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Fat Wreck Chords to release 20th anniversary edition of Propagandhi’s “How To Clean Everything”

Super big new Propagandhi fans! Fat Wreck Chords has just announced they will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of the band’s debut “How To Clean Everything.”

The re-issue will feature the full album, 3 song outtakes, a rare 4 song demo, and a guitar tab book for the full album. When asked about the album re-issue, guitarist Chris Hannah had this to say about the release:

“Maybe it’s the bath-salts talking, but I have come believe that there is value in having something that haunts you until you are dead. I give you… How To Clean Everything, the 20th anniversary edition.

“How To Clean Everything, the 20th anniversary edition” will be released on August 20th.

Video: Jenn Fiorentino does awesome acoustic cover of Propagandhi’s “Dark Matters”

If you haven’t seen Jenn Fiorentino doing acoustic punk covers on youtube yet you are missing out.  One of her latest is “Dark Matters” off Propagandhi‘s new album “Failed States” and it’s really good.  Check it out and compare it to the original here.

Failed States was released in September with Epitaph Records.

Propagandhi to tour Eruope with Antillectual

The Canadian rabble-rousers known as Propagandhi have recently announced a run of European shows with Dutch punk rockers Antillectual. You can check out the dates here.

The band will be touring in support of their sixth studio album, Failed States, which also happens to be their first release with Epitaph Records.

Punk Rock Holiday 1.3. line-up to feature Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi, H2O, The Menzingers and more

Punk Rock Holiday is a punk rock festival held in Tolmin, Slovenia. This year’s festival will take place July 10 – 14. The line-up will feature Anti-Flag, Propagandhi, The Menzingers, Strike Anywhere, H2O, Millencolin, Atlas Losing Grip, Your Demise, Snuff and more!

You can check out the full line-up here.


Blast from the past 1993 Propagandhi – Koblenz, Germany

For those of you fond of Propagandhi’s early skate punk sound, we’ve got this little treasure from the group’s 1993 tour supporting NOFX in Koblenz, Germany. Check it out here.

Blast from the Past: Propagandhi – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada @ Moon Room (1996)

Are you one of those Propagandhi-purists? The ones who insist that post-“Less Talk, More Rock” Propagandhi just isn’t up to par? Do you yearn to see the band you first fell in love with just one more time? Well, Dying Scene has a treat for you. We’ve unearthed this video of a 37 minute set recorded in December of 1996, so be sure to see it here.

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me) talks to Chris Hannah (Propagandhi) about gender dysphoria and upcoming AM! album

Recently, Escape Velocity Radio (A Winnipeg radio podcast hosted by Chris Hannah and Derek Hogue) did a podcast in which Chris interviews Laura Jane Grace of Against Me.  They talk gender dysphoria, her decision to transition, and the band’s forthcoming album.

The podcast also discusses the Duets for Abdelrazik project, activism opposing the Keystone XL pipeline extension, and the Liberator comic Kickstarter project.

This is a GREAT listen. Jump to minute 25:30 if you want to just hear the interview with Laura.  Check it out here.

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) says “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” should be out in “April or May”

On a podcast hosted by Propagandhi‘s Chris Hannah, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! claimed that the group’s highly anticipated new album, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is almost finished, and should be out by April or May of this year. The album will be the first since Grace publicly came out as a transexual, and is said to be a concept album of sorts dealing with trans-issues and the public perception of them. Listen to the whole podcast here.

Against Me! last released the double disc “White Crosses/Black Crosses” on their label Total Treble Music, and it’s fair to assume that in the coming months the promotion machine will begin for “Transgender Dysphoria Blues.” Stay tuned and keep checking back for news.

Dying Scene Readers Choice: 20 Best Albums of 2012

After nearly 1,000 submissions, a crap load of tedious data entry, and a crash course on using pivot tables in excel, the results are officially in for your choices of the 20 best punk albums released in 2012.

Check out the list and discover some great new albums here.

DS Staff Picks – Top EPs + Albums of 2012 (Lauren Mills)

What’s up, everyone? My name is Lauren. I’m the the numero dos in command here at Dying Scene and I live in central Florida. This fact causes me to have to answer the same question from everyone and here’s your answer. You can stop now. Use Google. I’m also the friendliest / most sarcastic gimp you’ll ever meet. 2012 has been a trying year for America. There’s been so much senseless violence and political division that sometimes it all gets to be overwhelming. As this year comes to a close I am reminded that what really matters is who you have in your life. I’ve been an editor for DyingScene since 2010. It is years like these that I am extra thankful for the privilege to be friends with such wonderfully creative, talented people from all parts of the world and to have such a warm, supportive family. Forgive me if that sounded like a boring Oscar speech, but I do mean it with great sincerity. Despite the rough year, I did finish my first year of college with all A’s, turned 21, am still Straight Edge, I proudly voted in my first national election and my lifelong favorite football team hopefully has found a real QB for the first time in a decade. Boooooom!

Now let’s talk about my list. Over the years I’ve been noticing that I’m a little weird. My favorite shows are about a depressed young person that smokes weed with his neighbor’s dog, Meth Dealers and a a genius bipolar CIA agent. I feel like my taste sticks out a little bit from some of my friends. Out of all of our staff I’m probably considered the “Melodic Hardcore” kid if that means anything to you. Don’t get too caught up in defining genres or people though. This is just my personal taste / opinions. I’m a person full of lots of crappy opinions about everything and I’d like to share mine with you. Feel free to let me know what I missed and what you enjoyed this year in the comments Also, be aware that I loved the new Rocky Votolato and Matt Pryor. (I’m a huge fan, maybe he’s reading?) Reading this will be more fulfilling than watching my used to be favorite fictional Miami serial killer now turned into a generic soap opera star, Dexter. I promise not to jump the shark tank. Please let me know if you enjoy it.

With all that in mind, check out my favorite releases from this year here in descending order.

Propagandhi announces European tour dates for 2013

Propagandhi has announced a handful of dates for their European tour in the first half of 2013. Supporting acts include Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud and War On Women.

Check out the list of dates here.

The band will be touring in support of their sixth studio album, Failed States, which also happens to be their first release with Epitaph Records.

Interview: Propagandhi’s Todd Kowalski (Bass/Vocals) talks “Failed States”, politics, and more

We recently cornered Propagandhi bassist/vocalst Todd Kowalski for a quick Q&A about new album “Failed States”, politics, touring plans and more.  Check it out here.

The best Propagandhi article you will ever read (probably)

Man, I wish we could take credit for this one.  Canada’s Exclaim! magazine did an absolutely fantastic article on Propagandhi chronicling the evolution of the band in a year by year breakdown beginning with the group’s inception in 1986.  It’s got awesome insight in to all sorts of things you probably didn’t know much about including the break with John Samson (who went on to start The Weakerthans) and the fallout between the fellas and Fat Wreck Chords.  Tons of great quotes from the band (past and present members) as well as some really interesting quotes from Fat Mike.  Here’s one from him about Propagandhi’s decision to release their last album “Failed States” on Epitaph, as opposed to Fat or their own label G7:

“I advanced them $50,000 to start G7,” says Fat Mike. “I helped them start their own label and was very supportive of them doing their own label, and they stopped doing their own label. Now they’re on Epitaph. I don’t really see how Fat Wreck Chords went wrong, or how we wronged them.”

It’s long so you’ll need to dedicate some time to it but if you’re a Propagandhi fan I highly recommend reading the entire article here.

Video: Propagandhi – “Duplicate Keys Icaro” (live soundcheck)

You can check out a video of Propagandhi playing “Duplicate Keys Icaro” during soundcheck at a show in Toronto right here.

The tune appears on the band’s new album “Failed States” released last month through Epitaph Records.

Videos: Propagandhi perform “A Speculative Fiction” & “Fuck The Border”; Jord Samolesky discusses on-stage clown paintings & more

Our friends over at Raw Cut Media have unleashed some awesome videos from when Propagandhi played a show in Montreal, Quebec earlier this year upon the interwebz. The first video features live footage of the band playing “A Speculative Fiction” and “Fuck The Border” live, and the second is an interview about on-stage clown paintings, and more with their drummer Jord Samolesky.

You can check it out here.

“Failed States,” the band’s first release with Epitaph Records, dropped on September 4th. Check out a recent DS album review for “Failed States” here.