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The Queers announce series of 7″ splits – ‘Split Hits The Fans’

Pop-punk veterans The Queers have announced a new series of 7″ split records, called Split Hits The Fans. The first release in the series, The Queers Regret Making A Record With Bass Amp and Dano, has The Queers teaming up with the St. Louis party punkers.

The release is due out in January 2017 from Failure Records & Tapes. We’ll get your more info. on this release, and the subsequent ones in the series, as soon as we learn more.

Lemuria celebrating debut album’s 10th anniversary with reissue & US tour

Lemuria have announced Asian Man Records will be reissuing their debut album Get Better in honor of its 10th anniversary. The LP comes with a bonus 7″ featuring two previously unreleased tracks from the album’s recording sessions.

You can listen to one of those songs (“Big Gold Adults”) below, and get your pre-orders in here.

In addition to this reissue, Lemuria’s also announced a Get Better 10th anniversary tour with Mikey Erg. The 2017 tour will see the band playing the album in its entirety in cities across the US from mid-January through early March. Tour dates can be found below.

Cheap Girls releases two new songs – “Lousy” and “Big Surprise”

Michigan’s Cheap Girls are now streaming two new songs, which you can listen to below.

“Lousy” and “Big Surprise” are being released digitally through Asian Man Records; no word if these tracks will be part of a larger collection or album.

Cheap Girls last released “God’s Ex-Wife” (a collection of rarities and b-sides) last month through Asian Man.

The Exquisites stream new album “Home”

Seattle’s Exquisites have made their new album Home available to stream ahead of its October 14th release on Asian Man Records.

You can give the record a listen below.

Home will be the band’s first full-length in 3 years, following their 2013 self-titled album. You can pre-order the LP here.

Great Apes release “California Heart” on Asian Man Records

Hopefully you already read our advance review of the new album from San Francisco’s Great Apes, and now you can hear it for yourself.  California Heart dropped last Thursday, and you can check it out below.  The 10-track album is the band’s second full-length, and their first release since the Playland EP.

California Heart was released on Asian Man Records, and you can pick it up here.

The Murderburgers stream new album “The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People”

Scottish pop-punks The Murderburgers are now streaming their new album “The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People.” You can check it out below.

The album officially releases on the 14th of October via Asian Man Records. Pre-order it here.

Album Review: Great Apes – “California Heart”

Great Apes are a band unafraid to tackle a meaty concept on their releases. Their last EP Playland dealt with the homogenization and subsequent loss of identity of frontman Brian Moss’s native San Francisco. This, the band’s second full length release, uses the fictional story of a disaffected adolescent to explore a range of subjects including mental illness, isolation, marriage, suburban living, drugs, bullying and more. Although the narrator is fictional, the issues that are discussed are easily relatable for anyone who has ever felt alienated or alone. All of this might suggest that this is a very downbeat album. Not at all. This album bursts with life and vitality.

Opener California Heart places our (anti) hero in a cul-de-sac in Fresno. It’s immediately clear that all is not well in their world. The song captures the protagonists feelings of impotence as they struggle to live up to society’s expectations. Although this might sound like a dark opener, the music is a bright and energetic pop-punk affair. It would be just as easy to just crank this up loud on a carefree sunny day. “The Last Days Of Tranquility” has the character finding sanctuary in nature and escaping from an uncaring world. It’s a powerful song with Moss’s voice bearing a striking resemblance to a less political but equally as erudite Conor Oberst. “Saint Brasher” has the central figure discovering the power of literature. Moss cleverly inserts names of landmark novels that deal with isolation and alienation into the lyrics.

The cathartic nature of the subject matter belies the variety of music on offer. This is true bay area pop punk to the core. The choruses are catchy and memorable and there are some suitably raucous shout along moments. While the band are adept at tweaking the boundaries of Pop punk, there are no 6 minute epics or wistful acoustic numbers. “Brown dots” and “Regarding You in Me” tear along with hints of Jawbreaker’s ear for melodic hardcore hooks.. “Chuckchansi’s Complacency for Beginners” slows the pace a little with a more early 90s Pearl Jam feel. “Prom Com” highlights the central characters disgust at the shallowness and narcissism of the people around them. It contains all the gutsy fire of an Avail song but with more searching introspection.

The album ends with two songs that documents the character’s feelings of despondence and abandonment. “Shut In with the Burden” deals with the agony of their depression and continued social isolation. It contains the powerful lyric “These days are the pages I don’t want to read”. Album finale, “The Escapist”, sees the central character resigned to their perceived fate. It’s testament to the band that that these themes come across as even handed full stops to the album. In that way they recall some of J Church’s most heartfelt moments.

This album deals with some often dark and complex subject matter but follows the melodic and catchy precepts of pop punk. It is a clever juxtaposition of the two that succeeds thanks to the bands adherence to the concept. Musically, it is tight and cohesive with all fat cut away. This is a multifaceted and accomplished album that rewards repeat listens. A sunny album with a troubled heart.

4/5 Stars

The Murderburgers (Pop-Punk) Release Music Video For “Lung Capacity”

Glasgow, Scotland based pop-punk act The Murderburgers have released a music video for their song “Lung Capacity.” Check it out below.

The song comes from their upcoming album “The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People,” which will be released October 14th, 2016 through Asian Man Records.

Cheap Girl streams new album “God’s Ex-Wife Collection”

Michigan’s Cheap Girls have just started streaming their brand new album “God’s Ex Wife Collection”. The album’s twelve tracks create a sound heavily reminiscent of 90’s era rock, which you can check out below.

“God’s Ex Wife Collection” was released via Asian Man Records, and can be bought on the band’s bandcamp page for $8. This marks the band’s first release since Famous Graves, which they released in May 2014 on Xtra Mile Recordings.

The Exquisites streaming new song – “Make A Song”

Seattle punk/rock band The Exquisites are now streaming a new track off their upcoming album. Listen to “Make A Song” over at Consequence of Sound, right here.

The track comes from the band’s album, Home, which is due out on October 14th via Asian Man Records. You can pre-order the release on vinyl here.

Home will be the first full-length from The Exquisites since they released their self-titled album in 2013.

Smoking Popes streaming two news songs, new live video

Pop-punk legends the Smoking Popes are now streaming two brand news songs. Listen to “Simmer Down” and “Someday I’ll Smile Again” below.

The songs are the first recordings from the original lineup in 18 years. These two songs will be included with more recordings on a new physical release sometime in 2017 via Asian Man Records.

Along with the recordings, Live! from The Rock Room also posted a video of the band performing “Simmer Down” live. Check that out below the music.

The Smoking Popes last released This Is Only A Test in March 2011, also on Asian Man Records.

Great Apes (punk) stream new track – “Last Days Of Tranquility”

San Francisco punk band Great Apes have a new album out later this year, and now they’re debuting a new track from said album. Listen to the stream of “Last Days Of Tranquility” below.

The song is from the band’s next release, California Heart, which is due out October 14th on Asian Man Records. The release is a concept album, which, according to frontman Brian Moss, “…is intended to be a portrait of navigating coming of age as an outcast, in a stagnant and less-than-nurturing environment.” You can see the tracklisting for California Heart below the music, and pre-order it on vinyl right here.

California Heart is the first release from Great Apes since they put out a a rarities compilation, titled Grey Tapes, in 2015 through Say-10 Records.

Cheap Girls streaming new song – “The Same Thing”

Michigan’s Cheap Girls are now streaming a new song, titled “The Same Thing.” Give it a listen below.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming rarities and b-sides collection, God’s Ex-Wife. It’s due out September 16th via Asian Man Records. Check out the tracklisting below the music, and pre-order your copy of the LP right here.

Cheap Girls’ latest album is Famous Graves, which they released in May 2014 on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Dog Party announced as support for Green Day’s upcoming club shows

Yesterday, California pop-punk icons Green Day announced two tours. We already knew The Interrupters would be opening on the European tour, but it has since been announced that Sacramento sister duo Dog Party will provide support for most of the US club shows.

Check out the North American tour dates below to see if there’s a show near you.

Green Day’s upcoming album Revolution Radio is set to release on October 7th through Reprise Records. Listen to the album’s first single “Bang Bang” here. Dog Party released their new LP ‘Til You’re Mine in August on Asian Man Records. Grab it on vinyl here.

UPDATE: 3 shows have been postponed and 1 has been cancelled. According to a press release, this is “all due to illness affecting several members of the band and its crew.”

The Exquisites announce new album “Home,” premiere single “Faith”

Seattle’s Exquisites will be releasing a new album titled Home on October 14th through Asian Man Records.

You can check out a new track titled “Faith” below, and pre-order the LP here.

Home will be the band’s first full-length in 3 years, following their 2013 self-titled album.