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Millencolin announce new album “SOS”, stream title track

Legendary skate punkers Millencolin have announced that they will release their ninth studio album SOS via Epitaph on February 15th next year. It has been four years since their last full length (True Brew in 2015). The album was produced by vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic and guitarist Mathias Färm.

If you are a fan of band’s traditional sound, it is likely that you will not be disappointed by the album’s title track, streaming below.

Hulit Bullet (punk, Isreal) stream debut album “Ways To Have Fun”

Israeli punk act Hulit Bullet are streaming their upcoming debut album, Ways To Have Fun.

You can give it a listen below.

Ways To Have Fun is set to be released on December 10th via Punk & Disorderly Records.

Empty Handed (Melodic Hardcore, DE) release new track “Patience”

German melodic hardcore quintet Empty Handed have released a new track. “Patience” is the first track since the band’s 2015 album “In Between The Goodbyes”.

You can have a listen to “Patience” below.

Keep True (pop punk) release debut EP “Digging Up Bones”

Keep True (Kansas City) released their brand new EP, “Digging Up Bones”, on November 16th.

Checkout two singles off the EP, “Living” and “Deal With It” below.

Bring On The Storm (skate-punk) stream new EP “Altruism”

Canadian punk band Bring On The Storm released their debut album “Atruism” on November 4th. Fans of bands like A Wilhelm Scream, This Is A Standoff and the more technical skate punk stuff should definitely check them out. You can expect fast drumming, excellent melodies and some super fast guitar shredding. The only thing that sucks is that the record only has eight songs!

Listen to the full album below!

Valencia (pop punk) release ‘fall before i fold’, their first release since 2010!

Apparently it has been 2957 days since pop punk band Valencia have put out new music. Today they have released the single Fall Before I Fold. 

You can check out the video below.

Their 2008 full length We All Need A Reason To Believe is an underrated gem.

Debt Neglector (Punk) stream cover of The Clash’s “I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.

Orlando’s Debt Neglector are streaming their cover of The Clash’s “I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.”

You can give it a listen below.

Debt Neglector recently released their new EP The Kids are Pissed, which was released on October 26th via Smartpunk Records.

Sleepy Limbs stream split EP with Champagne Colored Cars

Lancaster, Pennsylvania based emo rockers Sleepy Limbs along with Atlanta, Georgia punk/math rockers Champagne Colored Cars are currently streaming their split EP together. You can listen to both sides below.

This is the second EP for both bands respectively, and was released by Know Hope Records. The final Champagne Colored Cars track “Post-Modernism” features guest artist Pollyanna Holland-Wing, whilst the Sleepy Limbs track “Boo” features guest vocals from Jordan Capizzi of Ton-Taun, as well as Benjamin Liebsch, joining his former bandmates from You, Me, And Everyone We Know one more time.

Your Pest Band (Garage Punk, Japan) Stream EP “Automatic Aspiration” Ahead of General Release

Japanese lo-fi garage punks Your Pest Band are allowing fans to stream their entire latest EP ahead of its general release on November 16. The effort is titled Automatic Aspiration and features six power pop tracks with a distinctly gritty edge. Handling the release for the band is Dirt Cult Records.

Automatic Aspiration is the first release from Your Pest Band since their split with Snuffy Smiles in 2017. You can stream it below.

Wood and Nails (Indie Punk, UK) Stream Single “Lights Out”

The UK-based indie punks in Wood and Nails are allowing fans to stream their latest single. The track is titled “Lights Out” and is the first new music from the band since January when they released the single “Resolutions”. It’s not clear for now if their latest work will end up on an EP or album from the four-piece.

You can check out “Lights Out” below.

Telethon (Pop Punk, WI) Stream Latest EP “Modern Abrasive”

Pop punkers Telethon have just released their latest EP. The record is titled Modern Abrasive and features eight tracks of “power pop character studies” as the band themselves state on their bandcamp page.

Modern Abrasive is the first new music from Telethon since their impressive 90 minute punk rock opera, The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told in Five Act, which came out in 2017.

You can check out Modern Abrasive below.

King Medicine (Emo, Greece) Stream Single “Cause and Fracture”

Self-proclaimed “working class emo” band King Medicine has just released a new single. The track is titled “Cause and Fracture” and is the first music from the ensemble since 2014 when they released the EP Voyage. It is not clear at present if the tune will feature on a forthcoming album or EP from the quartet.

You can check out “Cause and Fracture” by King Medicine below. Enjoy!

The Lizards (Thrash Punk, Australia) Announce Latest Album “Moonstone”, Stream Two Tracks

Aussie thrashers The Lizards have just announced that their latest album will be out on December 14. The effort is titled Moonstone and will be the group’s third full-length to date. It’s also the first new music from the trio since their single “No Fracture” dropped earlier this year.

If you can’t wait for mid-December to get your fill of down under thrash, you’re in luck. The Lizards have been good enough to share two of their tracks from Moonstone. You can find them below.

Crazy & The Brains stream their cover of “People Who Died” ahead of new LP

New Jersey punks Crazy And The Brains are streaming their cover of The Jim Carroll Band‘s “People Who Died”, the closing track from their upcoming album “In The Ugly”, which is out on November 23rd. Pre-orders are up now via the band’s Bandcamp

You can have a listen to the track over at Brooklyn Vegan now.

Fat Heaven stream new EP “Crybaby”

Boy oh boy oh fucking boy! New Fat Heaven here, and here to stay! These Brooklyn skate punks are rolling in hot with “Crybaby” which is their newest release since 2016’s Tough Luck album. Which was also fire by the way. What I’m really saying here is that you should just check it out below. Check out Crybaby, and revel in your newfound punk favorites.