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Bowling For Soup Tour Blog #11

bowlingforsoup1Alright all you Bowling For Soup fans, tour blog #11 is up and running. This time, the footage goes behind the scenes as they get ready for a couple different shows, and then you even get to see them play a song or two. Have a look.

Bowling For Soup announces dates for their upcoming US tour

bowlingforsoup1 The long awaited dates for Bowling For Soup’s upcoming fall tour have been announced.

The band will probably be playing lots of new tracks from their new album “Sorry For Partyin” that was released on Jive Records in mid October. Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates.

Bowling For Soup Tour Blog #9

bowlingforsoup1Bowling For Soup have just posted Tour Blog #9. In this episode, you get to follow the band as they head into the recording studio. See how it all comes together from the start…

In November the band will be on tour so take a look at the Dying Scene Shows page.

Interview: Bowling For Soup talks with Kerrang Radio

bowlingforsoup1Fans of Bowling For Soup – sit down, I have important news for you. Even if you’re not a fan of Bowling For Soup, you might be after you watch and listen to this debauchery. This Texan pop-punk band has just posted new interviews and video blogs from their current tour in the United Kingdom. During this casual interview, British rock magazine/radio station Kerrang! talks with Jaret (guitar/vocals) and Erik (bass/vocals) about life on the road during the past 15 years and how they’re surviving their travels in England. Check out the interview here.

Kerrang! also uploaded a video podcast of the duo just hanging out, discussing essential playlist music among other important topics. Watch it here.

As if this interview isn’t enough to blow your socks off, Bowling For Soup has so graciously uploaded a video tour blog with guest appearances from members of British ska/punk band Farse. Amazing, I know. Go back stage here.

Bowling For Soup has one more show in England and then is back stateside. Check their Dying Scene Shows page to find out when they’re playing near you.

Want to be a roadie for Bowling For Soup?

bowlingforsoup1Listen up all you Bowling For Soup fans….the band is giving you a chance to enter a contest to be a roadie for the day at the venue closest to your home town. Yup that’s right…a contest to work….not really my cup of tea, but I’m sure there are several of you out there that would be amped to do it. Check out all the details here, and you might just be their next roadie.

Listen to clips from Bowling For Soup

bowlingforsoup1Getting anxious for the October 16th release of “Sorry For Partyin”? Well right now you can listen to clips from the entire album plus 5 bonus tracks. It’s a pretty good way to see if you’re going to like the album….

Bowling For Soup are going to be on tour soon…head to the Dying Scene Shows page so you don’t miss out.

Bowling For Soup: Interview with Swept Away TV

bowlingforsoupTake a look at this  Swept Away interview with Bowling for Soup. The interview starts out a bit slow, but picks up after the guys get passed their silly introductions. Listen to the band as they talk about their high school social status and how they are compensating for it all now. They also shamelessly describe their tour hygiene…too funny!

Watch it here.

Bowling for Soup is currently touring. Go to the Dying Scene Shows section to see where they are playing next.

Listen to the track “No Hablo Ingles” off Bowling For Soup’s upcoming album “Sorry For Partyin”

bowling-for-soup-sorry-for-partyinYou can listen to the track “No Hablo Ingles” off Bowling For Soup‘s upcoming album “Sorry For Partyin” over on the band’s MySpace page.  The album is due in stores October 16th.

The guys are currently on tour so if you’re interested in catching them live check out the dates in the Dying Scene Shows section.

Bowling For Soup video tour blog

bowlingforsoup1Bowling For Soup sets out on tour in support of their new album “Sorry For Partyin'” which comes out October 16th. Click here to check out a video tour blog where lead singer Jaret Reddick takes you inside their tour bus.

To see where the boys will be playing, go over to their Dying Scene Shows page. “Sorry For Partyin'” will be released via Jive Records.

Bowling For Soup: One Sided Interview with Jaret

jive2Bowling For Soup‘s front man Jaret Reddick demonstrates irresponsible driving skills by having an telephone interview while driving in the car. Since we can not hear what is being said on the other side of the conversation, you’ll have to guess what the questions are, thus, the one sided interview.

Bowling For Soup’s last album “I’m Gay” was released in 2007 on A&G Records. They are currently signed with Jive Records.

Bowling For Soup announces new US tour dates

jive1Bowling For Soup has posted a few more tour dates for their 7-Eleven Slurpee Concert Series and you can find those dates and cities by visiting their Dying Scene Shows page. If you make it to a show you may get a chance to see “My Wena” while you suck down a Slurpee… could be fun.

Bowling For Soup is currently signed to Jive Records and their last album “I’m Gay” came out in 2007.

Watch Bowling For Soup’s “My Wena”

jive“My Wena” is now available for your viewing pleasure…this new single from Bowling For Soup will be out on itunes next week, so until then you can watch the video right here. This video will definitely have you laughing if nothing else. I know I got a rise out of it! (…bad joke?)

Their new album, “Sorry For Partyin'” is being dropped September 29th on Jive Records. They are currently working out US tour dates to promote the album, so keep checking back because they assure us they will have it all figured out soon.


Video: “My Wena” by Bowling for Soup, new album release date

bowling-for-soup-my-wena1Bowling For Soup have released the video for the first single off their upcoming album “Sorry For Partyin'”.  The track is titled “My Wena” and you can check out the video on the Full Story page.   FYI, it’s hilarious.

“Sorry For Partyin” will be released on September 29th and plans for a US tour are apparently in the works.

Bowling For Soup studio update #5

bowlingforsoup-1It’s been awhile since Bowling For Soup had much action going on…but there is proof these boys are still around! They just recorded what will probably be the last of their studio updates for their upcoming album, “Sorry For Partyin” which is said to be released in August or September on Jive Records. Check out the full story to see the video they recorded.

This upcoming album is a follow up to their last album, “I’m Gay”, released on A&G in 2007.

Bowling For Soup Talk New Album, Shows and Documentary

bowlingforsoupIn a Times Record News Interview Jeret of Bowling For Soup talks about the band’s coming 15 year anniversary, their next album, and a documentary in the works.

The upcoming album will be titled “Sorry For Partyin'” and is slated for a September release.

You can get all the details around the album, the anniversary shows and the documentary here.