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Wiretap Records releases 40-song comp “Attention: A Wiretap Records “Instant” Compilation”

Southern California indie label Wiretap Records have released a massive 40-song compilation called, Attention: A Wiretap Records “Instant” Compilation. This Summer 2016 comp is being offered up for a pay-what-you-want download and features bands like Almost People, Western Settings, Bike Tuff, Four Lights, Problem Daughter, Living Room, Daydream, American Television, Save Face, CUT UP, Lost In Society, Spanish Love Songs, Kamikaze Girls, wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves, and many more.

You can check the whole thing out below.

Music Video: Warn The Duke – “Noreaster”

Brooklyn punk band Warn the Duke (ft. members of Big D and the Kids Table and River City Rebels) have released a video for their song “Noreaster.”

Check it out below.

Warn the Duke last released Ghost Be Gone on October 16th, 2015, but are re-releasing it on Wiretap Records and Save Your Generation Records.  They are having a vinyl release show this Saturday at O’Brien’s in Boston.  You can grab tickets for that here.

Spanish Love Songs premiere music video for “Concrete”, announce West Coast tour dates

Today we’re stoked to bring you the premiere of the first music video from Los Angeles based Spanish Love Songs. It’s for my personal favorite song of theirs, “Concrete” taken from their debut full-length Giant Sings The Blues. Check it out along with the band’s upcoming West Coast tour dates below.

Giant Sings The Blues was released via Wiretap Records last February. Stream it and pick up a digital copy here.

Show Review: Spanish Love Songs, Melted, Rayner, Born Rivals – Los Angeles 5/20/2016

Spanish Love Songs

Some of the best shows in Los Angeles can be found in the San Fernando Valley. Not that the crowds are huge or the acts are world renowned. It’s more about intimacy and the quality of the performances. The smaller shows in bars and pubs aren’t usually things to highlight unless you’re in a large city like LA or New York. Places where the talent pool is so deep that loads of promising young artists (and even some well known acts) hone their craft at tiny venues on a consistent basis in their time off between touring. A few weeks back, we were invited to attend one of these inconspicuous events on the ‘wrong side of the hills’. So, to prove our point, we dragged LA based staffer, AnarchoPunk out of his gutter, scrubbed him up a bit and sent him over to The Surly Goat in Encino to check out some of the biggest names in up and coming punk acts at this cozy concert in the 818. Check out his full review (and some shitty pictures) below!

Album Review: Spanish Love Songs – “Giant Sings the Blues”

Back in early 2015, Los Angeles indie/emo punkers Spanish Love Songs self-released their ten track debut LP, Giant Sings the Blues. The album garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike (even making the Top Albums of 2015 list of DyingScene head honcho, Mr. X) being compared to renowned punk/alt-rockers The Menzingers. Among the many groups to take notice was Los Angeles based, independent label, Wiretap Records who promptly signed them and re-released an extended version of the acclaimed album with three additional tracks that weren’t included on the original.

Check out the full review of this thrilling, thirteen track re-release below!

Wiretap Records releases new compilation

Southern California punk label Wiretap Records has just released a huge 40-track compilation called Attention:  A Wiretap Records Music + Podcast Compilation: Summer 2016, and you can check it out below.  You can also name your price and pick it up here.

The comp features songs from Cables & Arms, Bastards of Young, Daydream and many more, plus a variety of podcast “greatest hits” interspersed throughout the music.  It even features Dying Scene Radio’s Bobby Pickles!

Cables & Arms (San Fran Punk) sign to Wiretap Records

San Francisco punk act Cables & Arms have announced that they have signed to Wiretap Records for the vinyl release of their debut album Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye.

The album will be pressed on a limited 200 copies of white vinyl and will be released on March 24th.  The album was originally released digitally on February 19th.  Give it a listen below.

Discover some great new punk bands through the latest Wiretap Records free compilation

Free compilations have always been the best way to make new music discoveries in the opinion of this humble punk enthusiast. Admittedly, there are a lot of shitty ones out there but the Winter 2016 comp from Wiretap Records isn’t one of them. It skews a little indie at points but there are a lot of great up and coming punk bands on here worthy of your attention including Spanish Love Songs, Civil War Rust, UnderTipper and even Dying Scene Records act Problem Daughter, just to name a few. There’s even an acoustic cover of Offspring’s “The Kids Aren’t All Right” worthy checking out.

Here’s a little note from Wiretap founder Rob Castellon about the comp:

“We started doing the Wiretap comps in 2014 as a way to help promote the bands on our roster, but also sort of test the waters on bands we were hoping to work with down the line. I still actively listen to some of the samplers/comps I received in the late 90’s/00’s and like many, learned about so many new bands from them. If you don’t find at least 5 bands on here that you get excited about… there’s something seriously wrong. Bands in all genres of punk, indie, ska, post/punk, emo, etc are doing some exciting things today.”

Give it a listen below and pick it up for free download on bandcamp.

Spanish Love Songs stream ‘Giant Sings the Blues (Extended Version)’

This past Tuesday we told you that Los Angeles based Spanish Love Songs had signed with Wiretap Records and would be re-releasing their debut album, Giant Sings the Blues, with three additional tracks. We already brought you a stream of one new song, “Paper Cups,” but now you can hear the entire Extended Version of the record via New Noise right here.

Giant Sings The Blues (Extended Version) will be available this Friday, February 12t, 2016 through Wiretap Records. You can stream the entire record over at Wiretap’s Bandcamp site.

Avenues to release new album this year; announce scattered Wisconsin shows

Midwest punks Avenues have announced via Facebook that they are writing and tracking songs for an upcoming full length that will be released later this year. No release date has been given as of yet.

They also posted a handful of Wisconsin shows, including shows with Guttermouth and The Copyrights. You can check out the dates below.

Avenues lastest EP, Creep Show, was released this past fall on 10″ vinyl via Wiretap Records.

Spanish Love Songs sign with Wiretap Records, premieres new song “Paper Cup”

Los Angeles based Spanish Love Songs have signed with Wiretap Records and are premiering new music today as part of the re-release of their debut album Giant Sings the Blues that was released last May.

The new song titled “Paper Cup” is part of 3 new tracks included in the new “Extended” re-release of Giant Sings the Blues. Stream the entire record over at Wiretap’s Bandcamp site, and listen to Paper Cup below. The Giant Sings The Blues re-release (Extended Version) is out and available this Friday February 12th.

Warn the Duke sign to Wiretap and Save Your Generation Records

Brooklyn punk band Warn the Duke (ft. members ofBig D and the Kids Table and River City Rebels) have signed to both Wiretap Records and Save Your Generation Records to help re-released their debut LP, Ghost Be Gone.

Warn the Duke originally released Ghost Be Gone on October 16, 2015. If you happened to miss it, you can play catch up by streaming the album below.

Avenues announce December West Coast Tour Dates

Midwest punks Avenues have announced they will be heading to the west coast to close out their year of shows. You can see the show flyers above, though if you have trouble reading the text at the bottom you can also see the show information below.

Avenues last released their EP, Creep Show, digitally on April 21, 2015 and on CD and 10″ vinyl in September with 2 bonus songs, all through Wiretap Records.

FREE Music: Wiretap Records releases 30-song fall compilation

Southern California punk label Wiretap Records released a new compilation this week, and you can check it out below.  Attention:  A Wiretap Records Fall 2015 Compilation features 30 songs from bands like Gentlemen Prefer BloodThe Red Owls, and Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves.

This compilation is part of the Attention series, which Wiretap releases on a quarterly basis.  If you like what you hear, the comp is available for a name-your-price download here.

Avenues stream 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks from “Creepshow” EP

Midwest punks Avenues (Milwaukee, WI) are premiering two unreleased tracks that were initially part of their most recent EP “Creep Show”. The tracks were left off the digital version, but are included now as part of the 10” vinyl pressing of the record via Wiretap Records. Listen to the two tracks “Hipster 101” and “THRASHER” below and pick up the 10” vinyl pressing over at Wiretap’s webstore.

Of the two tracks bassist Scott Brooks remarks:

“We decided to add two more songs on the vinyl as a bonus. We really wanted to put out a 10″ to showcase the rad cover art Jeremy Kirk put together for us. The two bonus songs really fill out the record. We debuted them at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas this year and have gotten a lot of awesome feedback. Hipster 101 and Thrasher have been the anthems of the summer for us.”

The five-track EP was originally digitally released on April 21, 2015 through Wiretap.