleased songs and some select favorites from recent releases and a few kinda old releases.  The 14 -song compilation includes new, unreleased songs from Vacation Bible School, Olehole & Mexican Cheerleader. As well as previously released songs from: Hellmouth, Voice In The Wire, Explode And Make Up, The Copyrights, X One Way X, Shot Baker, The Methadones, The Honor System, Get Rad & the Killing Tree.

You can download it for free right here.

Vacation Bible School sign to Underground Communiqué, working on new album

Vacation Bible School have signed with Underground Communiqué Records in preparation for an as yet untitled full-length album. The band has started recording with Dan Precision (of 88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against) at Bombshelter Studio and with Joe Gac (The Catburglars, The House Gloria Vanderbilt) at Red Door Studios.

Vacation Bible School released a split with the Goddamn Doo Wop Band this past April on Traffic Street Records, another with Bi-Furious on Let’s Pretend in 2008 and a CD EP on Cassette Deck in 2007. Underground Communiqué previously released a Vindictives Tribute split 7″ with Vacation Bible School and Shot Baker in 2006; this will be the bands first collection of original material with the label.

The band will be playing the Fest 9 in Gainesville, FL this year as well.

New Song: “Tragedy Of A City” from Hellmouth

Detroit, Michigan’s Hellmouth are streaming a new song entitled Tragedy of a City. The track comes from the bands new split 7″ with Explode and Make Up released last week in vinyl and digital on Underground Communique Records. This split is a follow up to the band’s debut full length on Ferret Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing.

Check out the song at the Hellmouth’s MySpace page.

Hellmouth will also be playing live July 31 Detroit at St Andrews Hall with Tesco Vee’s Hate Police & Negative Approach.

Ska Is Dead 7-inch Series

Coming this summer as a joint effort from Asbestos Records, Underground Communique Records, and the nice folks at will be an amazing little project that combines our obsession with dead genres and dead formats. Each series will be a set of 6 split 7″s from some of our favorite bands that **gasp** have the audacity to still play ska, and ska influenced punk rock in the year 2010.

Available by subscription only, every other month you will receive two brand spanking new 7″ records featuring both established, and up and coming acts including Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, Big D & the Kids Table, Bomb the Music Industry!, The Slackers, Sonic Boom Six, and more.

Go here to order.

The Methadones calling it quits, releasing final album

Chicago’s The Methadones have decided to end their tenure as a band. While there’s been no formal press release yet, frontman Dan Schafer recently dropped the news in an Insubordination Fest promotional interview. After almost 10 years together, the band has “run its course,” according to Schafer.

The band will be playing Insubordination Fest and a few more shows before the end of the year. They’ll also be releasing a compilation of B-sides, out-takes, and 5 new songs.

The band’s last album, This Won’t Hurt, was released on Red Scare in 2007. Make sure to catch them in their final shows – we’ll post the details as soon as we hear anything.

Video: Shot Baker – “I’m Not Okay”

shot_baker_split7serfcombatShot Baker have a new video called, I’m Not Okay, available here. The video is composed of tour footage from England of March 2009. I’m Not Okay is featured on a split 7″ with Serf Combat (from England) on Underground Communique Records.

The band also released an interactive newsletter with plenty news, including info about the new guitarist, which you can download here.

Music Video: Shot Baker – “Falling Apart”

shot-bakerOK, this video is from May but it’s really slow today in the world of punk news so I’m going to post it anyway.  It’s of Shot Baker‘s song Falling Apart from their album Take Control, released in 2008 on Riot Fest Records.

Shot Baker is currently on tour.  Check out the dates in the Dying Scene Shows page to see if they’re coming to your town.

Hellmouth and Explode and Make Up are releasing a split 7″ on Underground Communique

underground-communique1In January 2010, Hellmouth and Explode and Make Up will be releasing a split 7″ on Underground Communique. This will be the second 7″ release for both bands: Hellmouth‘s debut album, Destroy Everything released January ’09 on Ferret Music and Explode and Make Up‘s self-titled debut album released in June ’09 on Underground Communique.

On the split, each band will debut a new song and a cover song. Check out the track listing and cover art on the Full Story page.

Shot Baker looking for new guitarist

shot-bakerJohn Krohn has left Shot Baker and now they need a new guitarist. Interested? Well check out the details and you might be their newest member.

Their latest album, “Take Control” was released in 2008 on Riot Fest.

Get Rad West Caost/Upper Midwest Tour Dates

Get Rad has taken off for a 2 week West-US tour and you can check out their Dying Scene Shows page for the dates.  Unfortunately, the one sided LP/EP “What the Fuck Happened to Common Sense” wasn’t ready in time to be available on the tour, BUT the band should have the CD version of their next full album on Hyperrealist called “I Can Always Live” with them.

Get Rad releasing “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” LP/EP

get-rad-what-the-fuck-happened-to-common-seneseUnderground Communique Records has announced that they will be releasing an 8.5 song one sided 12″ EP titled “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” for hardcore-punk act Get Rad.  No official release date yet other than “sometime this Fall” but here’s the statement from Underground Communique:

The band brings what I believe as their best recorded material to date, a recording finally matching the power of seeing the band live.  Originally 3 of these songs were going to go on the Sweet Cobra split 7″ but that idea is sidelined right now until Sweet Cobra finishes writing new songs. That split will definitely still happen, just not yet…so we decided to combine the whole recording session into one EP instead and solve the problem of having songs for a split and a separate 7″ but no split band and no one to release a separate 7″.

Get Rad has recently finished a different full-length album titled “I Can Always Live”, which they are releasing on Hyperrealist when they finish their tour (fans can pick up copies of the album right now if they catch the band on the road).