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DS Photo Gallery: Bum City Saints and Skin & Bonez celebrate record release show in Oakland with Resilience 6.17.16

Last Friday I headed across the bridge to the Oakland Metro Operahouse for a record release show featuring local punks Bum City Saints and Skin & Bonez. Resilience and Total Chaos were to follow, however due to prior constraints I had to leave after catching a few songs from the Santa Rosa punks.

Unfortunately I missed opening band The Velisha, but made it in time to see Skin & Bonez. The band is interesting to say the least, and has a pretty good following – celebrating the release of their newest album “The Free EP”. Formed in 2011, the band is currently mixing & mastering their third full length CD and once it’s out, there is plans to begin on a fourth.

Bum City Saints was the main reason as I was there, as the guys and I have become good pals over the year, and it’s been great to see them progress as musicians, as I progress as a photographer. For those who go out and purchase the new album, you’ll notice a photo taken by yours truly ;). The band kicked off their set with the debut track “Count Me In” from the new album – the crashing cymbals setting the tone for the set – relentless energy. A majority of the set featured tracks from the new album, but a lot of old favorites like “Into The Fire”, “Ride The Storm”, and more.

Unfortunately I only stuck around for a bit of Resilience’s set afterwards, and had to miss Total Chaos due to prior engagements.

Have a look at photos from the three band’s sets below and thanks to Brian, Jesper, and Travis, and Sara for watching my gear.

Bum City Saints premiere new track “Shake The Ground” off upcoming self-titled album

Last week, San Francisco punks Bum City Saints premiered the second track from their upcoming new self-titled album entitled “Do You Remember”. You can check that song out here.

Today, in anticipation of the release which drops this Friday, the band has given Dying Scene an exclusive stream of a new track titled “Shake The Ground”, which you can check out below.

Additionally, the band put out a music video for their song “Bullets Not Bailouts,” which you can watch here.

Bum City Saints also just launched a new website which features in-depth information about the band, some music from their catalog, photos, show info, and more. Have a look.

The band’s upcoming self-titled album is set to release on June 3rd through Pirates Press Records. It will serve as follow-up to their 2014 EP Ride The Storm, also released through Pirates Press.

The record release show will take place on June 17th at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, alongside punk legends Total Chaos.

Stadium Way (acoustic Noi!se side project) release music video for “Shadows”

Stadium Way, an acoustic side project from Noi!se vocalist Matt Henson and Noi!se drummer Kenny Dirkes, have just dropped a music video for a fantastic song called “Shadows” and you can check it out below.

“Shadows”, featuring organs from Interrupters’ Kevin Bivona, will appear on the duo’s upcoming 4 song 7″ slated for release soon via Pirates Press/ Randale Records.

Bum City Saints premiere new track “Do You Remember” off upcoming self-titled album; record release show with Total Chaos

Last week, San Francisco punks Bum City Saints premiered the first material from their upcoming new self-titled album in the form of a music video for their song “Bullets Not Bailouts”.

Today, DyingScene is happy to announce the exclusive stream of a new track from the upcoming work.

The song is entitled “Do You Remember” and you can check it out below.

“Bum City Saints” is set to be released June 3rd through Pirates Press Records and serves as follow-up to the band’s 2014 EP “Ride The Storm”, also released through Pirates Press.

Additionally, the guys have just solidified their record release show party – which is set for June 17th at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, alongside punk legends Total Chaos.

The band will be releasing some other tracks from the new album in the following weeks so be sure to check back as updates develop.

Booze and Glory (oi!) to release new single “Carry On” on shaped picture disc

London Oi! native Booze & Glory are to release brand new singles “Carry On” and “Blood From a Stone” on shaped picture disc May 27th. There will be a green and white version (released through Pirates Press Records), as well as a orange and black version (released through Contra Records).

Booze & Glory released their last album, “As Bold As Brass” in 2014 through Sailors Grave Records.

DS Interview: Louise Distras on the eve of her first headline US tour

UK-based folk-punk singer/songwriter, and Dying Scene favorite, Louise Distras is headed out on her first string of headline shows in the US in the very near future…as in, she plays her first such gig today in Los Angeles. We caught up with Distras for an impromptu interview late last night and spun it around for publication this morning in preparation for tonight’s show. Check out our conversation below; never quite done one like this before, but we think it came out pretty entertaining!

Distras is still touring in support of her debut full length album, Dreams From The Factory Floor, which came out in the US via Pirates Press just about a year ago. You can check out her tour dates below as well, just underneath our Q&A!

Bum City Saints premiere music video for “Bullets Not Bailouts” off upcoming self-titled album

San Francisco punks Bum City Saints have just premiered the first material from their upcoming new self-titled album which is set to be released next month through Pirates Press Records.

The track is entitled “Bullets Not Bailouts” and you can check out the music video below.

Here’s what Pirates Press had to say about the upcoming work,

As raw and powerful as it is, the lyrics and sentiment that Bum City Saints throw at you are as genuine, intelligent, and passionate as it gets…These 25 minutes of fury are unquestionably their best songs to date, and will undoubtedly leave a mark on lots of new fans; really sealing the deal for those who’ve watched them take off since the start.

“Bum City Saints” is set to be released June 3rd through Pirates Press and serves as follow-up to the band’s 2014 EP “Ride The Storm”, also released through Pirates Press.

The band will be releasing some other tracks from the new album in the following weeks so be sure to check back as updates develop.

Louise Distras announce first date of upcoming US tour

UK-based folk-punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras is headed back to the US next month!

Distras had already been confirmed for an appearance at the Las Vegas edition of Punk Rock Bowling, and we’re now learning that that date won’t be the only thing on her US itinerary. She’ll be kicking of a string of tour dates on May 21st at the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles. We’ll have the rundown on a bunch more Distras tour dates in the very near future, as well as maybe some other exclusive goodies here on the pages of Dying Scene. Stay tuned!

Louise Distras’ debut full length, Dreams From The Factory Floor, came out in the US via Pirates Press just about a year ago.


New Band Alert: Stadium Way (acoustic side project from Matt and Kenny of Noi!se)

The punk rock group Noi!se has got to be the Northwest punk scene’s best kept secret. I have yet to hear a bad song put out by these guys and that includes an entire full-length called The Scars We Hide which hasn’t quite been properly released yet but should be soon.

Whilst we’re waiting for that we’ve got the next best thing, an acoustic side project from Noi!se vocalist Matt Henson and Noi!se drummer Kenny Dirkes. It’s called Stadium Way and it appears they’re just about to release their debut album through Pirates Press (US) and Randale (Europe). No release date yet but the fellas are streaming three tracks from the release to give us a taste of what’s to come.

Check out “Misplaced Rage” (featuring organs from Interrupters’ Kevin Bivona), “Lessons Learned” and “Ever Afraid” below.

DS Photo Gallery: Bonecrusher at Thee Parkside SF (3.5.16)

I rushed out of work on Saturday hoping to jet over to Thee Parkside and catch my buddies in Rile 9 Collective, however I made it to the venue just in time to hear the last chord and the mic drop from Frankie Loyal. As drummer and vocalist, he sometimes feels the need to get out from behind his kit and connect closer with the audience, which he does in great fashion, while enlisting the help of wife Ramona, and full-time drummer for the Santa Cruz outfit Custom Fit.

I knew I was going to miss the openers The Quitters and TV Static, and according to friends, they were both great sets. But I was incredibly excited to see for the first time hardcore punk group Bonecrusher. The guys hadn’t played Thee Parkside for over a decade, and all the aging punks ready to let fists fly was testament to the excitement in the air.

It was pretty cool seeing members of Suede Razors, Roadside Bombs, and more getting down in the pit – age is just a number. Bonecrusher played an incredible set, and except for the occasional pause to catch breath and tune, it was energy non-stop from the get-go. During “The Fight”, fans almost took the chorus a little too literal and there was almost bloodshed on the dance floor. Cooler heads prevailed, and the band reminded everyone that “The Fight” is against ‘the man’ and ‘institution’, not each other. Other hits included “Angry Youth”, “The Price You Pay”, “Wrecking Crew”, “Gotta Believe”, and so many more. Incredible set and great night of hardcore punk.

You can have a look at photos from Bonecrusher’s set below.

Big thanks to Frankie and Audra for help with the show.

Street Dogs get their own Holiday

Boston punk act Street Dogs recently announced that the City of Boston has recognized their years of representing their city by creating Street Dogs Day.  Mayor Martin J. Walsh made the official proclamation for December 18th.  You can see the band’s post about the new holiday here.

Street Dogs last released a 10-inch split with Noi!se in April 2014 through Pirates Press Records.


Live Video: Darkbuster perform “Stand & Deliver” with Mike McColgan (Street Dogs)

In honor of today being Veteran’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of the highlights of my show-going year. Back in August, Lenny Lashley and a retooled Darkbuster lineup performed a handful of sold out shows in Boston/Cambridge, and in the process, performed a particularly rousing rendition of the classic Darkbuster ode to the United States Armed Forces, “Stand And Deliver.” They were joined for the occasion by Lashley’s fellow Street Dog, the inimitable Mike McColgan (himself, obviously, a veteran of the United States Army). Check out the video below (which I didn’t shoot — Mike Janeiro did — though I did take the picture above), and we hope you all had a happy Veteran’s Day.

Darkbuster released the seven-years-in-the-making album “No Revolution” back in August on Pirates Press Records.

Bat’s Out (Canadian street punk/Oi!) streaming new 7″ “Flying Blind”

Canadian street punks Bat’s Out! are relatively new to the scene – recently formed in 2013 – however they have been quick to cement themselves as a force to be reckoned with, belting out classic street anthems and sing alongs.

The band caught the attention of Pirates Press Records, and recently released their newest 7″ entitled “Flying Blind”.

The four-track LP has been made available to stream in its entirety, which you can check out below.

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rock Fest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 4 of 4) – Street Dogs, Dead Kennedys

The crowd at Queen Mary’s had began to fill up in anticipation of Naked Raygun‘s stellar performance, and was starting to look like a proper music festival once the Boston veterans Street Dogs took to the stage. The band literally comes with an entourage, and their fan base reaches far and wide into a diverse collection of genres and generations. Perhaps it was to beat traffic, perhaps it was for other reasons, but after Street Dogs, the somewhat-still-full crowd began to thin a little for Dead Kennedys, fronted by vocalist Ron ‘Skip’ Greer.

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again, but Street Dogs are one of those bands that I have to manage shooting and dancing. I love being able to photograph some of my favorite bands, however sometimes I wish could quit the gear and thrash like I once did (which I ultimately did for the last part of “Fighter” and beyond). The band performed favorites like “Tobe’s Got a Drinkin’ Problem”, “Punk Rock and Roll”, “Back To The World”, “In Defense of Dorchester”, and so many more. The guys even played one of my favorite Darkbuster songs “Skinhead”, which was incredible. Beer was spilling and fists were flying as Mike called out for a circle pit and fans obliged with all their might.

Dead Kennedys were headliners for the Hi-Fi Rock Fest, and fans had bore the sun and heat, the $2 bottles of water, and all the fried food you could ever want all for this moment. With East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride (aka Geoffrey Lyall) still driving the strings, and D.H. Peligro still on percussion, the band sounded quite like the Dead Kennedys we all know and love. It’s just weird when there’s a divorce, ya know? I understand Leftover Crack decided to drop off this bill due to conflicts with playing with a ‘Dead Kennedys’ sans Biafra, but in all honesty, they missed out. The crowd hadn’t used up all their energy dancing to the Boston greats and were still begging for more, however after 11 hours of shooting and just as many bands, I retired to the white couches to enjoy the rest of set which lasted just over an hour. You can have a look at a video of the entire set here.

Have a look at photos from Street Dogs’ and Dead Kennedys’ sets below.

Big thanks to head honcho Dave Buck, and fellow promoters Darron Hemann and Derik O’Brien, and everyone else who made the day a great success and lots of fun!

Harrington Saints stream new LP, “Fish & Chips”

California street punks Harrington Saints have just released a complete stream of their new LP “Fish & Chips”. The album consists of seven heavy thumping tracks, which you can check out below.

“Fish & Chips” is being released via Pirate Press Records, and marks the band’s first full release since “Pride and Tradition” back in 2012.