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10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk – (Heart to Heart)

We recently caught up with California punk band Heart To Heart to get their take on the songs that got them into punk rock.  Check out their list here.

Still Rings True to release “Rebel Music” acoustic 7″ via Anchor Eighty Four Records

Anchor Eighty Four Records has just announced they will be releasing “Rebel Music” an acoustic 7″ from New York punk act Still Rings True. The 7″ will be released this December on both vinyl and digital formats.

You can stream a new track “No Compromise” here. Still Rings True most recently released “Tear Down The Walls” back n June 10th via Third Time Lucky Records.

No Tide stream “Hang Your Head” off upcoming “Winter Acoustics” EP

Lincoln Nebraska pop-punk act, No Tide, have posted an acoustic version of their song “Hang Your Head.”

You can listen to it here.

The song will appear on their acoustic EP “Winter Acoustics” which is due out on  December 4th through Anchor Eighty Four.

10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk – Hear The Sirens

We recently caught up with California punk act Hear The Sirens to get their take on the songs that got him in to punk rock.  Check out their list here.

Album Review: Heart to Heart – “Heart to Heart”

With Deathproof, Heart to Heart made their presence known to me. It was only three songs, but they were an incredibly good three songs, and accordingly I took note and waited patiently for the inevitable full-length to follow. It’s been months since then, and all I can do is look back with nostalgia glazed eyes and remember when I thought Heart to Heart’s self-titled would be good. Having listened to it now, I can confirm it’s not. While not a completely damnable release– it does in fact have some high points– it strays, perhaps decidedly, from what made Heart to Heart sound so good in the first place. Back with Deathproof, I thought they could’ve been the next Hot Water Music, but now it seems as if they’re content to be the next All Time Low.

Sonically, the key ingredients are all still in place– rough and clean vocals juxtaposed, thick power chords and arpeggio melodies battling for dominance– what has changed is the ratio. Heart to Heart has always been melodic, but this time around emo has been supplanted for a pop punk, almost easycore sense of melody. And unfortunately, it’s positively grating. It’s difficult not to cringe as the higher pitched singer nasally intones “you can be the reason summer changes,” in a sugary sweet ascending melody that sounds like something clipped from a Warped Tour mix. I understand bands change their sounds, embrace new influences, and just grow in general, and I probably could’ve lived with this new sound if the band wasn’t trying so hard to evoke the scream-your-lungs-out-in-a-basement brand of punk that they’ve departed so far from. The most glaring and obnoxious (not to mention insulting) attempt at capturing the aesthetic, is on the song “Life Preserver,” where after the song ends we’re treated to a sound clip of the singer out of breath. If Heart to Heart wants to be viewed as a passionate band that gives blood, sweat, and tears for their music they shouldn’t be leaning on absurd and superficial theatrics. Don’t tell us you’re giving it all, just give it all and be done with it.

Heart to Heart’s self-titled does have some moments that transcend the rest of it’s mediocrity. For example, the second half of the album is exponentially better than the first. When they let their hardcore side take the driver’s seat, the results are often astounding. “The Turn” is an example of this, with the verses showing off their lead singers bone-rattling scream. Unfortunately this is the highest point we get, as even though the second half is better, it’s still a mixed bag of good performance and fatal flaws. “Thanks for Everything” is an otherwise great song, with a strong hardcore influenced bridge, but is marred by trite lyrics like “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” “Stuck” remains hard to praise despite decent lyrics, melody, and instrumentation because of it’s plagiaristic opening, mimicking the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”. “GV” changes the pace by being largely driven by acoustic guitar, but it comes off as a (somehow) more sentimental “Swing Life Away.”

Heart to Heart’s debut full length is an exercise in self-serious failure. Its lyrics are infested with cringe-inducing cliches  and delivered with embarrassing earnestness. It wants to be a collection of hot-blooded punk rock anthems for the disillusioned twenty-something but it never comes close to delivering. Shallow songwriting, grating melodies, and punk rock posturing undo everything this record should have been; which is unfortunate, because Heart to Heart, despite everything I’ve said, is a talented band. Hopefully next time around they can remind us of that.

Heart To Heart stream new album

California punk band Heart To Heart are streaming their new self-titled album here.  It’s slated for release October 9th on Anchor 84 Records.

The band ha also recently s announced some US tour dates with We Still Dream and Giants At Large. You can check out a full list of the dates here.

Heart To Heart announces US tour

California punk band Heart To Heart has announced some US tour dates with We Still Dream and Giants At Large. You can check out a full list of the dates here.

The band’s upcoming self-titled debut is due out October 9th on Anchor 84 Records.

Heart to Heart stream “Stuck”

Heart to Heart are now streaming their song, “Stuck.” The song will presumably appear on the group’s upcoming full length debut for Anchor 84 Records. Check out the tune here.

The album, to be self-titled, is expected to hit stores on October 9th.

Heart To Heart release new song “Thanks For Nothing”

California punk band Heart To Heart are currently streaming a new track called “Thanks For Nothing” right over here.

The song will appear on the band’s upcoming self-titled debut, due out October 9th on Anchor 84 Records.

No Tide announce “Miniature Mini-Tour” with Storm The Bay

Nebraska pop-punks, No Tide will joining Storm the Bay on the “Miniature Mini-Tour” this November.

You can check out the tour dates right here.

Storm The Bay released their EP “Hit The Ground Running” August 30th, 2011 on Anchor Eighty-Four Records.

No Tide released their debut full-length album, “Streetlights” last July.

Stateside becomes Coastwar

Due to legal reasons (ie. “the man”) Walnut Creek, California, four-piece pop-punk band Stateside have been forced to change their name.  Henceforth they shall be knows as… Coastwar.

The band recently signed to Anchor Eighty Four Records and are streaming their debut EP, “Good Head Starts, Bitter Ends” right here.

Hear the Sirens post new song “DOA” off upcoming album “Renegade

California punk act Hear The Sirens have just posted a new track off their upcoming  album “Renegade.” Check out “DOA” here.

“Renegade” will be released in fall of 2012. The band released their latest 7-inch EP “Some Form Of Stability / Good Luck, Goodbye,” last September through Anchor Eighty Four.

Video: Heart To Heart studio update

California punk band Heart To Heart are currently in the studio recording their upcoming full-length with with producer Kyle Black.  To get an inside look a the process the band have released a second studio video update this time featuring drummer Stuart Stock. You can check it out here.

The band will be releasing their debut self titled album on September 25th via Anchor Eighty Four Records.

Heart To Heart’s latest release, “Death Proof,” hit the streets last October via Anchor Eighty Four.

Hear The Sirens announce title for upcoming album, streaming new song “Last Call Love”

California punk act, Hear The Sirens, have announced that their upcoming  full-length album will be called “Renegade”.

You can hear a new song called “Last Call Love” here.

The album is due out this Fall. The band released their latest 7-inch EP “Some Form Of Stability / Good Luck, Goodbye,” last September through Anchor Eighty Four.

Free Sampler Download: “Anchor Eighty Four: Summer Sampler 2012”

Anchor Eighty Four are offering a free download of their “Anchor Eighty Four: Summer Sampler 2012.”

It features songs by  A Shipwreck, A Castaway, Heart To Heart, Hear The Sirens, StatesideWhat Hands Are ForNo Tide and more.

You can snag it here.