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Interview: Russ (Good Riddance) discusses difference between Only Crime and Good Riddance

At Leeds Festival this year Russ Rankin of Good Riddance sat down with Spanish magazine Give Me A Pick to discuss the recent reunion of Good Riddance, future plans to record a new album (there are none) and how exactly Only Crime differs from Good Riddance (something I’ve personally always contemplated).

Check it out here.

Good Riddance to play four West Coast shows this Fall

Legendary Santa Cruz punk rockers Good Riddance will be playing four shows across the West Coast this Fall, so get stoked if your town is listed here.

Leading up to these shows, the band will be playing six festivals across Europe.  Good Riddance last released the b-sides album “Capricorn One” on Fat Wreck Chords in 2010.

Video: Good Riddance – “Fertile Fields” live at D-Tox Rock Fest 2012

Here’s some awesome news for anyone who wasn’t able to make the trip up to good ‘ol Canada for this year’s edition of D-Tox Rock Fest. Our friends over at Raw Cut Media were at the festival and got great video of a ton of bands, including one of the recently reformed Good Riddance playing “Fertile Fields,” the first track on their 1998 album, “Ballads From The Revolution.”

You can check the video out here.

Looking into the future, there are still no known plans for new Good Riddance material, though vocalist Russ Rankin just released his debut solo album “Farewell Catalonia” last month on Paper + Plastick Records. The band currently has a couple dates left in their run of Canadian and European festivals, and you can check those out here.

Live Video: Good Riddance – “Salt” live at Punk Rock Bowling

Didn’t make it to Punk Rock Bowling this year?  At least you can check out a great video of Good Riddance performing “Salt” from their 1998 album “Ballads From The Revolution” at the Country Saloon in Las Vegas right here.

Looking into the future, there are still no known plans for new Good Riddance material, though vocalist Russ Rankin just released his debut solo album “Farewell Catalonia” last week on Paper + Plastick RecordsGood Riddance currently has a small list of Canadian and European festival shows coming up though, and you can check those out here.

Live Videos: Good Riddance and Belvedere return at Groezrock 2012

Both Belvedere and Good Riddance have returned recently from indefinite hiatuses to play a string of festival dates, one of which was Belgium’s Groezrock held last week.  If you weren’t able to make it there yourself but wanted to see how a couple of your favorite skate punk acts were performing after so much time away, we’ve got the the next best thing.

Check out a video of Good Riddance performing “Darkest Days” and Belvedere doing “Closed Doors” here.

Good Riddance, Negative Approach, Captain We’re Sinking and more added to Fest 11

Good Riddance, Negative Approach, From Ashes Rise, The Bomb, Sonic Avenues, La Dispute, Captain We’re Sinking, City of Ships, Dukes of Hillsborough, Snakehealers, Billy & Joe and Party Drag have all been officially added to Fest 11.

Fest 11 will take place from October 26-28 in Gainesville Florida. You can view the full list of the first batch of bands here.

Punk Rock Bowling announces 44 more bands (Good Riddance, NUFAN, Municipal Waste, etc)

Punk Rock Bowling has just announced the lineups for the “late night shows” taking place during the 3 day punk rock festival happening in Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. 44 more bands have been announced for the already stellar lineup.  Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Municipal Waste, Chuck Ragan, just to name a few.  Check out the entire updated listing here.

Punk Rock Bowling is a 3 day outdoor festival starting in the late afternoon and featuring 8 great bands each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday celebrated with 5,000 of your close personal punk rock friends. And if that’s not enough, their will be 4 late night club shows each night in smaller more intimate surroundings featuring more great bands as well as some special surprises. All in all, over 60 bands will perform throughout the weekend.

You can get more details on the festival right here and yes, Dying Scene is bowling in the tournament this year.  Come say hi to us!

Covers comp to feature exclusive tracks from Rancid, Good Riddance, Dropkick Murphys and more

This is awesome.  Strength Records, a label founded by Agnostic Front‘s Roger Miret, is currently working on a compilation called “Respect Your Roots Worldwide” which will feature a bunch of great bands “covering songs of their youth.”  Bands like Rancid, Good Riddance, Dropkick Murphys, Terror, Biohazard, Death By Stereo, Agnostic Front, Flatfoot 56, The Unseen and a bunch more will all be contributed exclusive tracks for the release.

No release date or track listing yet but we’ll keep you posted as details surface.

Watch full set from Good Riddance’s secret show

Last night, Good Riddance played a secret show in Santa Cruz, CA.

You can watch their full set here.

The band reunited last February.  They last released “Capricorn One,” in 2010.

Russ Rankin talks about the return of Good Riddance and possibility of new material

Rich at recently conducted an interview with Russ Rankin of Good Riddance, who reunited a month ago and are planning to play some shows, including Ressurection Fest and D-Tox Rock Fest. In the interview, Russ was asked why the band decided to end their five year split and his response was,

“We hadn’t really thought about it in five years. We had tons of offers to play for pretty good amounts of money, some pretty good situations, but none of us were really just that interested in it and we had a lot of other stuff going on. Chuck and Luke wanted to meet for coffee to talk about it and I wasn’t interested in playing again, but I thought I’d meet up with them and hear them out. They made a lot of good points and I realized that we all really missed the songs – a lot. And we were all at places in our lives where we felt we could have a lot of fun, without too much pressure on us, and just get a chance to play those songs again.”

Russ was also asked if Good Riddance were going to record again:

“That’s definitely not in the plan right now – we don’t anticipate doing that. I can’t tell you for sure if it will ever happen, but…”

You can read what else Russ has to say here.

Good Riddance’s last album, My Republic, was released in 2006, a year before they announced their break up.

Sean Sellers (Good Riddance, The Real Mckenzies) joins Authority Zero on drums

Legendary punk drummer Sean Sellers (Good Riddance, The Real Mckenzies) has joined Authority Zero as their new drummer. Tonight (3/1/12) will be Sellers first live show with the band as he was unable to play on the “White Knuckles, Black Coffee” tour with Voodoo Glow Skulls which Authority Zero had Allura’s Chris Bartholomew (Ex Drummer, Current Singer) fill in.

Original Drummer Jim Wilcox left Authority Zero after their last show of the 2011 on Dec 31st.

Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Sublime With Rome confirmed for D-Tox Rock Fest

The 2012 D-Tox Rock Fest is happening again June 11-12 in Montebello, Quebec and the festival has just announced that No Use For A Name, Good Riddance and Sublime With Rome will all be performing.  For you metalheads out there, Dream Theater is also confirmed, fyi.

Check out more details on the festival here.

Fat Mike co-hosts BBC Radio show celebrating 20 years of Fat Wreck Chords

In honor of 20 years of Fat Wreck Chords, Fat Mike stopped stopped by BBC Radio 1 to co-host the show.

To celebrate, the station played the biggest songs the label has put out over the past two decades, including tracks from Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Mad Caddies, Snuff, Against Me!, Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms, Old Man Markley, Western Addiction, No Use For a Name and many other bands.

You can go on a nostalgia trip and listen to the whole broadcast here.

Dying Scene wants to wish Fat Wreck a happy 20th anniversary! Here’s to another 20 years.

Good Riddance will be playing at Ressurection Fest

If you missed it yesterday, Good Riddance has announced that they are reuniting and planning on touring again.  The band themselves haven’t announced any of the dates but it looks like they’ve been confirmed for the Ressurection Fest in Spain this Summer alongside Converge, Hatebreed, and Municipal Waste.  You can see the poster over yonder <= and this video also has them listed in the lineup.

Good Riddance played what was supposed to be their final show in 2007.

Good Riddance is reuniting, planning to tour again

In 2007 Good Riddance performed what was supposed to be their final show, but as it turns out, they just couldn’t stay away from the music.  That’s right folks, Good Riddance is getting back together and will begin touring again soon!  The band states:

After nearly five years, Good Riddance has decided to perform as a band again. The number of shows, when and where and all the other specifics have yet to be determined but for those of us who really missed the songs and those of you who maybe never got to see the band play, there will be Good Riddance shows in 2012 and perhaps beyond.

No other real details have been announced yet but you can read the entire lengthy statement form the band here.

In other news, vocalist Russ Rankin is currently recording his debut solo album. You can stream demos of some of his solo songs here.