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The Mighty Fine release music video for “Revive”

Central California alternative/indie/punk outfit The Mighty Fine have released the video for “Revive,” off their recent album, “In Revival.”  The album, released on Solidarity Recordings, came out in 2011.

Check out the new video here.

The Wild recording full-length album with Laura Jane Grace, announce US tour

Atlanta, Georgia based The Wild have announced that they will be hitting the studio on August 12 to begin recording a full-length album with none-other than Against Me!‘s Laura Jane Grace.  The album will include 11 new songs and the band has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this DIY effort.  The band’s most recent release was a split 7″ with Worthwhile Way on Eager Beaver Records.

The band has also announced that they’ll be hitting the road on June 20th for a month long US tour with The Taxpayers.  To view these tour dates, click here.

Cover Art Battle (June 5th): Melvins, The Hives, Shell Corporation and more…VOTE NOW!

Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers from the albums released that week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

We’ve got an international battle this week (May 29th), featuring new releases from Melvins (Lite), The Hives, Shell Corporation, Stop Breathing, Lost In Society and New Bruises. Check out the slideshow here with apologies for the small artwork on a couple of them. Notice to bands…post bigger artwork when you have a new release out! Then, be sure to cast your vote!

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Album Review: The Shell Corporation – “Time & Pressure”

Whether as a testament to my own credibility, or fear of putting my objectivity to the test, I resisted reviewing this release. As both a disclaimer and an explanation, I offer this: Jan Drees, lead singer of The Shell Corporation, has recently joined the Dying Scene writing team. And slithering between those words is my discomfort. It’s been a long time coming, but I can no longer claim to be a detached onlooker. Out of some journalistic moral code, I initially refused the chance to review this. But obviously, that didn’t last long. I was brought down to earth by wise words imploring me to listen before I refuse.

What I found upon listening was even more disconcerting.

Time & Pressure is really good.

The Shell Corporation have produced an EP that strives on its strong songwriting and composition. It doesn’t do anything to subvert the formula, but if you like your punk rock fast and melodic Time & Pressure will surely satisfy.

“Shit, Just Got Real, Son” begins the album with an injection of melodic hardcore. Easily the most typical on the EP, it succeeds more as a set piece than a song. As superficial as it seems, opening an album with something fast and furious is a tried and true technique. It doesn’t break new ground, but at least it doesn’t pretend it’s supposed to. It’s here to get us pumped, and does so through a Hitchcockian sense of audience manipulation. “Not Me” begins with some slow strumming and a pleasing vocal melody before transforming itself into a full speed punk number. The staccato strumming during the bridge makes the song feel more dynamic and the lyrics include the quotable couplet, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink/ you can lead a man to knowledge but can’t make him think.”

“Looking For a War” is notable for its inclusion of a female vocalist, which is a simple addition that truly adds a lot. Melodic punk rock and its endlessly chugging guitars can tend to run an album into the ground without experimentation with form. The Shell Corporation understand this and instead of writing a record that could’ve held six indistinguishable songs, they play with style and arrangement enough that each of the songs stand as their own entity. “Non Violence is a Luxury” is one of my favorite songs on Time & Pressure for precisely that reason. It’s distinctive and memorable; amongst an album of fairly straight up punk rock, The Clash-like reggae present on “Non Violence is a Luxury” is something of a palette cleanser. Proving not only that The Shell Corporation have the chops to diversify beyond their most recognized genre, it also puts the spotlight on an intuitive and effective example of track sequencing.

The final track, “Seantonamo’s Lament” is a fist pumper that features some great dual vocals, recalling some of Hot Water Music’s most aggressive material. It’s a good sing-a-long, but much better is that it’s just a plain good song. It’s straightforward in all the best ways. As an ending track it strips away frills and gimmicks, delivering its punk rock with honesty and passion.

I enjoyed Time & Pressure every bit as much as I initially resisted it. The Shell Corporation is a band of talented young people doing what they love, and it shows. Undoubtedly, they still have room to grow. But that’s not so much a dismissal as an excitable prediction. Time & Pressure is a great EP, but I have a feeling they’re not too far from perfection’s doorstep.


The Shell Corporation to release split 7-inch with The Mighty Fine

California punk rockers The Shell Corporation will release a split 7-inch with The Mighty Fine this fall on Solidarity Recordings.

The split will contain two new songs from each band.

The two will be touring the U.S. in July. The Shell Corporation will release their upcoming EP, “Time & Pressure,” on June 5th via Solidarity Recordings. The Mighty Fine’s “In Revival” was released last year also on Solidarity Recordings.

The Shell Corporation streaming upcoming EP “Time & Pressure”

California punk rockers The Shell Corporation are streaming their upcoming “Time & Pressure” EP in its entirety.

Give it a listen here.

The EP is due out on June 5th via Solidarity Recordings. The band released their their latest album “Force Majeure” last year. You can download it for free here.

Dogjaw streaming debut full-length “Pilot”

Fort Ashby, WV’s Dogjaw are streaming the debut full-length album, “Pilot” in its entirety.

You can give it a listen here.

You pre-order the album through n Solidarity Recordings here. The band will be touring the east coast in June.

Album Review: Dogjaw – “Pilot”

Let’s clear some things up before getting to the review. There appear to be at least two bands named Dogjaw. This review is about the three piece punk band called Dogjaw from West Virginia, whose debut album is on Solidarity Recordings. They should not be confused with the Dogjaw from Washington, who have just released an album on Rumbletowne Records. If you ask me, I think it’s kind of funny that two bands with the same name would release new albums so close to each other. Perhaps the two bands should get together and see if either wants to spell their name differently, or just outright change it. Or maybe they’re cool with co-existing peacefully. Anyway, now that it’s been cleared up, on to the review!

If the West Virginian Dogjaw’s Facebook page is to be believed, their influences include Dead to Me and Cobra Skulls. If the music on their debut album, Pilot, is any indication, then their Facebook page should be believed. Blending a love for the post-2000 Fat Wreck sound with a crooning vocal style, Dogjaw has constructed a solid, and rather enjoyable, album for anyone who is a fan of melodic punk rock.

As I alluded to earlier, Dogjaw sounds like Dead to Me musically. Specifically they have a sound that’s a cross between the straight forward punk of Cuban Ballerina and the melodic diversity of African Elephants. This is by no means a bad thing, but it’s hard to listen to this album without thinking of Dead to Me. They don’t always sound like Dead to Me. “Insulting the Chieftain” sounds like it could have been ripped from the Cobra Skulls discography, while other tracks will sometimes hint at Dillinger Four or Banner Pilot influences. And sometimes they also sound like Dead to Me, did I mention that yet?

Perhaps the thing that makes Dogjaw stand out as more than just a mere Dead to Me ripoff is the chilling vocals provided by frontman Jim Price. Rather than having a gruff shout like so many punk bands these days, Price’s vocals have a soft, almost haunting, quality to them. While this crooning style is usually reserved for horror punk and psychobilly bands (or the Smoking Popes), Price’s voice never sounds out of place with the music, helping Dogjaw establish their own identity to set them apart from other bands.

Pilot is a solid freshman effort from Dogjaw, setting a strong foundation for the band to build upon. At times it does sound a little bit too much like some of their influences, but it also has signs that the band is already refining a sound to call their own. If Pilot is any indication, with a little tweaking Dogjaw has what it takes to become a force of their own within the punk scene.


Dogjaw Announce East Coast Tour Dates

Fort Ashby, WV’s Dogjaw will be headed out for a few dates in June to celebrate the release of their debut album for Solidarity Recordings, “Pilot,” out May 29th. Along the way they’ll be playing with bands like Timeshares, Ascetic Parade, and Heat Shy (Anthony Heubel of Run, Forever).

Check the dates out here.

The Shell Corporation announce U.S. tour dates with The Mighty Fine

California punk rockers The Shell Corporation have announced U.S. with The Mighty Fine.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

The Shell Corporation will release their upcoming EP, “Time & Pressure,” on June 5th via Solidarity Recordings. The band released their their latest album “Force Majeure” last year. You can download it for free here. (Recommended.)

The Shell Corporation reveal cover art for upcoming EP “Time and Pressure”

California punk rockers The Shell Corporation have posted the cover art for the cover for their upcoming EP “Time and Pressure,” which is due out later this year on Solidarity Recordings.

You can out the cover art here.

The band released their their latest album “Force Majeure” last year. You can download it for free here. (Recommended.)

New Song: Dogjaw – “Tidal Fight” off upcoming album “Pilot”

Fort Ashby, West Virginia’s pop-punk act Dogjaw have posted a new song called “Tidal Fight”.

You can listen to it here.

The song will appear on their upcoming album, “Pilot,” which is due out later this year on Solidarity Recordings.

Album Review: The Mighty Fine – “In Revival”

The Mighty Fine’s “In Revival” was initially released last year, but 2012 marks its debut on the vinyl format, allowing us to revisit one of the better ‘under-the-radar’ releases from the last twelve months. So ‘under the radar,’ in fact, that we missed it the first time around (though it did originally take the Cover Art of the Week and Cover Art of the Month titles upon initial release).

For those unfamiliar, San Luis Obispo’s The Mighty Fine play a sort of indie rock infused punk. The sound is musically not unlike scene heavyweights like The Gaslight Anthem in that whirling guitar leads provide swirling melodies over the power chord driven rhythm guitar. Principal vocalist Brook Thompson’s sound is interesting, and is immediately sets the band apart from others in the game. It’s gruff without being growly, baritone without being obnoxious, showing that you can aggressively attack each syllable without screaming (on one end of the spectrum) or being comically over-emotional (the other end).

The foursome of tracks that open “In Revival” find The Mighty Fine doing what they do best. The songs are uptempo with enough hum-able melodies and variances in tone and time signature to keep from sounding monotonous. “To Indiana” has one of the brighter, catchier choruses in recent memory (though trying to explain to coworkers why you are singing about coming to Indiana when you’ve never set foot in that state and have no intention to at any time ever makes for interesting conversation).  “Flow” evokes the same spirit as “Sometimes A Wolf,” from last year’s highly regarded Banquets’ album  “Top Button, Bottom Shelf.” Given that the latter is one of my favorite tracks of the last year, this is a very good thing.

“Tracks like “Inconvenience” and “Now You Know” are somewhat nondescript mid-tempo rock songs. They aren’t bad (in fact they are quite listenable), but there isn’t enough contained in them to set them apart from a lot of other younger bands. Luckily, “Paper Trails,” “Heroes On TV,” and “Catching Up To Tired” arrive before long and mark a solid return to form, matching the opening quartet note-for-note in catchiness and enjoyability. Album closer “Backwards Therapy” has good bones, but sounds like it was recorded and mixed at a different session. It would be nice to hear this one remixed and slightly reworked, as it could be the best song on a solid album.


Music Video: Dogjaw – “Kittens”

Fort Ashby, West Virginia’s pop-punk act Dogjaw have posted the music video for their song “Kittens.”

You can check it out here.

The song will appear on their upcoming album, “Pilot,” which is due out later this year on Solidarity Recordings.

Solidarity Recordings signs Dogjaw, set to release debut album “Pilot”

In a story truly close to this Dying Scenester’s heart, Solidarity Recordings have signed Fort Ashby, West Virginia’s pop-punk act Dogjaw. The band recently completed recording their debut album, “Pilot”, and are looking at a Memorial Day/Late May release.

You can stream some of the band’s rough demos on their bandcamp.