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The Vandals are actually working on a new record!

The Vandals have been teasing plans to release new music for quite some time, but they haven’t really provided any evidence to assure us they’re actually working on a new record and not just yanking our chains… until now, that is.

Earlier today the band sent out an email to everyone subscribed to the Kung Fu mailing list and in that email was a video of guitarist Warren Fitzgerald in his home studio working on the new Vandals record! Don’t believe me? See for yourself right here.

In the video Warren’s working on pre-production for the new album so that hopefully means the band’s actually going to follow through on their plans to release new music in 2014! If not, we can always hope for a new album in the next decade.

The Vandals offering “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” up for free download

The Vandals are offering their classic live album Sweatin’ to the Oldies up for free download but you’re gonna have to act fast if you wanna get your hands on it!

Head over to Kung Fu Records‘ Bandcamp before the day’s up to grab a digital copy. Or, if you aren’t into getting free stuff, give the record a listen for old times’ sake below.

The Vandals are reportedly planning on releasing new music sometime this year. They have not released an album since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip.

Blast From The Past: Tsunami Bomb live DVD – “The Show Must Go Off!”

Remember Tsunami Bomb?  They were one of the best female fronted punk acts in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  In 2004 they released their last album “The Definitive Act” on Kung Fu Records and a year later put out a DVD entitled “The Show Must Go Off!” also put out on Kung Fu.  It looks like the band saw fit to upload said DVD to youtube so today we’re streaming the entire thing below.

Full Set Video: The Vandals live at Musink ’14

If you didn’t get a chance to go see The Vandals perform at this year’s Musink Festival in Orange County last Friday, then you’re in luck because Felony Records just uploaded the band’s full set from that concert and you can watch it below.

The Vandals are reportedly intending to release new music this year. They have not released an album since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip.

Kung Fu Records to reissue a bunch of Ataris records on vinyl

Kung Fu Records has announced plans to reissue four of The Ataris‘ full-length albums on vinyl. “…Anywhere But Here” and “Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 Exits” will be released on April 29th, while “End Is Forever” will be put out on May 13th.

A vinyl reissue of “So Long, Astoria” is in the works as well, but no official release date has been announced. It would have made sense to put one out earlier this year, considering the band’s currently touring with the lineup from that era and playing the album in its entirety.

Anyway, if you’re interesting in picking up one of these reissues to fill a gap in your Ataris collection, head over to Kung Fu Records’ Bandcamp to get your pre-orders in.

The Vandals tease plans to release new music in 2014

When asked on their Facebook page if it would kill them to put out a new record, The Vandals replied, “We have recorded a 1/2 dozen songs already and we plan to release quite a few songs this year.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on new music from the band come to light. They’ve been teasing new music for a year now, so don’t be too disappointed if we have to wait another decade for a follow-up to 2004’s “Hollywood Potato Chip.”

The Vandals stream Christmas live album “Christmas Formal Live!”

Have you ever wanted to listen to The Vandals‘ Chistmas DVD Oi to the World! Live in Concert without video? Probably not, but now you can anyway! The California punk veterans have released a live album entitled Christmas Formal Live! featuring all of the songs included on that DVD (and one or two that weren’t) arranged in a different order.

Stream the album below and head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to buy it. There’s also some other cool stuff you could get the Vandals fan in your life for Christmas – test pressings for the “Oi to the World” LP, fancy posters for this year’s Christmas formal, etc.

Earlier this year, The Vandals announced plans to release a new EP through Kung Fu Records. If it ever sees the light of day, it will be the band’s first release since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip.

Blast from the past: The Vandals live in Lund, Sweden (full set from 1996)

A little blast from the past for you today in the form a full set from The Vandals from 1996. 

You can check it out below.

The band recently announced plans to release a new EP through Kung Fu Records, which will be their first release since 2004′s lawsuit-sparking “Hollywood Potato Chip.”

The Vandals stream “Internet Dating Superstuds” re-release (feat. instrumental tracks & unreleased demo)

The Vandals have re-released 2002’s “Internet Dating Superstuds” as a 31-track album, featuring instrumental versions of every song on the record and an unreleased demo of “Disproportioned Head.”

You can stream the entire thing right here.

The band recently announced plans to release a new EP through Kung Fu Records, which will be their first release since 2004′s lawsuit-sparking “Hollywood Potato Chip.”

The Vandals gearing up to release new EP on Kung Fu Records

According to the latest statement by “recently awoken” Kung Fu Records, old-school SoCal punk band The Vandals will be releasing a new album in the near future.

We reported back in February on the band’s plans to release an “Australian-themed” album in time for the Soundwave Festival.

However, with this news update, we learn that not only will the guys be releasing this new EP, but there are more in the works! Here’s what Kung Fu Records had to say about all this,

It’s true! What was originally written by the Vandals as an Australian targeted tour E.P. for the recent Soundwave Festival, will now be expanded and improved as a proper worldwide release… Producer Warren Fitzgerald is finishing the tracking right now and 4 to 5 tracks will be mixed by Andy Carpenter (Dwarves, Zebrahead) and released as soon as possible digitally and on vinyl. This will mark the beginning of a regular slate of releases by The Vandals and other artists on the recently awoken Kung Fu Records. David Quackenbush, Warren Fitzgerald, Joe Escalante, and Josh Freese recorded at Josh’s studio and Warren’s Studio and Planet Of The Tapes, mixed at Formula 1.

The Vandals putting finishing touches on new EP

The Vandals bassist Joe Escalante recently told Australia’s Fairfield City Champion that the band has been in the process of finishing a new EP for a March release, which was announced last Friday. He states:

“We have an EP that we’re about to release in March which is an entirely Australian themed EP – it’s sort of a love letter to your country. We’re wrapping it up right now. The rest of the world is probably going to be mad because we haven’t released anything in a long time, but we decided to concentrate on just the one country and it’s yours.”

The EP will be their first release since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip. Starting this weekend, The Vandals will be playing this year’s Soundwave Festival in Australia, with Metallica, Blink-182, The Offspring, Paramore, Sum 41, Flogging Molly, The Lawrence Arms and many more bands on the bill.

The Vandals to release new EP in March

The Vandals  previously announced that they were currently in the studio putting the final touches on new songs. Later on they added via Twitter that the release will be an EP.

We’re recording a few songs with a special theme, not an entire album. What is this, 1994?

The EP will be their first release since 2004′s Hollywood Potato Chip.

The Vandals to release new album next month?

Remember Joe Escalante stated back in 2010 that The Vandals would not release any new material because of that lawsuit with Variety Magazine? Well, that lawsuit has been settled, and according to Kung Fu Records‘ Twitter page, The Vandals have been in the studio finishing a new album for a March release, writing:

“The Vandals, we can confirm, are in the studio at this very moment putting finishing touches on new tracks.”

The new Vandals album, which is currently untitled, will be their first since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip.

Blast from the Past: Vandals (with Byron from Pennywise) play “America, Fuck Yeah” for US troops in Sadr City

In belated honor of Veteran’s Day earlier this week, we’ve unearthed some video of a 2004 performance that SoCal punk legends The Vandals put on during the band’s 2004 tour of forward operating bases in Iraq.

In an event that probably only the Vandals could pull off, the band performed “America, Fuck Yeah!” from the classic film “Team America: World Police.” Click here to check it out. Also included is the band performing their original track “And Now We Dance.”

BONUS FUN FACT: Sitting in on drums during this tour was Byron McMackin of Pennywise! And thanks to Joe Escalante for actually uploading these gems.

The Vandals announce shows in US and Australia

The Vandals have announced a handful of dates on the West Coast US as well as Australia kicking off in November.  Check out the dates and locations here.

The Vandals have not released any new material since “Hollywood Potato Chip” in 2004, which landed them some legal headaches.