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At the Drive-In announce split with Jim Ward

Recently reunited post-hardcore legends At the Drive-In have announced their split with guitarist/vocalist Jim Ward, who decided not to take part in their reunion tour, which will kick off this Wednesday, March 23rd. The band writes:

“As our ship prepares for voyage, we announce that Jim Ward will not be joining us on future journeys. We wish him well and are excited to see you soon.”

At the Drive-In have not yet announced a replacement for Ward, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as new updates from the band are available.

At the Drive-In, who were last active in 2013, recently announced plans to release a new album this year. It will be their first one since 2000’s Relationship of Command.

Motion City Soundtrack to call it quits

Motion City Soundtrack recently announced that they are going to split up after one more tour; dates are expected to be announced tomorrow. The band explains:

“We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done.

Needless to say, we’re feeling all the feels – you may be as well. If so, or if you’ve ever been touched by our music, we ask you to come out and sing along with us one last time in 2016.”

Motion City Soundtrack’s last album, Panic Stations, was released last September through Epitaph Records.

Vapo-Rats (hardcore-punk) call it quits, release final album “A Mountain To Climb, A Chance To Fall”

I must admit I hadn’t listened to New Orleans hardcore punk act Vapo-Rats until I received an email telling me they had broken up. It seemed a bit moot to write a break-up story for a band who was probably completely unknown to 95% of you but then I decided to give them a quick listen…

On the eve of the band’s own destruction they decided to finally release an album they’d been holding on to inexplicably for over a year. “A Mountain To Climb, A Chance To Fall” is Vapo-Rats’ farewell gift to the punk scene and if you’re a fan of hardcore punk you’ll find it a bitter-sweet bequeathment because its pretty damn good! Stream it below.

ROAM parts ways with drummer

UK pop-punkers ROAM have had to part ways with their drummer Charlie Pearson. You can read the statement from the band below.

The band last released their full-length titled “Backbone” in January.

Reign Supreme announce break-up

Philly hardcore act Reign Supreme have just announced that they will be no more. Following several years of inaction, the band issued the following statement.

“We have decided to hang it up. Info on final shows soon. Thanks for the memories. We love you and are so grateful for the part you played.”

No word yet on what, if any, plans the band has next, nor what final shows and releases may be coming up. Still, we wish them nothing but good luck with whatever future projects its talented members might pursue.

Transit calling it quits, announce final shows

Massachusetts-based four-piece band Transit, are calling it quits and have announced their final shows as a band.

You can view their farewell letter and final show dates below.

Transit’s most recent album, “Joyride,” came out back in October through Rise Records.

Major League calling it quits, announce final tour with Forever Came Calling

New Jersey pop-punks Major League have decided to throw in the towel following their upcoming spring tour with Forever Came Calling. Here’s the statement the band posted on Facebook announcing their decision to call it quits:

“Friends and loved ones. We’ll be heading out one final time this March with our best friends in Forever Came Calling. One of our first tours we ever did, FCC brought us out along side Handguns, Broadside and Giants at Large. It has been such an honor and privilege to be able to accomplish and do the things we’ve been able to do in the past 5 years. No amount of thank you could ever be enough. We want to end this exactly how we started. This isn’t a “break up”. There was no falling out. The bond we share with one another no one will ever understand. We will forever be best friends first, band mates second. Stay tuned for a few final announcements in the near future and thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing time. You’ve truly made our dreams come true. To every band, friend, booking agent and promoter, we can not begin to show you our gratitude for believing in our band and giving us the opportunity to live this life. 5 years, 26 countries, 48 states and 29 tours later, this is where it ends. WPNA. LOVE ALWAYS, Major League.”

All of the dates and locations on their final tour with Forever Came Calling can be found below.

In their time as a band, Major League released two EPs, a compilation album, and two full-length records. Their most recent LP There’s Nothing Wrong With Me came out in November, 2014 on No Sleep Records.

Plan-It-X Records calls it quits

Some sad news this Wednesday morning: Plan-It-X Records decides to close up. In addition, there will not be a Plan-It-X Fest this year. Owner Chris Clavin has put up a statement on the label’s website.

You can read it below.

Motorhead are no more

British rock/metal icons Motörhead have announced that, following the death of lead singer/bassist Lemmy yesterday, they have split up after 40 years of recording and performing. Drummer Mikkey Dee states:

“Motörhead is over, of course. Lemmy was Motörhead. But the band will live on in the memories of many.

We will not be doing any more tours or anything. And there will not be any more records. But the fire survives, and Lemmy lives on in the hearts of everyone.”

Lemmy, who was the only remaining original member left in Motörhead, died of cancer at the age of 70 in his home in Los Angeles. The band’s last album, Bad Magic, was released four months before Lemmy’s passing.

Four-fifths of Emmure quit the band; Frankie Palmeri responds

As you may know by know, the photo of Emmure that I used up there is now 80% incorrect. Word broke yesterday that the four members of the band that were not frontman Frankie Palmeri quit the band in unison. Here’s part of their statement, as issued by (former) bassist Mark Davis:

“The four of us made the decision to leave the band pretty much immediately after finishing our set on September 9 in Russia…The most important thing I have to say about all this is that there is no time or room for negativity in life. If someone is bringing you down or holding you back from your full potential, it’s time to cut them out, no matter how much you may love them.”

The four non-Palmeris (Davis, guitarists Jesse Ketive and Mike Mulholland and drummer Adam Pierce) will form a new band that is currently working on new material and searching for a vocalist.

But wait, there’s more!

Today, Palmeri himself issued a statement stating, explicitly, that this is by no means the last of Emmure:

“There is in fact a new line up right now and we are currently working on a new studio album. Details about all of that will come to light as the weeks and month progress , but do know that there is something to look forward to. You can expect us to be making up for lost time next year as we start our first tour dates in Europe and will eventually make our way back to the USA near the end of 2016.”

There’s more to the latter statement that you can read here if you’re in to all-things-Emmure. Truthfully, we’d be kinda shocked if you were still reading this post right here, so if you are…hi!

Emmure’s latest album, Eternal Enemies, came out in April 2014 via Victory Records.

The Venetia Fair call it quits, announce final shows

The Venetia Fair have unfortunately called it quits. However, they leave their fans with some parting gifts. First, a run of 3 final shows in NYC, RI and MA.

Their full facebook post announcing their break-up in addition to one final piece of new music (Death Is The Poor Man’s Doctor) which you can stream, are both below.

Ma Jolie to break up, announce final show

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie have announced that they will be calling it quits at the end of the year.  The band has also announced that they will play a final show on December 30th at Kuung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with Banquets, This Is Jazz, and The Joint Chiefs of Math.

You can read the band’s farewell statement below.

Ma Jolie last released Jetpack Mailman on June 16th via A-F Records.

The Used officially part ways with guitarist Quinn Allman, recruit Justin Shekoski (Saosin)

Despite having just announced a massive North American tour in which they will be playing their first two albums in their entirety, The Used have officially parted ways with longtime guitarist Quinn Allman and replaced him with Saosin guitarist Justin Shekoski. Allman took a hiatus from touring with the band earlier this year and now it seems as if his absence will be permanent. Here’s a statement from the band:

Nothing can ever change, or detract from the magic of the relationships that helped create the music that is The Used. For these beautiful memories, we will be forever grateful. As a result of mutual understanding, Quinn will not be returning to the band and Justin Shekoski will be taking his place. The journey so far has been amazing and we continue to feel very positive about what lies ahead in the future. As always, can’t wait to see you on the road! 

Love, The Used”

Meanwhile, you can check out the band’s upcoming tour dates here. The Used will be releasing a live, acoustic album appropriately titled Live And Acoustic At The Palace on April 1, 2016. You can pre-order the album here.

Ramshackle Glory Announce They Will Never Play Another Show, Final Album In The Works

Well, this one’s a really big bummer. The Phoenix folk punk outfit Ramshackle Glory has just announced what can informally be called their breakup. The band made the following post on their Facebook page;

Ramshackle Glory will not be going on tour or playing shows ever again. We do, however, have a last record in the works. It will probably be released later next year, but there will be no certain details available on that for some time. As individuals, we all play in other bands and do other things. We’ll continue to post here with info on those projects, news on our final release, and whatever else we feel like sharing. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love and support that we’ve received over the years. That was truly incredible of you.

There’s currently no news as to when this final album will come out; the groups most recent release was Shelter, back in 2013 via Plan-It-X Records. Since then, however, it is also worth noting that many of the bands members have already been pursuing their own solo projects such as Cottontail, Death Has A Thousand Ears, and Pat “The Bunny” Schneeweis own solo work.


Chumped announce indefinite hiatus

Brooklyn pop-punks Chumped have just announced that they will be taking a break from their music for an indefinite amount of time. The band released the following statement:

“It brings us a metric fuck ton of feels to say this, but tomorrow will be our last show for an indefinite period of time. We play FEST at The Wooly at 10:20PM (tmw, sunday). It would be really special if you all would come out to help us celebrate. Chumped played for the first time in front of other humans on February 5th, 2013. We never could have imagined the things that a little project started in an apartment in New York City could have allowed us to experience. We have traveled incredible distances, made beautiful friends and actualized seemingly impossible dreams. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project, who has listened, who has helped, who has believed in us, who has loved us. We love you. And we never could have done any of this without you.”

There are no details as what caused this hiatus, or how long it will last, but it’s sad news never the less. If you’re unfamiliar with the groups work, then by all means check out their most recent album, “Teenage Retirement” which was released back in 2014 via Anchorless Records.