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Punk Rock Trivia: Keanu Reeves was in The Vandals?

Every once in a while the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene like to unleash some punk rock trivia to enlighten and enhance the minds of you, the readers. Today’s trivia is about The Vandals and their unlikely celebrity fill-in.

Most of us know Keanu Reeves as the master of wooden expression, carefully exploring his craft in a number of big Hollywood pictures. But, aside from his actorly pursuits, it turns out Reeves can also play the bass. While most of his four-string talents were parlayed into the alt-rock band Dogstar (1991-2002), he also filled in for The Vandals when Joe Escalante was unable to play for a New Year’s Eve gig

Apparently, no video footage can be found of Keanu rocking out with The Vandals, but to hear his work in Dogstar, click here.

Joe Escalante (The Vandals) talks about his L.A. county judge campaign

AOL Noisecreep recently sat down for an interview with The Vandals bassist and lawyer Joe Escalante, who talks about his campaign to become a judge in Los Angeles County. He states:

“I’m still smarting from a defending frivolous lawsuit for eight years so I want to effect change. I beat Fulbright & Jaworski and a giant media company that actually owns LexisNexis as well as Variety. They have 900 attorneys in their firm and I beat them in Federal Court, representing me, the band, the members and the record label. Whether I win or lose. I just want my campaign to make a difference. I do. I’ve watched too much corruption go on around me for too long and I really want to make a difference. When voters look at a ballot, they should know who they are voting for and I’m working hard so that they can get to know me. Once they do, I think they’ll realize I deserve it.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

The Vandals haven’t released any new material since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip. This was the result of a lawsuit against Variety Magazine, who accused the band of stealing their logo. The lawsuit was eventually resolved last month.

The Honorable Joe Escalante? The Vandals bassist running for LA County judge

If you’re lucky, the only time you’ve been looking up at bassist Joe Escalante on a raised platform is when you getting crushed in the pit at a Vandals show.  If you’re unlucky, it’s been in small claims court when he declares you guilty for vandalism charges. Escalante currently serves as a temporary judge, presiding over small claims, traffic, unlawful detainment, limited civil, and limited criminal matters.

Escalante now seeks to be a permanent county-paid judge, and to do so must run in an upcoming June 5th election. For more information on the race/his campaign, check out the official Escalante For Judge Facebook Page.

While it certainly isn’t commonplace, it’s not absolutely unheard of for a punk musician to run for public office. Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys ran for mayor of San Francisco, Joey Keithley of Canadian punk band D.O.A. has run for office three times in his hometown of Burnaby, British Columbia, and many other punk and rock musicians have fought for public office as well.

Variety vs. the Vandals officially over

The Vandals legal war is officially over, having settled with opposing party Variety. Bassist and lawyer Joe Escalante had this to say:

This was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, and to the band, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done. However, as my wife says, the crash course in federal court litigation made me a better lawyer. Hopefully this will be a lesson to other media companies and law firms with respect to how they deal with First Amendment issues in the Internet Age.

The Vandals haven’t released any new material since the offending album, 2004’s “Hollywood Potato Chip”, pictured at left.

The Ataris to release early demos

On Friday, December 30th Indiana pop punk outfit The Ataris will be releasing a collection of unreleased tracks that were recorded by Kris Roe between the ages of 13 and 18. These songs would be passed along to The Vandals and later helped them get signed to Kung Fu Records.

To get these songs, simply visit the band’s bandcamp page.

Live Video: The Vandals – Pat Brown

Among the set list from punk rockers the Vandals at the recent Goldenvoice 30th Anniversary show we reported on earlier was “The Legend Of Pat Brown” which was captured on video and you can see it right here!

“The Legend Of Pat Brown” was originally released on the Vandals‘ debut EP “Peace Thru Vandalism” in 1982 on Epitaph Records.

The Vandals have not released any new material since “Hollywood Potato Chip” in 2004, which landed them some legal headaches.

The Vandals announce 15th annual Christmas Formal

The Vandals have announced their 15th annual Christmas Formal show, to take place December 11th at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. The Crowd and Versus the World are also on the bill. The annual event notably features songs from the band’s 1996 Christmas album, Oi to the World!. Tickets and the poster for the show are available on the band’s website.

The Vandals’ haven’t released any new material since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip, but keep your fingers crossed for new material from the band. This past April, the band won their lawsuit against Variety magazine.

Music Video: Cooper – “Mr. Me”

Dutch pop-punk act Cooper have premiered a music video for their song “Mr. Me” and you can check it out right here.

According to Kung Fu Records the band’s new album was released today but if it was, it didn’t come out in the US.  This band is harder to find information on than Jimmy Hoffa’s killer.


Video Interview: In depth look at Knock-Out

Knock-Out, the versatile punk/reggae/ska fusion from Riverside CA recently checked in with Coyote Radio’s Lunch Time Live in San Bernardino for a thorough video interview.

The band covers everything from their history, touring and influences and also mentions that they are currently in the process of recording for their brand new full length record.

You can check out the first part of the interview right here.

For the rest of the interview you can check out the Coyote Radio Youtube channel here

Knock-Out last released “Another Wasted Night” in 2008 on Kung-Fu Records.

Versus The World (featuring members of Lagwagon, The Ataris) almost finished new album

Santa Barbara punks Versus The World (featuring Chris Flippin of Lagwagon and Mike Davenport from the Ataris) are in the studio nearing completion of a brand-spankin’ new album. The only other info we have at this point is a post from earlier today via the band’s facebook page, in which they state: “HUGE news coming soon, big things are about to happen around here…….” As always, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything.

Versus The World’s self-titled debut album (artwork for which is over on the left) came out in 2005 via Kung Fu Records.

The Vandals win round one in battle vs. Corporate America

Score one for the punks!

As we first told you about back in April of last year, OG OC punks The Vandals are being sued by Variety magazine. It seems the Hollywood entertainment mag took offense to the fact that the boys mimicked their logo for the cover art of the band’s 2004 “Hollywood Potato Chip” release (which can be seen on the left of this article). As a result, Variety sued The Vandals in a Delaware court for $50,000 for alleged violation of a prior cease and desist order. The band argues that A)the case should be argued in a California court as that is where the primary players are based and B)they band themselves had nothing to do with violating the order.

Chalk the first victory in the case up to the good guys! Joe Escalante, who doubles as both the Vandals’ lawyer and their bass player, successfully fought to have the case moved to a California federal court, which is much more convenient for Escalante, a Loyola Law grad.

The Vandals put together a fun little video gloating about Variety’s loss. Watch it here. Also, you can read more about the particulars of the case right here.

Random Cover Song Thursday: The Vandals cover Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.  We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs.  Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs.  Good or bad.  Intriguing or mundane.  We’ll let you be the judge. This week it’s The Vandals covering Queen’s hit song “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Check out the cover version and compare it to the original here. This one cracks me up. You have to love Queen and of course The Vandals!

Knock-Out announce tour dates and new album

Riverside’s Knock-Out, the punk/reggae/ska fusion from Kung Fu Records have announced a run of dates in the US this April through early May.

Check out the dates here.

Personally, this is one of my favorite live acts out on the road.  Do yourself a favor and make it out to a show if you can.

The band has also reportedly began the recording process for a new album.  No word on any planned release date yet.

Knock-Out is still touring in support of 2008’s “Another Wasted Night.”

Interview: Joe Escalante on possibility of new material from The Vandals

Kerpunk posted a pretty cool interview with The Vandals bassist Joe Escalante in which he discusses the state of the band, his label (Kung-Fu Records), the state of punk rock in general and other standard interviewy type things.  You can check out the whole interview here but here are some interesting excerpts:

On why the Vandals haven’t released any new material since 2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip, Joe explained:

“Our last release was marred by a frivolous lawsuit filed against us by the show business trade publication The Daily Variety. They are really into promoting show business by ruining the releases of punk bands and record labels.”

On when we can expect to see new Vandals material, Joe responds:

“Well, they’ve sued us again, for something we didn’t do, so we have to deal with this first.”

Hollywood’s “Variety” magazine sues The Vandals (again)

Orange County punkers The Vandals are facing more legal troubles over the use of the logo for Hollywood’s entertainment trade magazine, Variety.  This time around, though, the band claims to not hold culpability for the use of the magazine’s trademark.

The band’s latest release (2004’s Hollywood Potato Chip) featured artwork that resembled a little too closely Variety‘s logo, resulting in a cease and desist order being  issued against the band.  The band complied and all materials rendering the logo were removed from retail shelves and subsequent pressings of Hollywood Potato Chip contained different artwork (which can be seen at the top of this article).

Since then, apparently, the original cover art has been cropping up around the Internet (specifically, Kung-Fu, etc., related websites) much to Variety‘s chagrin, thus sparking yet another lawsuit.  This time, the complaint from the magazine was that the band had committed a breach of settlement.  As previously stated, The Vandals state that the matter is out of their hands; the logo does not appear on any of their affiliated websites and is not in their control, yet, according to the statement released by The Vandals, Variety refuses to inform the band as to where the offending art can be found.  For their supposed sins, Variety is suing The Vandals for an exorbitant amount of cheddar in addition to a demand of $25,000  for damages.

On top of the cockamamy accusations, Variety has hired attorneys in Delaware where neither of the parties involved do any kind of business nor do they dwell.  This, surely, a move to force The Vandals to settle so as to avoid frequent and costly travel expenses.

The band is left confounded and has requested the aid of their fans and supporters to help them resolve this issue.  Joe Escalante (the band’s only remaining original member, a label owner, radio host, director, and amateur lawyer) asks for whoever comes across The Vandals’ Variety logo (check it out here… I’d have posted the original cover, but that may prove counter-productive (hint: Wikipedia)) on a site that The Vandals control to contact him at [email protected] with the whereabouts.  Joe also promises that one’s efforts will not go unrewarded.  To those who contribute to their cause, he is offering two tickets to an upcoming benefit show to help fund their legal fight against the Variety.

Also: Joe is also asking for assistance in seeking a Delaware attorney to aid them in getting the trial moved to California (I, actually, really don’t know why he’s complaining… isn’t Delaware’s state motto “The Resort State”?).  Again, any information should be directed to [email protected].

Hooray for capitalism vs. the First Amendment.

PS – According to Wikipedia (and, a “Hollywood potato chip” is a vulgar industry term for a dried spot of semen which lies upon a casting couch.