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New Song: Sublime With Rome – “Murdera”

Seriously, it seems like Sublime never left.

Sublime With Rome is going to be releasing their first full-length album later this summer. While we have most likely listened to “Panic” a few times, there is now a new song to listen to. This one is called “Murdera” and can be found on the band’s MySpace page. If you’re still doubting this band, go check them out. Seriously. Sounds like they’re picking up where 1996’s “Sublime” left off.

Sublime With Rome’s upcoming album “Yours Truly” will be out July 12th on Fueled By Ramen.

Sublime With Rome detail new album “Yours Truly”

Sublime with Rome will be releasing their debut full-length album, “Yours Truly,” July 12th on Fueled by Ramen.  The cover art can be seen to the left (click the image to see full size).  If you haven’t heard “Panic,” the first single from the album you can check it out here.  I must admit, it’s a lot better than I thought it would be.

“Yours Truly” will be the band’s first new album since former singer Bradley Nowell’s passing in 1996.

Sublime With Rome premiere new single “Panic”

If you’ve been waiting to hear new music from Sublime’s new incarnation, Sublime With Rome, the wait is over. KROQ has premiered a new track from the band, titled “Panic.” Head here to check out the new song.

Sublime With Rome are set to release their debut this summer via Fueled By Ramen. They will also be hitting the road with 311 this summer, and you can check out those dates here.


Video: Sublime With Rome post mini-documentary video

More news from Sublime With Rome for you on this Cinco De Mayo. The band released a mini-documentary “Behind The Band” video on their YouTube Channel today. It runs about four minutes long, and chronicles the story of Rome joining Bud and Eric and reincarnating the Sublime name. If you aren’t sure how you feel about the new project, it’s at least worth a look. Check it out here.

Sublime With Rome will release their Fueled By Ramen debut this summer, and will be on the road with 311 through July and August. Check dates here.

Sublime With Rome release cover art for new single

Sublime With Rome, the reincarnation of Sublime that includes Rome Ramirez on vocals, is releasing their debut single. Or it’s Sublime’s first single in over a decade. However you want to look at it. It’s called “Panic” and drops May 10. The cover art is over <=== to the left.

In case you missed it, the band recently signed to Fueled by Ramen and will be releasing their first album under the “Sublime” moniker since Bradley Nowell’s passing in 1996. They’re heading out on tour with 311 this summer.

Rome Ramirez (Sublime with Rome) – “Smoke Two Joints” (acoustic)

Seeing that today is 4/20 I was not surprised in the least to find a bit of Sublime related news.

In celebration of today Rome Ramirez from Sublime with Rome has posted an acoustic version of Sublime’s “Smoke Two Joints.”

Click right here to check the song and celebrate along with them.

Sublime With Rome announce “Unity Tour 2011” dates with 311

Sublime with Rome have announced tour dates for their “Unity Tour 2011” w/311. The tour, set to begin on July 8th in Kansas, will end August 26th in Seattle, WA. Click here for the full dates.

The band recently signed to Fueled by Ramen, who will be releasing their first album under the “Sublime” moniker since Bradley Nowell’s passing in 1996.

Sublime With Rome sign to Fueled By Ramen, recording new album

Legendary Long Beach CA ska/punk band Sublime has just announced their signing to the label Fueled by Ramen, and will release their first LP since original front man Bradley Nowell passed away in 1996.

The band now officially known as Sublime with Rome, (Rome who joined in 2009) is recording the new LP in El Paso, Texas at Sonic Ranch Studios. Paul Leary will be producing the record, the one and the same who worked with Sublime on their self-titled 1996 LP. Details for a tour should be announced shortly.

Rome Ramirez gives update on Sublime With Rome debut

Last July, we reported that Sublime With Rome, the new incarnation of Sublime, would begin pre-production on their new album in October. Well, in a recent interview Rome Ramirez has said that the band is taking a break from touring and has recently started working on their debut record (or the first Sublime record in 15 years or whatever). Asked in that interview how the album is sounding, Rome replied:

“It’s sounding great we are getting inspiration from all different genres. It will still sound like Sublime but for a new generation.”

The new record is slated for release this year. It will be the first full-length from the SoCal ska-punk pioneers Sublime since their 1996 multi platinum self-titled album, as well as the first album to be released under the moniker Sublime With Rome and the first to feature Rome as the late Bradley Nowell’s replacement.

Rome Ramirez talks about upcoming Sublime With Rome release

In an interview with, Sublime With Rome vocalist/guitarist Rome Ramirez discussed a lot of things: how he hooked up with the surviving members of Sublime, how he resurrected the band prior to a lawsuit (which has since been resolved, and Sublime With Rome’s anticipated debut and their future. On the new material, Rome reveals:

“In Utah when we played our show, we had a few days. I worked out some chords and lyrics. We went into band practice and I played it for Bud and Eric. We took it from there. Those guys totally worked the Sublime into it. Nobody can ever emulate that because they are the only guys that have it. I can just sit back and not even sing or play the guitar, and just listen to Bud and Eric groove out. It’s just so tight. They have that insane groove that works within the songs. Anytime I have ideas, I’ll take it to them and we’ll chop it up and we’ll get an even better song. We’re stoked. We’ve gone into the studio to do a few demos.”

Sublime With Rome is heading into the studio next month to begin pre-production on their debut full-length album, the band’s first with new singer Rome Ramirez. Amongst a couple of greatest hits and live discs, and a box set release, Sublime’s last LP, titled Sublime, came out in 1996, shortly after the death of lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell.

The Dirty Heads feat. Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome Cover The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light”

SoCal reggae band Dirty Heads have released a video for a cover that they did of The Black Keys song Everlasting Light. The song features Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome and can be checked out here.

The bands debut album Any Port In A Storm was released this past February. They’re currently on tour so check out their MySpace Page to see when they’ll be in your town.

Sublime With Rome do the worst/funniest interview I think I’ve ever seen

Sublime With Rome have posted the 2nd part of their Santa Barbara interview (part 1 here) in what has got to be the most un-enthused, lackluster, yet ironically hilarious, interview I think I have ever seen.  I won’t even bother recapping what the questions were since the answers were so uninspired I’ve already forgotten them 30 seconds after watching the video.  About the only thing I do remember is that the band looks more like a troop of down and out child molesters than reggae-punk superstars.  Rome scratches his nuts for a good 10 seconds mid way through the interview and Eric looks like he’s rubbing at least half a bare ass on that couch.  And how uncomfortable does Rome look while the other guys are talking?  He can’t stop fidgeting!  I don’t know why, but the more I watch this video, the more I can’t stop laughing.  It is kinda late and I might be delirious but check it out yourself and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m as excited as the next person to see what these guys can do in the shadow of their previous front-man, but come on fellas, muster up some livelihood!

Sublime With Rome is heading into the studio in October to begin pre-production on their debut full-length album, the band’s first with new singer Rome Ramirez.

Sublime With Rome heading into the studio this fall, plan to release first single

Sublime with Rome will be heading into the studio in October to begin pre-production on their debut full-length album, the band’s first with new singer Rome Ramirez.  According to a blog post from Rom the band also plans on releasing their first single around the same time.  He writes:

We gotta handful of sick new tunes and plan to hit the studio oct to do pre production and release a single !! Thank you guys so much !! Your support is appreciated!!

The band is currently on tour. Hit up their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

Music Video: The Dirty Heads – “Lay Me Down” (Featuring Rome of Sublime)

Ska/reggae outfit Dirty Heads have premiered the music video for their song Lay Me Down, which features Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome. The track appears on the album Any Port in a Storm, released in February.

Check out the video here.

The band is on tour this summer with Sublime with Rome and Matisyahu.

Interview: Sublime With Rome talk touring, favorite songs and new frontman

Sublime with Rome has given fans the chance to get to know the band a little better at their recent tour stop in Santa Barabara, CA. In the video interview, featuring founding members of Sublime, drummer Bud Gaugh and bass player Eric Wilson along with new frontman, singer/guitarist Rome, the guys spoke about their favorite Sublime tracks to play live as well as how Rome and one of the most successful ska-punk band’s of all time came together.

Watch part 1 of the interview right here (part 2 coming later).