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The Bombpops (pop punk) announce new EP “Dear Beer”, stream title track

San Diego pop-punk band The Bombpops will be releasing a brand new EP titled “Dear Beer” on April 6th via Fat Wreck Chords. Check out the title track below.

This is the band’s first release since 2017’s “FOMO”, also released on Fat Wreck Chords.

Full Lineup Announced for Punk Rock Bowling 20 Club Shows (Tickets On Sale Tomorrow)

Hey! So it’s Friday afternoon, and if you live in the Northeast, hopefully you’re not underwater or without power. Regardless of where you live, hopefully you check this post out. That’s because the full lineup of Punk Rock Bowling club shows has been announced, and not only is the whole roster awesome, but tickets go on sale tomorrow!

There are a total of 17 shows spread across a variety of venues over the four day festival. There are almost too many awesome acts to mention without leaving anybody out, but featured performers include Lagwagon, Joey Cape (solo), Tim Barry, Laura Jane Grace, Darius Koski, Fishbone, 7 Seconds, The Aggrolites, Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, Agnostic Front, Dillinger Four, and so many more. Advance tickets go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, March 3rd) at Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern), and general public tickets go on sale at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern). Click here for all your ticket info!

DS Exclusive: The Last Gang (Fat Wreck Chords) stream debut full-length, “Keep Them Counting”

Happy Friday, boys and girls!

Dying Scene is beyond stoked to bring you the exclusive premiere of the debut album from Los Angeles trio, The Last Gang. The album is called Keep Them Counting, and it’s a half-hour that’s chock of high-energy, pop-infused street punk goodness. Check it out below!

Keep Them Counting is out today via Fat Wreck Chords. You can pick up your very own copy right here! (Seriously…buy music, people – that way people can keep making it!)

Pouzza Fest 8 announces final lineup

Canadians rejoice! Pouzza Fest 8 has announced the full lineup. Let’s be honest it was already pretty stacked but adding punk legends Face to Face, Canadian punk legends Chixdiggit!, Get Dead and so many more awesome acts. I don’t want to jump the gun but I think Rockfest has some serious competition. The festival runs May 18th to the 20th in lovely downtown Montreal.

For more information about the lineup or tickets head on over here.

Get Dead get set for a trip through Europe

West Coast punk veterans Get Dead are packing up and headed out on a European tour. Then a Mexican Tour. With a brief stop off in Canada for Pouzza Fest.

Check out the plethora of tour dates below.

Get Dead’s latest release was “Honesty Lives Elsewhere” released on Fat Wreck Chords in 2016.

DS Exclusive: Miguel Chen (Teenage Bottlerocket) on his new book, “I Wanna Be Well: How a Punk Found Peace And You Can Too”

If you’ve willingly plucked your head out of the proverbial sand at any point in the last handful of years, you’ve no doubt become aware that in a macro sense, we’re living in a pretty divisive, unstable time. If you add personal issues and unrest to the pile, the result can swallow you whole, whether you want it to or not. As an outlet, people will turn to a variety of solutions to help stem the tide of negativity; music, the arts, exercise, writing for a small punk-centric website, etc. Some people unfortunately choose more self-destructive paths that they hopefully, someday, are able to make it through minimally scarred. For Miguel Chen, the path seemed dark for a while, but has slowly, steadily become lightened – and enlightened – as it’s gone.

If you’ve been even a casual Dying Scene reader over the years, you’re no doubt familiar with Chen from his role as the bass player for iconic Wyoming pop-punk band Teenage Bottlerocket for more than a decade. Like many bands in this scene, TBR developed a reputation for working hard and partying harder, touring seemingly endlessly and enjoying the experience to the fullest. The annals of rock music history are littered with similar stories, frequently ending in disastrous consequences. “On my own path,” explains Chen, “it (went) from ‘alright, we’re in our band, it’s fun! We’re touring, it’s fun! We’re putting out records, it’s fun! Holy shit, we’re on Fat Wreck Chords, it’s fun! We’re on the road with NOFX, it’s fun!’ And the whole time, it’s just like ‘party, party, party, party, party.” Eventually, you return home from the road, however, and something seems to be missing. “You get home from tour,” Chen explains, “(and it’s) ‘oh fuck, this is boring, I better party. Party, party, party, party, party.’ All of a sudden, years later, it’s like ‘fuck – am I a person who has to drink or do drugs? Is that me?‘.”

While that part of the story might sound endlessly familiar to anyone that’s been in or around the music scene, Chen’s tale takes a bit of an atypical turn. Years of what he considered ultimately ineffective traditional treatment for mental health diagnoses that included bipolar disorder and anxiety – think psychotherapy and medications – led Chen to develop an increased involvement in the practice of sitting mediation. From there, the repeated insistence of friend then brought him into the world of yoga. “Finally I went and tried a class,” he explains, adding “I thought ‘what’s the worst that can happen? I’m going to sweat a bunch and it’s going to suck and I just won’t go back. So I went to my first yoga class, and then the next day I went to my second yoga class and then the next day I went to my third yoga class and I just never stopped.”

Chen went from practicing yoga to teaching at a studio in his hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, to eventually taking over the studio he’d been teaching at and opening a second studio in nearby Cheyenne, Wyoming. He continues to push himself in the punk rock world – Teenage Bottlerocket released a full-length album of covers and an EP of new original material last year – and the yoga world, having just returned from an intense training in Rishikesh, India, that lasted more than a month right before we talked. “It was one of those things where I said I’m just going to dedicate a month of my life to only complete practice,” explains Chen. “From waking up at 5:00 in the morning to start my practice, and I go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00pm, and that’s all my day is all day, every day. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Chen has also pushed himself positively in a new, creative way; published author. Released last week through Wisdom Publications, Chen teamed up with editor Rod Meade Sperry for the fun and insightful new read, I Wanna Be Well: How A Punk Found Peace And You Can Too. While we’re presently living in what seems to be the age of the memoir, I Wanna Be Well is not your standard rock star autobiography fare. “I knew I didn’t want to just write my story, because who gives a shit,” jokes Chen. “Everybody has a story, everybody can write a book about themselves. I wanted this book to offer something to the readers. I wanted it to be about the reader. So that’s kind of where the idea, including these practices, came into play. Obviously it’s my story – here are things from my life – but at the end of it, that’s pretty much just an anchor point.

Each of the twenty-five chapters that make up I Wanna Be Well is broken into three four parts. First, there’s the lesson, which sometimes contains autobiographical stories and sometimes contains brief teachings from Buddhism or the self-help community, for example. Then comes the “practice” section, in which Chen gives the reader something to learn. Sometimes it’s instructions on how to start basic sitting meditation, some times it’s the steps behind some basic yoga movies, sometimes it’s just tricks to improve your own mindfulness of where you fit in to the world around you. Finally, each chapter culminates in a “tl/dr” tidbit that boils down the practice to its most essential point. “Rod had this genius idea,” tells Chen,”that people have short attention spans, so why don’t we add this thing at the end of each chapter where here’s a practice in a sentence or two for when you don’t want to fucking read the whole thing.

Let it be known that you should read the whole thing, however. It’s a quick read that somehow covers the entire emotional spectrum pretty quickly, from dealing with the loss of his mother to cancer when he was a child to the sudden loss of his sister in an accident less than a year later, to being asked to join one of his favorite bands and to create music with some of his best friends in the world, one of whom (founding TBR drummer Brandon Carlisle) also passed away far too early several years ago. All the while, Chen explains how these incidents have made him who he is today, and how, good or bad, they’ve all served to keep him looking inward and growing outward. “The whole time I was writing this book,” says Chen, “I was thinking ‘man, if even one person really gets it, this whole thing was worth it.‘ I’m grateful to every single person that even thinks about reading it, I’m going to be thankful to every person who reads it, even the people that don’t like it. I’m really grateful to have had this chance and to help.”

Because this is 2018 and the traditional book tour circuit is becoming less and less of “a thing,” there are no formal dates where you can catch Chen promoting his tome just yet. But, as a constantly touring musician, he’s found a way around that. “Luckily I travel a lot anyway,” he explains. “My plan is to kinda keep doing that, except now I’ll bring some books along. I always leave it open when I’m on tour, like hey, this is where I’m going to be, if anyone wants to do yoga or do some medication, shoot me a message.” And occasionally I’ll do events, like I’ll do Yoga For Punks or whatever, and I think I’ll do the same with the book. Like, if you want to pick up the book or talk about it, I’m on tour, come hang out!”

Check out our chat with Chen below, and pick up your copy of I Wanna Be Well at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Target or your local bookstore if you’ve got one!

Punk In Drublic festival heads to Europe in June

Punk In Drublic will be hitting Europe this June. The fest will have six dates with stops in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. Headliners include NOFX, Bad Religion, and Pennywise. You can find the full lineup, dates and cities below!

Strung Out parts ways with long time drummer Jordan Burns

Sad news from the Strung Out camp. Looks like the genre defining Southern California punk act are splitting with their long running drummer Jordan Burns. Not much detail on why exactly the split occurred but from the language of the official statement below it would appear that it wasn’t exactly amicable. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Here’s the statement:

“To all our friends,

Next year will mark our 30 year anniversary as a band. That is quite an extraordinary feat for any relationship ESPECIALLY a band. We have always taken pride in this fact. Keeping it together for so long and making music that we can all be proud of. To us that is truly inspiring. Like any marriage, treating each other with HONESTY and RESPECT is THE MOST important factor. Passion, sacrifice and honor for each other and all we create are essential to keeping the unit whole. When those bonds are broken it can never be the same. Sometimes in order to survive and grow changes must be made.

Strung Out would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that we will be parting ways with our drummer of 20 + years Mr Jordan Burns. We greet this new chapter with a deep sense of gratitude and relief. We could not be more thankful for everything we have accomplished together and for our renewed sense of creativity and enthusiasm. We are brothers again plain and simple. It is extremely important to us that all of our devoted fans know how much the four of us love and honor this band so we expect you to trust that this is in the best interest of Strung Out. We wish Jordan all the best and we promise all of you that we will continue to raise the bar and ALWAYS do it for the love because we still believe! Stay tuned brothers and sisters for the best has yet to come.”

So yeah… But fear not Strung Out fans. We have it on good authority that the band has already enlisted a new drummer (RJ Shankle of Runaway Kids) and as you likely know, the band heads out on tour with Pennywise next month. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, in May they’ll be releasing their acoustic album Black Out The Sky for which fans can expect the first single/video next month as well. As always, we’ll keep you posted…

No Use For A Name movie announced

A new movie about the history of No Use For A Name has been announced. Drummer Rory Koff made the reveal on Twitter, stating “As we play around with art ideas, we are editing like crazy. It’s a huge feat assembling 27 years as a band. We will be sending out updates so stay tuned…”

All we currently know about the movie is that it’s titled The Long and Short of It. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as more info is revealed.

The influential California punk band’s career ended in 2012 with the untimely passing of Tony Sly.

The Last Gang stream new song “Strange Fruit”

Los Angeles punks The Last Gang are streaming another song off their upcoming album Keep Them Counting. Check out “Strange Fruit” below.

Keep Them Counting, the band’s debut album, releases on March 2nd through Fat Wreck Chords.

DS Exclusive: “I’ll Love You ‘Til The End” – The Loved Ones Look Back On Ten Years Since “Build + Burn”

When The Loved Ones released their debut full-length album, Keep Your Heart, in early 2006, it seemed at the time to be a welcome bit of fresh air in the punk scene. Here was a new band that, though its members were known entities in the punk rock scene, seemed to transcend any specific label; a bouncy, East Coast sound run through a West Coast, Fat Wreck Chords filter. The album was an opening salvo from a band that seemed destined for a lengthy and blindingly bright future. Inspired (for lack of a better word, because that honestly feels like the wrong word to use) by the death of frontman Dave Hause’s mother a few years prior, the baker’s dozen tracks on Keep Your Heart found the Philadelphia-based trio (Mike Sneeringer on drums, Michael “Spider” Cotterman on bass) nearly perfecting a high-octane, melodic punk rock sound that was all their own right out of the gate. The album was nearly universally well-received by critics, fans and fellow bands alike, and set a trajectory for the band that seemed, on paper, to trend infinitely upward.

On the surface, things seemed to be heading in a positive direction in the Loved Ones camp, but there was tension in the ranks. By the time they were ready to record a follow-up to Keep Your Heart, Spider had left the band and the relationship between Hause and Sneeringer was tenuous at best. Touring guitar player David Walsh was brought in as a permanent member, as was Chris Gonzalez, Walsh’s former bandmate in Boston-area punk band The Explosion after that band itself went belly up. The situation was unsteady, but the new lineup had displayed a great deal of chemistry on the road. With that and the momentum from Keep Your Heart still providing wind in their sails, the band teamed up with Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Kienlen to get to work on a new album that would find the band branching in different directions while trying to not abandon their punk rock roots.

The end product, Build & Burn, was released ten years ago today (February 5, 2008). Backed by a rock solid rhythm section, the album maintained many of the melody-rich, uptempo punk rock sounds that made its predecessor so beloved. But the album also stretched in a variety of musical directions that, at the time, didn’t immediately resonate with fans in the same coherent way that Keep Your Heart had. Layers of added texture and an increased desire to tap into some broader musical influences, from Foo Fighter-esque radio ready rockers to mid-90s radio alternative Lemonheads grooves to Oasis style stadium anthems made for an enjoyable and challenging listening experience to the punk rock ear. In retrospect, the album very much finds not only the band and its members – collectively and individually – at a crossroads, but came at a time in which the scene and the music industry and the nation were very much the same place.

The band aimed high, and while opinions may vary as to how successful they were (yours truly thinks its the superior, more relatable Loved Ones full-length), it’s undeniable that they built a bridge to what was to come for its members. To mark the album’s tenth birthday, Dying Scene caught up with its main players – Dave Hause, Mike Sneeringer, David Walsh, Chris Gonzalez, Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Kienlen – to dig deep into the closets and talk about the build up, and subsequent burn out, that produced this misunderstood gem. Check out our two-part story (The Build and The Burn) and track-by-track revisit below!

“Punks in Pubs” Episode 6 featuring Chuck Robertson (Mad Caddies)

Liam Bird’s new must hear podcast “Punks in Pubs” is streaming episode 6, which features none other than Chuck Robertson of Mad Caddies. In this episode, Bird goes on a taste testing spree with Robertson in the back of a tourbus called Blackmagic Pub. The two talk about Robertson’s life with the Mad Caddies, work away from the band as a marijuana farmer, and the challenges of depression and divorce hand-in-hand. 

There is also a bit of ska era comparison for any ska heads that are looking for a good debate!

You can check out the podcast below or catch up with episodes you may have missed here.

Face to Face announce upcoming acoustic record

Punk veterans Face to Face recently announced that they will be releasing a brand new acoustic record. The band announced on Facebook that they would be joining Lucero and Frank Turner’s World tour for one date on August 3rd at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Colorado for a special acoustic set in support of the record.

Tickets are currently on sale for the show here, with more details regarding the album coming soon. You can see the band’s statement here.

Face to Face released their latest album, Protection, in May 2016 on Fat Wreck Chords. It’s the band’s ninth studio album.


Dead To Me premiere brand new song ‘Fear is the New Bliss’

The mighty Dead To Me have blessed us with a new tune. ‘Fear is the New Bliss’ is the first sneak peak from the band’s up and coming fourth album, for which they are currently in the studio now with Chris Dugan (Green Day, Iggy Pop).

If you’re lucky enough to live on the West Coast, you can also catch Dead To Me on one of the dates listed below. Now, less talking, more listening!

El Topo Goes Loco (Belgium) announces full line-up

Belgium ska/punk festival El Topo Goes Loco has announced its full line-up. As every year the tiny town of Mol, Belgium gets to enjoy some of the finest horned and non-horned acts out there. Including, but not limited to, The Bombpops, Mark Foggo’s Skasters, Not Available, Darko and Lotus. Pre-sales are available here with no extra service costs.

Head down below for the full line-up.