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Nothington give update about upcoming acoustic 7-inch “More Than Obvious”

nothingtonSan Francisco punk rockers Nothington have given a little update about their upcoming acoustic 7” “More Than Obvious.” Here’s what they had to say,

Finishing artwork for our 7″ Red Scare e release… It will officially feature 2 brand new acoustic songs, an acoustic version of RBR’s Not Looking Down, and one full band song that was originally written for RBR, but was cut from the record due to imperfections…. This song, “Tired Hearts” was re-written and recorded for this release, due out in July!”

Nothington’s last released Roads Bridges and Ruins in 2009 on BYO Records.

Nothington to release (mostly) acoustic 7” “More Than Obvious”

nothingtonSan Francisco punk rockers Nothington will soon be releasing a mostly acoustic 7″ entitled More Than Obvious. More Than Obvious will contain 4 songs and will also be released digitally (for all you non vinyl people out there.) It is set to be released on Red Scare Industries in July.

Nothington’s last released Roads Bridges and Ruins in 2009 on BYO Records.

Video: Nothington post tour compilation video

nothingtonSan Francisco-based punk band Nothington uploaded a pretty rad video to their facebook page today. The video was put together by a friend of theirs, and contains clips of shows spanning six US States and two European countries (Germany and Serbia, of course).

While it only runs a hair over 2.5 minutes, it does a pretty great job of documenting the live energy of a Nothington show. Check it out here.

Nothington’s last release was 2009’s “Roads Bridges and Ruins” on BYO Records.

Free Comp Download: Intervention Records – “How The West Was One”

Intervention Records is offering a free download of a punk rock compilation entitled “How The West Was One.”

It features songs from Nothington, The Atom AgeRandom Orbits, DC Fallout, Black Sails Western Shores and more.  Check out the full tracklist here.

Grab your download here.

Nothington announces upcoming acoustic 7″

San Francisco punk outfit Nothington has announced via Facebook that they are releasing a new acoustic 7″ on Red Scare, due out “hopefully in May.” The record will include 3 new songs, one of which may possibly be on an upcoming full length, as well as an acoustic version of ‘Not Looking Down,’ from their 2009 release ‘Roads Bridges and Ruins.’

According to the Facebook update, the band will be finishing up recording this week.

Nothington recently had to cancel their winter tour in Europe for unspecified reasons.

New album from Landmines

Paper + Plastick punkers Landmines have announced that they’ve started working on their sophomore LP.  Not a whole lot of info now, but stay tuned because they’ll be posting new tracks to their MySpace in the coming weeks/months.

Also, keep an eye out for them in an East Coast city near you as they’re going to be touring with BYO’s Nothington muy pronto.

Landmines’ EP, Hell Is What You Make It, is available now for download on Paper + Plastic.

Listen to 3 songs from the upcoming Nothington album “Roads, Bridges And Ruins”

nothington-roads-bridges-and-ruinsNothington has uploaded three tracks from their forthcoming album “Roads, Bridges And Ruins” to their MySpace page.   The tracks are titled “If You Say So”, “Best For Me” and “Meant To Lose” and the album is being released October 6th on BYO Records.

Nothington is currently on the road so check the Dying Scene Shows page for dates.

Nothington Announces Tour Dates

byo3In support of their upcoming album “Road, Bridges and Ruins” due October 6th, Nothington is going on tour! They’ll be hitting the road August 20th and have already announced some venues they’ll be playing at. Go to their Dying Scene Shows page to see if they’ll be stopping in a city near you.

Nothington released their last album “All In” on BYO Records in 2007.

New album from Nothington due out in October

byoNothington announced today via their myspace blog that they will be releasing their next full length album “Roads, Bridges and Ruins” October 6th on BYO Records.  Tracklisting and cover art can be found over on interpunk.

Nothington released their last album “All In” on BYO in 2007.