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American Lies / Dudes Night streaming split 7″

The fine people at Rad Girlfriend Records are now streaming their latest release – a split 7-inch from American Lies and Dudes Night – and you can check it out below.

The split was released on Friday, January 17th and is available for purchase on the label’s Bandcamp.

New Music Video: The Maxies – “Feliz Navidad”

Greenland-by-way-of-SoCal pop punks The Maxies are the latest to debut a new, holiday-themed video just in time for baby Jesus’ upcoming birthday.

The band have unleashed their cover of the 1970 Jose Feliciano classic “Feliz Navidad.” Check it out below!

The Maxies have a slew of upcoming tour dates with the likes of Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends and Mighty Mongo. Click here for info.

The Ex-Boyfriends (gritty pop punk) release two music videos

Texan pop-punk act The Ex-Boyfriends will be releasing a brand new album titled “Disease” on October 20th via Rad Girlfriend Records. The band released videos for “Are There Any Punks?” and “The Store.” You can check them out below.

The Ex-Boyfriends (gritty pop-punk) stream new album “Disease”

Texan pop-punk act The Ex-Boyfriends will be releasing a brand new album titled “Disease” on October 20th via Rad Girlfriend Records and you can stream that bad boy in its entirety below.

The Maxies (pop-punk) offer free download of new song “Happy Birthday, You’re A Dick”

Greenland pop-punk act The Maxies are offering a new song called “Happy Birthday, You’re A Dick” up for free download!

You can check it out & snatch it up below.

The Maxies released “Greenland Is Melting” this year through Rad Girlfriend Records.

Slow Death streaming new songs from upcoming EP “No Heaven”

Minneapolis punk band The Slow Death are currently streaming two new songs from their upcoming EP “No Heaven.” Check out “A Little Less Ugly,” and “Nowhere to Sleep” here.

The album can be pre-ordered via the Rad Girlfriend Records big-cartel page here.

The Maxies (pop-punk) streaming new album “Greenland is Melting”

SoCal pop-punk / powerpop act, The Maxies, are streaming their new album “Greenland is Melting” in its entirety.

You can check it out here.

The album was released on July 28, 2013 on Rad Girlfriend Records.

Free compilation download: Rad Girlfriend Records Compilation Vol. II (The Slow Death, Rad Company, Prevenge)

Rad Girlfriend Records have released their second compilation, “Rad Girlfriend Records Compilation Vol. II”. The record features acts such as The Slow DeathRad Company, and Prevenge.

You can download it for free here.

The Capitalist Kids (pop-punk) stream split 7-inch with The Ex Boyfriends

Texan pop-punk acts The Capitalist Kids and The Ex Boyfriends released a split 7-inch today via Rad Girlfriend Records.  If you’re intrigued by such news you’ll be pleased to know you can stream the entire release right freaking here.

Introducing new punk band: The Raging Nathans

Although Dayton, OH based punk outfit The Raging Nathans have been playing locally since 2008, they have officially released their first 7 inch album on Rad Girlfriend Records, and it’s a treat.  Falling somewhere between NOFX, Screeching Weasel and The Queers, The Raging Nathans bring that old school energy with just enough grit to make you believe it.  The album is currently streaming in full on the band’s bandcamp page, where it is available for purchase.  Get on it, get crankin!

Introducing Gravelcore Punk Act: Stay Clean Jolene (free EP download)

You know that Hot Water Music gravelly vocals style of pop-punk?  I like to call it “Gravelcore” and Manchester’s Stay Clean Jolene do a good job of representing the niche in their 3 song demo which you can stream and download for free right here.

It will be released as a 7-inch of Rad Girlfriend, Drunken Sailor and Eager Beaver Records.

Album Review: Masked Intruder/Turkletons split

This split by Madison, Wisconsin’s Masked Intruder and Minneapolis, Minnesota’s The Turkletons might have slipped under your radar, possibly overlooked in anticipation of the former band’s upcoming full length. However, this 7″ (co-released by Hang Up Records, Rad Girlfriend Records, and Lost Cat Records) isn’t one you want to skip pass so easily.

The Masked Intruder side of the split showcases what some of us already knew: Before the donning of the ski masks and color-coded-everything, these guys already had a solid (but strictly classified) history of writing and playing pop punk. Regardless of any criminal themes, the gusto put into these 4 fairly standard pop punk songs comes out well-polished and puts this split up there with some of my other favorites of the genre, the Dan Vapid And The Cheats/Jetty Boys split or the Direct Hit!/Mixtapes split.

2 tracks by Minneapolis band The Turkletons followed in suit, making the whole thing go down smoothly. This side is just as catchy, just as fast, and just as simple. Sure, that means there’s not a whole lot of variety, but it also means the entire split is balanced to a fine point. And honestly, it isn’t like you buy a 7″ to be blown away by variety anyway. 12 minutes of these kinds of quick, fun tunes is more than satisfying.

Short, sweet, and simple, this release meets the standards for the many great pop punk splits out recently. 8.5/10 stars.