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Guttermouth lead singer Mark Adkins gets ass kicked at his own show

Gnarly.  That’s what this story is.  Apparently Guttermouth lead singer, Mark Adkins, was too punk rock for his own good at a show Guttermouth played with Pulley recently in Ventura, California.  Thanks to Kevin for sending this story in.  He witnessed the event first hand so I’m just going to publish the story from his own words:

The problems started when the P.A cut out during Pulley’s set. Then it worked, then it didn’t, then it worked, then it didn’t. Shit happens. Pulley took it well and ended the set with music. Pulley was really good. Then guttermouth came on. P.A worked at the start but cut out fairly soon after. Lead singer got pissed and raged off stage almost getting in a fight with someone in the pit. He left. He came back 10 minutes later after the PA began working again. Long story short… started flippin everyone off and then called the crowd “a bunch of homos dressed in black.” Soon after he leaned toward the crowd to begin singing and they pulled him in. Hard. Landed on his head and I’m pretty sure they stomped on his head. Show was over. As I walked out i saw Mark sitting with a super bloody face. Just thought the Dying Scene should know.

Anybody else see this go down?

Stream: Guttermouth covers “Pity” by Bad Religion for new Bad Religion tribute album

In what has to be their first newly recorded material in years Guttermouth is streaming a Bad Religion cover of “Pity” on their MySpace page.  The original appears on Bad Religion’s 1982 album “How Could Hell Be Any Worse” and Guttermouth’s version will appear on the Bad Religion tribute album, “Germs Of Perfection.”

“Germs Of Perfection” is an exclusive Bad Religion tribute album featuring 15-or-so contributing artists.  On 19 October, the entire album will be available as a free download through both MySpace Music and  Until then, MySpace will be streaming one new track from the album each day.

So far, additional contributions can be streamed by Polar Bear Club (Better Off Dead), Tegan And Sara (Suffer), Frank Turner (My Poor Friend Me), Cobra Skulls (Give You Nothing feat. Fat Mike),  New Politics (Generator), Riverboat Gamblers (Heaven Is Falling), Ted Leo And The Pharmacists (Against The Grain), William Elliott Whitmore (Don’t Pray On Me), Weakerthans (Sanity) and Cheap Girls (Kerosene).

Guttermouth announces U.S. tour dates with The New Threat

Guttermouth have announced a handful of US tour dates for August with Florida band The New Threat. Check out dates and locations here.

Guttermouth’s last album was Shave The Planet, released in 2006 on Volcom Entertainment.

Chaser plan on touring with Guttermouth starting in February

chaser-the-big-pictureTo support their upcoming release The Big Picture, which can be seen to your left, Chaser have posted a handful of dates with Guttermouth. The tour starts in February, which just so happens to be when the new album is set to be released.

Visit Chaser’s Dying Scene Shows page for all the details.

Guttermouth announce Australian/Hawaii tour dates

guttermouthGuttermouth is hitting the road… err… tarmac? dock?… whatever.  They are going to Australia and Hawaii to play a handful of shows.  Check their Dying Scene Shows page for dates.

The band released their last album, Shave The Planet in 2006 on Volcom Entertainment.

The Real Deal and Guttermouth touring Canada

hopeless8Come September, The Real Deal will be teaming up with Guttermouth for a Canadian tour around Quebec and Ontario. So to all you Canadians out there, or to people willing to travel the distance, head over to The Real Deal’s myspace page for show dates.

Guttermouth’s last album “Shave The Planet” came out in 2006 on Volcom Entertainment and are signed to Hopeless Records. The Real Deal came out with “Fun” in May, 2009 on Stomp Records. They are currently unsigned.

Clint rejoins Guttermouth

hopeless5Bassist Clint Weinrich has rejoined Guttermouth for the 100th time! hasn’t literally been that many times…but it’s been a lot of joining, leaving, joining, leaving…I think you get the picture. To celebrate his return they are doing a five day tour in Florida starting in August…you can check out the exact dates right here.

Their last album “Shave The Planet” was released on Volcom in 2006.