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Revenge of the Psychotronic Man announce details of new album – ‘Colossal Velocity’

UK thrash punks Revenge of the Psychotronic Man have announced details of their new album. The album is titled Colossal Velocity, and it’s due out this summer on TNSrecords.

To celebrate the announcement, the band will play the album in full at a show Saturday at Gulliver’s in Manchester. Check out more info. on the show here.

Faintest Idea (ska, UK) announce release date and supporting tour for new record “Increasing The Minimum Rage”

UK ska-core outfit Faintest Idea have announced April 1st, 2016 as the release date for their much anticipated album “Increasing The Minimum Rage” out on TNS Records. To help support the release the band have also planned a short stint of tour dates around the UK. Details of the tour can be viewed below.

I managed to have a brief listen to a pre-release copy of the record whilst writing this news feature up and it’s everything you’d expect from Faintest Idea. It’s raw, powerful, laden with great brass hooks and super-polictically charged anthems which will likely excite fans of crack-rock bands such as Leftover Crack as much as it will more traditional ska bands and even UK street-punk listeners. It’s a great release from one of the biggest purveyors of ska-core that the UK currently has to offer and features guest performances from the likes of Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Sean Howe (Random Hand).

Speaking about the new release the band had the following to say:

“The new record sounds heavier both musically and lyrically than our previous releases. With free market capitalism still rampant things don’t look too great for the younger generation. The album is a reflection of the time we find ourselves in, it is the sound of people trying to keep hope in a seemingly bleak future.”

A teaser track “Circling The Drain” can be listened to below.

Roughneck Riot release new video for “All That We Know”

U.K.-based folk-punk band Roughneck Riot have a new video out for the song “All That We Know,” and you can check it out below.  The song appears on the band’s latest album, Out of Anger, which was released on TNS Records.

The video shows footage of the band during their extensive 2015 tour.  Singer Matty Humpfries describes the song like this:

“This song is about giving everything you have to something only for things to not go the way you’d hoped, and then starting over and figuring it all out again instead of giving up.”

X-Ray Cat Trio Release “Out For Blood”

Whether you’ll admit it or not, you love psychobilly. At least a little bit. X-Ray Cat Trio is here with their latest release”Out For Blood” to prove your love and affection for this genre. Fresh off the presses and just in time for the holidays, the UK lads will make any lame holiday party feel like the set of a Tarantino film.

Stream the album below.

Wonk Unit & Raging Nathans announce US tour dates

UK punk act Wonk Unit will be teaming up with Ohio punks The Raging Nathans for Wonk Unit’s first US tour kicking off tomorrow, October 22nd. The 15 day tour will include a show at Fest and you can check out the dates and locations below.

Wonk Unit’s debut album Flying the Japanese Flag is currently available to pre-order on vinyl from the TNSrecords webstore. Raging Nathans released their debut full-length album Losing It in October, 2014.

The Kirkz (U.K. hardcore punk) offer new album “Unregrettable” for name your price download

English hardcore punk act The Kirkz, are streaming their new album “Unregrettable” in its entirety.

You can stream/download it for name your price below.

“Unregrettable” officially drops on June 25, 2015 through TNS Records.

Beat the Red Light break-up

British skacore band Beat The Red Light have announced that they are calling it a day and are disbanding. The band posted a statement on their Facebook, which can be read below.

Beat the Red Light last released their full-length Salt the Lands back in 2011 through TNS Records.

Wonk Unit release music video for new single “Je M’appelle Alex”

The lads in UK punk act Wonk Unit have released a music video for “Je M’appelle Alex”, the first single to be taken from the upcoming “Mr Splashy” album due for release in early 2016 on TNSrecords. The track will be released on 6th May to coincide with a 2 night residency of The Scala with their touring companions and close friends SLAVES.  Check out the video below.

The band’s latest album “Nervous Racehorse” was released in early 2014.

Faintest Idea release track “Mutial Aid” performed with new lineup, announce European tour dates

UK ska-punks Faintest Idea have just released a new version of their song “Mutual Aid” which features the band’s newest lineup, for free download. You can check it out below.

In addition to new music, the band has just announced a string of European tour dates which can also be viewed below. “Mutual Aid” is off the band’s last album “The Voice Of Treason” which was released in 2012.

Vanilla Pod release music video for “Deaf Lugs”

Today we’re stoked to bring you guys a premiere of a new, goofy music video from UK punk band Vanilla Pod.  It’s for their song “Deaf Lugs” and the video features a lot of zombies and glam rock hairdos.  Think “The Walking Dead” meets “Spinal Tap” and you’ll have a decent picture of what to expect.  Check the video out below.

“Deaf Lugs” appears on the bands new EP Seeing Out the Sunrise which is slated for release April 18th via TNS Records and Dry Heave Records on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

Vanilla Pod (punk) stream “Seeing Out the Sunrise” in full

UK punk band Vanilla Pod have just released their latest EP Seeing Out the Sunrise for streaming in full, and you can give it a listen below.

In February, the group announced the release of this EP in celebration of their 20th anniversary as a band. Seeing Out the Sunrise is due out for official release on April 18th via TNS Records and Dry Heave Records on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

To support the EP, the group will be going on a string of tour dates throughout the UK with plans to reach mainland Europe sometime later in the year. You can see the list of dates and locations below.

Vanilla Pod announce 20th anniversary ‘mini-album’ + tour dates

UK punk band Vanilla Pod have announced that they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with the release of a new mini-album called Seeing Out the Sunrise. The 7 song album is due out on April 18th via TNS Records and Dry Heave Records on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The band is also streaming one of the new tracks called “Wishing Well”, which you can take a listen to below. To support the album, the group will be going on a string of tour dates throughout the UK with plans to reach mainland Europe sometime later in the year. You can see the list of dates and locations below.

Seeing Out the Sunrise will serve as the band’s follow up to their 2003 fill-length Surrounded By Idiots.

Stop Breathing announce sophomore full-length, “V”

Oxnard, California-based five-piece punk outfit Stop Breathing have announced plans for their sophomore full-length album. It’s due to be titled “V” because it’s “their fifth release, in their fifth year together as a band, and most likely the last time all five original members will be on a Stop Breathing record.”

“V” is slated for release in April 2015 in a collaborative effort between Burning Tree and Rotten To The Core Records. Stay tuned for more information!

Stop Breathing’s self-titled debut album was released back in 2012 on No Idea Records. They last released an EP entitled “Santa Cruz” back in 2013.

Video: Roughneck Riot do folky-acoustic cover of Bad Religion’s “You”

Warrington, UK, folk-punkers The Roughneck Riot recently jammed out a pretty sweet acoustic cover of the classic Bad Religion track “You” after a party on a Sunday afternoon. Check out the video below.

“You” appears on Bad Religion’s classic 1989 album “No Control.”

The Roughneck Riot released their new album Out of Anger last year via TNS Records.

TNS records releases free sampler

TNS Records has just released a free sampler featuring a number of bands on the label including Warrington folk-punkers The Roughneck RiotRevenge of the Psychotronic Man, and UK punk/ska band Wonk Unit. Check out the 10-track compilation below, and by all means take advantage of the free download!