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Max Bemis talks about next Say Anything album

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis recently spoke to Alternative Press about the band’s recently-announced follow-up to Anarchy, My Dear, which will arrive sometime next year. He states:

“The musical approach we’re taking—in how we’re producing the record and how it’s going to be arranged—is going to be really radical for us. I can’t give away the exactly definition of why it is so radical. [But] when it comes to what the instruments sound like and the types of music on the record—I think we’re going to be stripping away all comfortability when it comes to that on this next record. In some ways, it’s going to be a total 180 for us.

But then, the cool thing about the record is … what I have written so far—and how I plan to produce it—is also the most self-indulgently Say Anything record that I’ve ever written—almost to the extent that I think I lost the want to escape the cliché of Say Anything. I think the past couple of records, for me, have been [about] trying to avoid being pigeonholed. And in a way, we’re going to definitely be doing that by changing so much sonically and musically.”

Say Anything’s latest album, Anarchy, My Dear, was released last March on Equal Vision Records.

Say Anything to release new album in 2014

Yes, I know 2014 is now a-year-and-half away, but Say Anything frontman Max Bemis recently announced that he was jamming at least one new song for the band’s next album, which is due for release that year. He tweeted:

“Jamming the final track on the next SA record. Already know first and last song and title of record.”

Say Anything’s latest album, Anarchy, My Dear, was released last March on Equal Vision Records.

Drummer Coby Linder leaves Say Anything

Say Anything drummer Coby Linder has parted ways with the band, according to an announcement from him as well as from frontman Max Bemis. Read those here.

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, Anarchy, My Dear, in March via Equal Vision Records. All My Friends Are Enemies drops January 22, 2013.

New Band Alert: XO (feat. Jake and Jeff from Say Anything)

Fans of Say Anything have got some new music to look forward to in the new year.

XO is a new project featuring the brothers Turner from iconic hipster punks Say Anything. they’ve got a new song, “Coast,” that appears as part of a recent Hurley compilation that also features the likes of Hot Water Music and NOFX. Check it out here.

XO will issue their debut 7-inch early next year via Say Anything frontman Max Bemis’s Rory Records in collaboration with Equal Vision Records. We’ll keep you posted on details. For now, find out more about XO here.

Perma (Say Anything/Eisley) recording debut album

Perma, the indie folk duo comprised of Say Anything frontman Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree of Eisley are currently recording their debut album. The album is currently expected to be released in 2013.

Check out a previously released song “Knockout” here.

Say Anything hints at “…Is a Real Boy” tour

On the heels of Say Anything announcing the release date for their “All My Friends Are Enemies” collection, we could be looking at an “…Is a Real Boy” tour. Maybe. Max Bemis sent out the following tweet:

@muhterialgirl@maxbemis pleaseee do a 10 year anniversary tour for …Is A Real Boy. It can be like a graduation present.” Deal.

Of course, he could have been joking around, but we can dream, right?

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision Records. “All My Friends Are Enemies” drops January 22, 2013.

Say Anything to release “All My Friends Are Enemies” collection

Iconic hipster punks Say Anything have unveiled the details of their collection of rarities and early recordings (from pre-2004). It will be called “All My Friends Are Enemies” and will drop January 22, 2013.

You can check out a track listing for the three-disc set here. The first pressing, which is 5000 copies, will include personal essays about the band and albums.

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision Records.

Say Anything to release pre-“Is A Real Boy” box set

Iconinc hipster punks Say Anything revealed to fans at a show this weekend that they will be releasing a box set containing material recorded before “…Is A Real Boy,” the band’s 2004 sophomore album. The band hopes to release the collection in early 2013.

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision Records.


Say Anything release free sampler for upcoming US tour w/ Murder By Death, The Sidekicks & Tallhart

Say Anything have released a free sampler for their US tour with Murder By Death, The Sidekicks, and Tallhart, which kicks off tomorrow.

You can snag your free download here.

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision Records.

Max Bemis (Say Anything) teams with his wife (Sherri DuPree) for the new project, Perma

Max Bemis is a rather busy chap these days. The Say Anything frontman and song shop proprietor has announced yet another new project. Entitled Perma, the project consists of Bemis and his wife, Sherri DuPree of the Texas rock band Eisley, as a sort of indie-folk duo. Check out their first available song, “Knockout,” right here.

Bemis’ day job, Say Anything, is at work on new material, and released “Anarchy, My Dear” back in March via Equal Vision Records.

Max Bemis posts update on new Say Anything album

Max Bemis of Say Anything recently tweeted an update on the progress of the band’s new album. He said:

“P.S i believe i’ve written the beginnings of four new songs for our next LP. Have a pretty defined direction in mind and i’m stoked.”

We’ll keep you posted as details surface about the new album. Say Anything released their fourth studio album, Anarchy, My Dear, in March via Equal Vision.

Max Bemis (Say Anything) launches 2012 Song Shop

Say Anything frontman, Max Bemis, has officially launched the 2012 edition of his Song Shop, where fans can pay him to write a song for/about them. This time around, things have changed quite a bit, but Max has released a statement to show you how things are going to work.

Read up, because it’s pretty complicated:
Song Shop 2012 has a few new exciting features. As a bonus, due to the overwhelming demand we’ve received since we tried this last time around, we will be including a phone call from Max some time after you receive your song. Include a working number with your order and Max will call you up to say hi. If he misses you or you are an international customer, we’ll set up a time when u can call him.

Another new (officially) feature has been added this time around: we are offering the option to buy 4 or more half OR full length songs an EP at a ten percent off discount and the option to create a running theme throughout the songs (sort of making it a concept record) or have each song be it’s own thing. If you’re a prospective customer but want to know more about Song Shop, check out our new Frequently Asked Questions, or our new Testimonials section where you see how some of our customers experienced Song Shop.

We also have a new system in place where if something changes in your life, you’ll be able to make changes to your song description all the way up until Max starts working on your song. The info on how to do this will be sent to you via email after you purchase your Song Shop song.

Please be aware that all sales are final. The songs are written in the order received so patience IS a requirement when you buy your song; you may get your song astonishingly quick or it may take a while, so be prepared for either. We can, however guarantee that your song will be extremely special to you and the wait is worth it if you happen to be later “in line”. Many steps are taken by Max and MerchDirect to insure that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who orders a song gets what they paid for.

Once payment has been received, you will receive a message to the email address associated with your PayPal account with instructions on how to submit a ONE or TWO paragraph description about your song. Before you order, it is very important that you make sure that emails from [email protected] aren’t landing in your spam folder.

If you want Max to record a song for you, make sure to get at it really quick, because these things sell extremely fast from what i’ve heard. Say Anything last released “Anarchy My Dear” in March via Equal Vision Records.


Say Anything have next 3 releases planned

Max Bemis has confirmed that the next 3 Say Anything releases have already been planned out. Check out a tweet from the frontman:

Here’s a tidbit for all of y’all waiting up late to get a song: the next two (technically three) releases by SA are planned out now ( :

– @maxbemis

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision.

Say Anything announces “Say Anarchy Fall 2012” tour

Say Anything have announced their “Say Anarchy Fall 2012” tour.  On the tour, the band will be joined by Murder By Death, The Sidekicks, and Tallhart.  Check out the tour dates here.

Say Anything released their fourth studio album, “Anarchy, My Dear,” in March via Equal Vision.

Frontman Max Bemis has also announced that Song Shop will reopen August 15th for buyers interested in personalized songs, EPs, and full-lengths.

Max Bemis will not be recording The Painful Splits album lo-fi

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis will be recording the Painful Splits record in hi-fi. Bemis announced this via tweet.

Decided that the new Painful Splits record I’m gonna put out this fall is gonna NOT be low fidelity. Actual good sounds this time around.

The album is due out this fall. You can check out the tracklisting and album artwork here.