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Caskitt announce US fall tour

San Diego punks Caskitt have announced a lengthy fall tour they will be playing around their appearances at Fest 14 in Gainesville, FL. Check out the full tour itinerary below.

The band’s latest album This Machine Kills Sadness was released back in March through La Escalera Records, and they recently put out a new music video for their song “Midwest Summer Nights.”





Caskitt release music video for “Midwest Summer Nights”

San Diego’s Caskitt have premiered the music video for their song “Midwest Summer Nights” on For the Love of Punk.

You can check it out below.

“This Machine Kills Sadness” was released earlier this year through La Escalera Records.

EP Review: Burn Burn Burn!- “Have Fun”

Burn Burn Burn! delivers the music you’d expect from a band named after an obscure Against Me! song. Its loud and raucous and melodic and heartfelt. The Seattle boys seem less concerned with politics than their Gainesville counterparts, but the influence is felt all the same. As far as Pacific Northwest punk rock goes, this isn’t too uncommon– Cascadia is filled with punk rock that’s melodic but not poppy, passionate but not political. It all comes together as expression on the smallest scale; bands playing small stages in the side rooms of dive bars, coming in with a handful of songs, and leaving with bellies full of beer and sore throats. Have Fun is an EP in this vein, and its a true one, working as a complete, cohesive work as viable as any full length.

 Organ opens “Endless Summer Bummer,” giving way to a beat reminiscent of something 60’s and deliciously pop, but with the plaintive vocals of frontman Drew Smith they’re imbued with a sort of steadfast desperation. There’s a stuffiness to his voice here that makes me wonder if another take could’ve been used, but when he pushes his vocal cords it’s like he becomes a different person. The lyrics paint a picture of self loathing and nerves burnt from a hard lived youth. “What Doing” is a more traditionally punk rock song– fast and melodic with vocal lines that trip and stutter through speedy declarations. Burn Burn Burn!’s sound has a fair amount of Fat Wreck influence running through it, and it’s interesting to see how such a specific sound influenced bands that don’t necessarily warrant themselves as peers. There is tons of skate punk out there, but Burn Burn Burn! is decidedly influenced by it, rather than aping it.

“For Whodie” is one of the standout tracks on Have Fun, if only for its ominous, brutal change of pace. It begins with a ringing riff that wouldn’t be too far out of a band like Tragedy’s wheelhouse, before launching into a fast and furious hardcore song. The guitars are decidedly dark and minor, bringing to mind Defeater, an admittedly left-field comparison, but the oddness contributes to how effective the track is. Near the end, the band reclaims some of that sunny skate punk cadence and reintroduces the song into what the listener knows as their core sound.

Have Fun succeeds as an EP because of its strong tracklist. The best thing I can say about any EP is that it doesn’t sound like a collection of songs– lesser releases are only an assembly of words, but here Burn Burn Burn! form a sentence.  From its deliriously creepy cover art, to its deadbeat ruminations on booze and life, Have Fun feels complete.


Burn Burn Burn! announce west coast tour

Seattle punks Burn Burn Burn! have announced a month-long west coast tour in support of their new a EP have fun, which was released on June 23rd and can be heard here. The full tour itinerary can be found below.

Pre-orders for the vinyl release of have fun are available on the band’s Bandcamp page, so head over there if you’re looking to pick up some new wax.

Burn Burn Burn! announce and stream new EP

Seattle punk band Burn Burn Burn! have announced their new EP have fun and are currently streaming it online. Listen to it below.

Vocalist Drew Smith on the EP: “We wanted to write a bummed out party record. Basically something upbeat sounding but utterly hopeless and depressing lyrically. We’re super excited and proud of how everything turned out.”

have fun was recorded by Jesse O’Donnell of Noi!se, and was released digitally today, June 23rd. The EP will see a physical released in August. Purchase it here. Burn Burn Burn! last released a split 7″ with Stabbed In Back last year.

Signalman (post-hardcore) stream newly released self-titled EP, share tour dates

San Antonio, Texas-based post-hardcore outfit Signalman have released their new self-titled EP for streaming via La Escalera Records, as well as a series of tour dates.

Check out the album as well as tour information below.

La Escalera announces 4th anniversary show

La Escalera Records will be turning 4  this year, and to celebrate the label will be throwing a birthday bash / show on May 3, 2015 at the Til Two Club in San Diego, CA.
Confirmed acts for the show include Bastards Of Young, Civil War RustBlack DotsWestern SettingsGentlemen Prefer BloodCaskitt, DFMK, and Dudes Night, as well as reunion performances by Vena Cava and Breaker Breaker One Niner.

More information on the event can be found here.

Gentlemen Prefer Blood stream acoustic tracks “Nearly Invisible” and “Scene Despoiler”

Los Angeles pop-punks Gentlemen Prefer Blood are now streaming acoustic versions of their tracks “Nearly Invisible” and “Scene Despoiler” from a recorded video session in Vegas. Check them out here.

The band just released their album, Used Books and Guns, on April 7th through La Escalera Records and Its Alive Records. You can listen to the whole thing below.

Gentlemen Prefer Blood last released a split 7-inch with Hands Like Bricks in 2013.

Full Album Stream: Gentlemen Prefer Blood – “Used Books and Guns”

Los Angeles pop-punks Gentlemen Prefer Blood release their newest album today, through La Escalera Records and Its Alive Records.

The new work is entitled “Used Books and Guns” and you can listen to the whole thing below.

The band last released a split 7-inch with Hands Like Bricks in 2013.

Gentlemen Prefer Blood (punk) announce new album “Used Books And Guns”, stream new song “Diets For The Dying”

Los Angeles pop-punks Gentlemen Prefer Blood have just announced that they will be releasing a new album on April 7th via La Escalera Records and Its Alive Records.  To get you fired up you can stream a badass little song from the album titled “Diets For The Dying” below.

The band last released a split 7-inch with Hands Like Bricks in 2013.

Burn Burn Burn returns to the studio to record a new album

I had a chance to catch up with Drew Smith from Seattle’s Burn Burn Burn recently, and got some inside info on the band’s progress on their new album.  The as-yet-untitled record is being recorded at The Autopsy Room by Noi!se guitarist (and fellow Washingtonian) Jesse O’Donnell.

The band focused on writing  more technically-challenging songs, while keeping a simple, scaled-back sound and adding in lyrics that are important to the band personally.  In Drew’s words, “If I can call it anything, I’d call ’em ‘bummed out party songs.'”  We’ll have to see if they sound “bummed out,” but you can check out some check out some pictures of the “party” aspects of recording below.

Burn Burn Burn hasn’t set a release date yet for the new material, but word is that they will tour soon after it is released.  As always, we’ll keep you posted on the details.  Burn Burn Burn most recently released a split with the New Mexico melodic hardcore band Stabbed In Back on La Escalera Records.  Their last full-length was 2013’s This Machine.

Signalman (San Antonio post-hardcore) sign to La Escalera Records, debut new track “Swells”

San Antonio, Texas-based post-hardcore outfit Signalman are the latest signing to the La Escalera Records roster. They’re planning to release their first EP with the label next month, and they’re streaming a track from that very release today. It’s called “Swells,” and you can check it out below.

Success recording new full-length album

Seattle punk rockers Success are currently recording a new full-length album:

“Day 3 of recording the new full length!! Get stoked”

They last released a four-way split with Bastards Of Young, Civil War Rust. Success released their latest album Life On The Rocks in March. The record served as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 full-length We Are the Elitist Generation.

Music Video: Western Settings (punk) – “Mostly Dead All Day”

San Diego pop punk band Western Settings have premiered a music video for their song “Mostly Dead All Day” off their self-titled EP.  Check it out below.

The EP was released on January 7th, 2014 through La Escalera Records and you can download it for free right here.

Western Settings are working on material for a new full-length, and are readying a four-way split with Civil War Rust, Success, and Bastards of Young.

Lyric Video: Success – “Ricky and Me”

Seattle punk rockers Success have uploaded a new lyric video for their song “Ricky and Me.” The song appears on their four-way split with Bastards Of Young, Civil War Rust, and Western Settings titled Burrito Wars. You can check the video out below.

Success released their latest album Life On The Rocks in March. The record served as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 full-length We Are the Elitist Generation.