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L7 announce reunion shows and documentary

A month ago, we reported that legendary female-fronted alternative punk act L7 had been teasing plans for a reunion with the original lineup. This time, the band announced that they will be playing their first shows with the original lineup in 19 years at Azkena Rock Festival in Spain on June 19th and Hellfest in France the day after. More shows are expected to be announced soon.

L7 currently have no plans to release new material or embark on a full-scale tour, but they have announced that a kickstarter campaign has been set up for the upcoming documentary L7: Pretend We’re Dead. No release date has been set, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on the documentary come to light.

L7 broke up in 2001 after six albums, and the original lineup last performed together in 1996, when bassist Jennifer Finch left the band.

Introducing Female Fronted Pop-Punk Act: The Lippies (Full EP Stream)

The Lippies are a female fronted pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’d love to give you a unique description of their sound but after 4 consecutive listens to their newly released self-titled EP all I can tell you is they’re catchy as hell and definitely worth checking out. “302” might be my favorite pop-song discovery of the month. Stream the whole EP here.

L7 reunion in the works?

Legendary female-fronted alternative punk act L7 have been teasing plans for a reunion with the original lineup, and are asking people to “like” their Facebook page and sign up to their mailing list in order to spread the word. The band writes:

“Greetings People! We want you to know that the love and support you have shown us here on Facebook this year has taken us all a bit by surprise. What started as a simple band page for us to post some archival photos we had been sifting through for an upcoming L7 documentary has turned into a wellspring of enthusiasm for the band. For this WE THANK YOU!

Many of you have asked when we might return for a reunion. Well, it’s been 14 years since our last show, longer if you consider our original line up. But we (Donita, Suzi, Jennifer, and Dee) are hearing you, we are talking about it, and we kinda agree. Why the hell not?

Here’s the situation…

They say to raise a child it takes a village, well to get interest from promoters for L7 to do reunion shows it’s going to take an ARMY. An army of you all. No joke.

Here’s what we need…

We need your continued enthusiasm, your spreading the word by “Sharing” our posts and getting your friends and enemies to “Like” our page.

First and foremost WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES at our new website

We need to reach you all directly. No spam, no problem.

Let’s show ’em all! Your love and support will make this happen!

For those about to rock, WE SALUTE YOU.

Love, L7 xo”

L7 broke up in 2001 after six albums, and the original lineup last performed together in 1996, when bassist Jennifer Finch left the band.

Friends With The Enemy debut new song “Left Behind”

Aussie punk band Friends With The Enemy are streaming a new song titled “Left Behind” and you can check it out right here!

This song is off of an upcoming new album, set to be released in early 2015. The band released their EP New World Disorder in 2010.


Alysons Anthem (pop-punk) stream new song “Megatron”

Hawaiian female fronted pop-punk/”cougar punk” outfit Alyson’s Anthem have recently released a new single titled “Megatron” and you can stream it below.

Looks like the song is a precursor to an upcoming EP titled “Cougar Punk EP (vol 2)”, which follows, yep, you guessed it, “Cougar Punk EP (vol 1)” released last June.

Babes in Toyland announce first reunion show

Recently reunited Minneapolis female act Babes in Toyland have announced their first show with the Fontanelle lineup in 18 years, which will take place on February 12th, 2015 at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and tickets go on sale this Friday (November 21st) at 10AM PST. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kat Bjelland had this to say about the band’s decision to reunite:

“It was brought to my attention that not only do we have a lot of diehard fans from back in the day, but also a whole new generation of kids–my son Henry included– that were eager to see us live. I felt some kind of obligation for them to see us, too. But mainly, I just missed my girls and the feeling that comes from playing with them–visceral live therapy.”

Bass player Maureen Herman added, “The first time we played together again, we weren’t sure what it would be like. After knocking the hell out of ‘He’s My Thing’ on the first try, we knew this was going to be fun–and it was going to rock like a motherfucker.”

Babes in Toyland, who lasted for only three albums (Spanking Machine, Fontanelle, and Nemesisters), broke up in 2001 after fourteen years together. The band announced their reunion last July.

Introducing Female Fronted Pop-Punk Act: Coral Springs (Free EP)

As much as I like the fast-hard-hitting skate/melodic stuff, when it comes to female fronted bands it seems like I become so much more open-minded, why? I don’t fuckin’ know. I guess there’s something about female vocalists that gives another approach or dimension to punk rock. Oh wait, let’s cut the crap. I might also just be a sucker for female-fronted pop-punk… Anyway, sucker or not, Coral Springs are playing the typically-catchy-enjoyable pop-punk, and the Netherlands based outfit is actually streaming and offering for free download their latest EP entitled “Find Happiness Here”. Which in my “open-minded” opinion, is pretty good from front to back. I’ll be honest with you though, they’re not reinventing the wheel with a familiar sound that most of you will recognize, but they’re still truly worth a listen.

Stream or download “Find Happiness Here” below. It serves as a follow up to the band’s debut EP “Greetings From Coral Springs” released in 2012. Also available on Bandcamp.

RIYL: New Found Glory, Damn Mondays, Yellowcard.

Introducting New Nerd Punk Act: Thundering Asteroids! (free EP download)

I’m stealing this from the band’s own Facebook, but I thought it did a great job of describing Thundering Asteroids‘ overall aesthetic:  “This female-fronted cadre of melodic cacophony remembers when punk was punk, games were 8-bit, and skateboarding wasn’t considered a sport.”  Fun, nerdy and definitely punk rock, the band’s debut EP “The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy” is 100% worth listening to below.  And if you dig it you can download it for free on bandcamp.

The Forty Whacks (female fronted pop-punk) stream new EP “Saturday Night Loud”

Chicago garage-pop-punk outfit The Forty Whacks have just released their new EP “Saturday Night Loud” and you can stream it below.

The release is the band’s first with new singer Kati O.

S&M punk act Gash release music video for “Ritual”

Five years running Dying Scene and I must say this is the first time I’ve come across an “S&M punk” band. Philly based Gash has released their first video for “Ritual” off of their debut “Subspace” EP and you can check it out in all its erotic glory below.

“Gash is part performance art, combining on-stage rituals with hardcore punk riffs, backed by blues-inspired melodic guitars. Singer Tibbie X often gets audience members to handcuff her to the microphone, or is publicly flogged by stage-dom Steph, offering herself to the crowd in acts of submission.”

I might have to check one of these shows out…

The new video shows cuts from New York City’s “Gotham Grindhouse” nights at Tammany Hall.

The Nerv (female fronted punk) offer free download of new song “Trust in Fire”

San Francisco female-fronted punk act The Nerv are streaming the title track to their upcoming EP Trust in Fire right here.  It’s a pretty solid song and if you dig it you can download it for free.

No word on whether Trust In Fire will be the band’s upcoming EP that is set to be released this coming fall, or the LP that the band hopes to put out in 2015, but we’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.

Introducing Female Fronted Punk Act: Uneeda

I came across Uneeda while bouncing around on the World-Wide-Web and man i’m glad I found them…They’re a Canadian trash/punk band from St. Johns, Newfoundland, inspired by bands such as NOFX, Lagwagon, Misfits, Slayer and Metallica. They play a speedy riffing and fast-paced drumming metal infused punk rock. The band recently released a music video for a new song entitled “Momentum” which will appear on their upcoming album to come out later this year.

Check out the rad video below.

Back in 2012, Uneeda released a demo EP entitled “Handout”. You can download/stream it on the band’s Bandcamp.

Introducing “Cougar” Pop-Punk Act: Alyson’s Anthem

I’m a sucker for female fronted pop-punk acts.  I’m not talking the Paramore, radio friendly kind.  I’m talking the whoa-oh filled, three-chord heavy, we’re going to be broke as long as we play this type of music kind.  If you’re with me on that you should check out Alyson’s Anthem.  I’m seriously digging on their debut EP “Cougar Punk EP (vol 1)” and you can stream it here.

Electrets (female fronted garage pop-punk) stream new EP “Misfit”

Los Angeles based Electrets recently released their new EP “Misfit” and if you like key-board infused, female fronted, garage pop-punk I recommend you give it a listen below.

Maid of Ace and A Pretty Mess to embark on “Spittin’ Blood” tour in November

Female-fronted punk bands Maid of Ace and A Pretty Mess will be embarking on the “Spittin’ Blood” tour in November. On selected dates, Empty Pockets, Death March, Naked Aggression, Nancy & The She Dicks, Des & The Cendants and other bands will be supporting them. The dates and locations can be found below.

Maid of Ace recently released a video for their song “Bone Deth“, which appears on their self-titled album.