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Hot Water Music to live stream show w/ La Dispute & Red Tape Parade on Saturday

Grab some popcorn and a soda, because Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music have announced they will be live streaming tomorrow’s show in Dortmund, Germany w/ La Dispute, and Red Tape Parade! The show starts at 7:10pm CEST (1:10pm EST or 10:10pm PST).

You will be able to stream the entire show here, and check out the remainder of the band’s German tour dates here.

Hot Water Music’s new album, “Exister,” came out on May 15th through Rise Records.

Pegboy, Andrew W.K., Minus The Bear, Hot Water Music, The Adicts to play Riot Fest Chicago

Chicago’s Riot Fest have announced the 2012 edition of the festival will feature performances from Pegboy, Andrew W.K., Minus The Bear, Hot Water Music, and The Adicts.

These bands are just a few included in this epic lineup, which includes Iggy & the Stooges, Elvis Costello, Descendents, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Gaslight Anthem, Coheed and Cambria, Dropkick Murphys, NOFX, a reunion from Chicago ska-punk act Slapstick, and many other amazing bands.

The festival will take place September 14th – 16th, at the Congress Theater and Humboldt Park. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Live Video: Hot Water Music, Touche Amore, and Joyce Manor

A couple weeks ago Hot Water Music, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor, Holy Fever, and Ghostlimb played a show put on by FYF at The Glass House in Pomona. Hot Water was filming for their DVD, so here’s a little taste of what that show was like before you can get the full length video later this year.

Watch it here.

Live Video: Hot Water Music – “Trusty Chords” at 2012 Pouzza Fest

Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music performed at this year’s Pouzza Fest in Canada.

You can watch them perform their song “Trusty Chords” here.

“Exister” came out May 15th through Rise Records

Video: Mixtapes cover Hot Water Music

Ohio pop-punk act Mixtapes covered Hot Water Music‘s “Trusty Chords.” Check it out here.

Mixtapes’ upcoming album, “Even On The Worst Nights,” is due out June 26th on No Sleep Records.

US/Canada Tour: Rise Against with Hot Water Music and Gaslight Anthem

In case some of you missed it int he post about Rise Against returning to Arizona for The Sound Strike, I thought I would make it more obvious:

Rise Against has announced a slew of dates across Canada and the US with Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music beginning in September.  Check out the dates and locations here.

Rise Against return to Arizona to raise awareness for The Florence Project

It’s been two years since Rise Against have played Arizona after joining The Sound Strike which supports the International Boycott of Arizona. September 27th, at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, they will return for a show that will raise funds and awareness for the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project. 100% of the proceeds from this show will be donated to the Florence Project. Lindsay Marshall, Executive Director of The Florence Project had this to say:

The Florence Project is extremely grateful to welcome Rise Against to Arizona to play in support of our mission and raise awareness about immigration detention, Nearly 400,000 immigrants are detained and deported each year and Arizona continues to be ground zero for immigration enforcement and detention. Thousands of immigrants are detained in rural prison facilities in our state and face complex legal proceedings without the right to free legal representation. The funds raised through this show will directly support the Florence Project’s work to educate all immigrant detainees about their legal rights, screen them for legal defenses to deportation, and support them in representing themselves in immigration court.

Full list of North American fall tour tour dates with the Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music here:

Album Review: Hot Water Music-“Exister”

I don’t remember a time when Hot Water Music wasn’t iconic. Being late to the game, I always had to contend with Hot Water Music being one of those bands. A classic, required listening. A luminary with a discography as extensive as it is menacing. Older readers may place more distinction on the Florida punks, separating them from the older, dinosaurs of the genre. But to me they were in the same ivory tower as Minor Threat and The Clash. Untouchable because of their reputation as infinitely important to the genre’s timeline.

On “Drag My Body” the ever gravelly Chuck Ragan sings “I found the pedestals and burned them down to kill my idols and to bury the thoughts underground.”

If only it were that easy, Chuck.

When I started listening to Hot Water Music I didn’t find a sacred cow to slaughter. I found what everyone else found, an institution. And with that it became clear that their hiatus wouldn’t be wasted on me; I did my research, I caught up. I gracefully joined the greater masses of punk rock. So, when the news of their reformation hit me, I gleefully took part in the gladiatorial battles of internet discussion. After all, I was a fan now, and I could not contain my enthusiasm. But now, the emotions have leveled and I can say I’ve listened to Exister. Preconceptions are out the window and it’s time to take a hard look at what we’ve been delivered.

After such a long exile, the obvious question is one of yearning. Will they be the same? The obvious answer is ‘no’. Except for the band’s sacred fundamentals, Exister doesn’t really sound like Fuel for the Hate Game. If this bums you out, that’s fine. But it’s undeniably the sound Hot Water Music has been building to throughout their career. And after eight years of non-activity, it feels like they picked up right where they left off. Exister is a continuation of a long and storied history, and it might be their best album to date.

The album opens with “Mainline,” and right away the listener is confronted with Hot Water Music at their most melodic. While definitely not as technical as their previous work, “Mainline” is a fantastic punk rock song. Next up is “Boy, You’re Gonna Hurt Someone,” featuring Chris Wollard on lead vocals. It begins with a repetitive melodic idea that explodes into a volatile chorus with a vicious dual guitar attack that prove you don’t need power chords to bring power to your music. Every song on Exister is great and each of them individually demonstrate Hot Water Music’s merits. “State of Grace” is a catchy number sung by Chuck Ragan who is at his best on this album–making it clear the years of solo work haven’t taken the venom from his voice. Fans will notice a callback to the classic song “Trusty Chords” off of Caution.

But even with a handful of great punk rock anthems, any Hot Water Music album would feel incomplete without those subtle moments of technical virtuoso. Jason Black dutifully provides with his mesmerizing basslines. Seldom heard in a lot of rock music, bass guitar tends to be dismissed. But in Hot Water Music, Black’s bass is truly the star. “Drag My Body” could have sounded like a full band cover of a long lost Ragan solo track, but Black’s playing transforms the track. He has an ability to turn a good song into a great song, and undoubtedly defining to Hot Water Music’s sound.

The title track “Exister,” is reminiscent of the best of Caution. Bringing to mind the rough hewn melodic punk rock of old, it’s an emotional experience in a stick of dynamite. Lyrically, Hot Water Music has always been abstract and hard to peg, while remaining emotional to an extreme. The furtive nature of their lyrics only strengthens the connection between sound and audience. Direct enough to pull meaning from, vague enough to make the meaning your own. “Pledge Wore Thin” is one of those songs, the title suggests its political nature but the lyrics are constructed with personal, visceral imagery. “All about you breaking skin on your back, it’s just a little dagger; it’s just a little blade, right? But there’ll be more and they don’t bend at all.” It communicates the concepts of political betrayal and discontent without ever leaving the realm of personal experience.

For whatever reason, Hot Water Music will always be one of those bands. The kind that you see tattoo’d into people’s skin. The kind people quote lyrics from. The kind that have a grip on your heart. In retrospect, it seems silly to question Hot Water Music’s relevance. Exister leaves little doubt to their place in the scene. All the questions it asks can be answered. Can punk be soulful? Can punk be musical? Can it capture our hearts? Yes, yes it can.


Hot Water Music streaming upcoming album “Exister”

Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music are streaming their upcoming album “Exister” in its entirety.

You can give it a listen here.

“Exister” is due out May 15th on Rise Records.

Listen to Hot Water Music on BBC1

Hot Water Music stopped by BBC1 Radio’s “Punk Show with Mike Davies” and performed a few songs off their upcoming album, “Exister.” They played “Exister,” “Drag My Body,” “Drown In It” and “State of Grace.” Check it out here (the action starts about 50 minutes in).

“Exister” is due out May 15th on Rise Records.

The Menzingers announce additional tour dates with Hot Water Music, Luther

Philadelphia folk-punkers The Menzingers, who already announced a lengthy run of tour dates with Bouncing Souls and Luther, have now announced a few warm-up shows around the Northeast. Click here for the whole rundown, including the aforementioned Bouncing Souls dates and dates with Hot Water Music.

The Menzingers released their Epitaph debut “On The Impossible Past” back in February.

Hot Water Music streams new song – “Exister”

Hot Water Music are streaming the title track off their upcoming release “Exister” which is set to come out on May 15th via Rise Records.

You can check out the song here.

Video: Hot Water Music – “State Of Grace” live on German TV

Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music are busy doing advance promotion for the long-awaited release of their upcoming album “Exister.”

During a recent swing through Europe, the band performed the brand new track “State Of Grace” on a German TV station. Click here to watch!

“Exister” is due out May 15th on Rise Records.

Video: Hot Water Music – “The Making of Exister – Part 2”

Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music are getting ready for the release of “Exister.” And because the release date can’t come fast enough, the band has posted the second video for “The Making of Exister.”

You can check out the video here.

“Exister”  will be released on May 15th via Rise Records, and is the band’s first album since the 2004 release of “The New What Next”

Video: Hot Water Music post first part of “The Making of Exister”

Florida gravelcore punk legends Hot Water Music are getting ready for the release of “Exister.” And because the release date can’t come fast enough, the band has posted the first video of “The Making of Exister” which features studio clips, song previews and more. Check it out here.

“Exister”  will be released on May 15th via Rise Records, and is the band’s first album since the 2004 release of “The New What Next”