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Interview: Roger Miret of Agnostic Front talks new album, roots and DC “Incident”.

Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and The Disasters recently spoke with Real Punk Radio program Loud Fast and Shitty about the new Agnostic Front recording that is currently underway at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida.

The fourteen track offering will be entitled “My life, My way” and is due to be released on Nuclear Blast Records in March 2011. Miret declares the new disc will be the greatest Agnostic Front offering ever. Expect Anthems, Sing-A-Longs and elements from all of the records from their long and storied career.

Included on the release will be a song to be sung entirely in Spanish, which until now, had only been heard on B-sides which were only released in South America. Miret also said that he hopes to include a track from fellow New Yorker’s, The Ramones, but still is awaiting permission to include it. As Miret puts it, “It is New York, giving back to New York”.

At the time of the interview, Roger had reportedly completed 10 of the 14 songs on vocals and guitarist Vinnie Stigma still needed to record his guitar solos and over-dubs. “My life, My Way” is being recorded by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse) and produced by Miret’s younger half-brother, Freddy Cricien.

The choice to include Freddy as producer was a no-brainer for Miret. Not only did the Madball frontman produce the 2007 AF record, “Warriors”, he has been a part of the Agnostic Front entourage since the tender young age of 7, when he used to sing with the band in seedy New York clubs until 4AM.

Also in the interview, Roger details growing up, wrenching on cars in his step-father’s service station and eventually moving on to building custom made motorcycles after graduating the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando in 1994. Miret turned down an opportunity to work alongside Monster Garage’s Jesse James due to not wanting to leave his family in New York. Miret eventually became jaded by the “yuppies” that took over the custom bike industry and returned his focus to customizing cars and finally starting his own car club called, The Rumblers, that now boasts over 40 members and includes seven different chapters.

The discussion turned to the recent death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed, the man who was beaten to death after an Agnostic Front show for allegedly throwing a brick through the front window of the DC9 niteclub in Washington DC. Miret declares that it was “Tragic. Someone lost their life”. The incident happened three hours after the show had ended and well after the band had already packed up and left the venue. The five employees who were eventually charged in the death of Mohammed were described by Miret as “gentlemen” and “gentile and polite” but he went on to say that sometimes, “the nerdiest, weirdest and quietest person can be the baddest mother fucker in the crowd.”

Miret went on to say that it was an unfortunate event, marred by the fact that it was “probably the best show in a decade. Maybe two. Everybody inside the DC9 club was a part of the show, and they couldn’t help but be (involved). It was incredible.”

To hear the entire interview, visit Episode #80. The show broadcasts LIVE every Sunday night from 8-10PM on

Agnostic Front recording new album

Longtime NYHC band Agnostic Front have entered the studio in Tampa, FL, to record a new album. The record is in the capable hands of Erik Rutan and Freddy Cricien of Madball.

The album will be the band’s first since 2007’s Warriors and their third release on Nuclear Blast, and they re-released United Blood and Victim In Pain on Bridge 9 Records last year.

Five arrested in supposed beating death of man at DC Agnostic Front show

The Washington Post reported that five men involved in the beating death of 27-year-old, Ali Ahmed Mohammed, outside of the nightclub, DC9, after an Agnost Front concert last Thursday evening were being charged with aggravated assault.

For a yet-unknown reason, Mohammed was denied entry into the club, resulting in him becoming angry to the point of hurling a brick through the front window of DC9.  The five club staff (one of which was co-owner, William Spieler) then chased Mohammed, eventually caught up to him, and pummeled the man as one of the employees held Mohammed down.

Witnesses of the event told police that the club’s staff threw Mohammed to the ground and repeatedly stomped on his head and body.

Officers arrived on the scene at 2:30am Friday and found Mohammed unconscious and not breathing.  He was taken to Howard University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:15am.

All five men were charged with aggravated assault (not second-degree murder) and were released after a court proceeding on Saturday, but were still placed in a high-intensity supervision program which includes electronic monitoring.

Read the entire article here.

The death came just as Agnostic Front wrapped up their 25th Anniversary tour.

Agnostic Front announce complete fall tour dates

Hardcore punks Agnostic Front have announced the full dates for their upcoming Fall tour. Click here for the dates. Just like every other band touring the East coast during the Fall, the band will be making a stop at The Fest 9.

Agnostic Front classics United Blood and Victim in Pain were recently re-released on Bridge Nine Records.

Agnostic Front’s drummer, Pokey Mo, hospitalized; band continues tour

In a recent MySpace blog, NYHC veterans Agnostic Front regretfully stated that their drummer Pokey Mo, was forced to cut his set short at Hellfest the other night due to an emergency. Pokey was hospitalized and is still recovering as we speak. Born From Pain’s drummer, Igor stepped up to fill in for Pokey for the remainder of the set.  The exact factors that led to Pokey going to the medics were not disclosed, however head here to read what the band had to say about the whole ordeal.

Agnostic Front is still touring in Europe until the end of August. Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for more info.

Agnostic Front add more anniversary tour dates

agnosticfrontHardcore punkers Agnostic Front have added more tour dates to their 25th anniversary tour. The last time we wrote about the band, we had mentioned that the band was getting together for a couple of one-off anniversary shows, all with the original lineup. Now it is being reported that the band will extend that tour to a couple more shows during May.

Click here to check out the dates and to see if they’ll be rolling through your town.

Agnostic Front classics United Blood and Victim in Pain were recently re-released on Bridge Nine Records.

Show: Agnostic Front announces 25th Anniversary show in NYC with original AF lineup

Agnostic FrontHardcore punkers Agnostic Front have announced that the original members of the band will reunite for their monumental 25th Anniversary show at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, on February 26, 2010.  Vocalist Roger Miret said that the band is super excited to be doing the show, especially since this particular group of musicians hasn’t played together since 1984.  Tickets for the anniversary show will be $15 for advance purchase.

The anniversary tour occurs a few weeks after Agnostic Front’s US tour which starts on January 14 in Louisiana and extends until Santa Ana, CA’s, January 30 show.  A full schedule of dates (with European tour dates and the full blog post about the anniversary show) can be found on the band’s MySpace.

Agnostic Front classics United Blood and Victim in Pain were recently re-released on Bridge Nine Records.

Agnostic Front and This Is Hell announce European tour for 2010

agnosticfrontAgnostic Front is teaming up with This Is Hell for a 4 week tour of Europe, starting in Germany on March 28th. For all confirmed dates and locations, visit the Dying Scene Shows page.

Agnostic Front recently released their last album Victim In Pain on Bridge Nine Records on November 17th, 2009.

Agnostic Front Announces tour in January and re-issues of “United Blood”and “Victim In Pain”

agnosticfrontNew York hardcore band Angostic Front has announced a West Coast and Southwest tour in January to celebrate the re-release of their two albums, United Blood and Victim In Pain. On November 17th, 2009, Bridge Nine will release a CD version with both albums combined and additionally, will re-release United Blood on 7” and Victim in Pain on 12” LP. Vinyl versions of the records include printed dust jackets and embossed album covers (with all original artwork available in the inside and the 7″ features an exact replica of the original insert from 1983).

Take a look at the tour dates and vinyl versions on the Full Story page.

Persistence Tour lineup and dates announced in Europe

persistance-tourThe lineup and dates have been announced for the Persistence Tour in Europe. Ignite will be headlining and playing with Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Death by Stereo, Walls of Jericho, Evergreen Terrace, and No Turning Back.

You can head over to the Dying Scene Shows page for more details.

Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret on Build Respect

agnosticfrontAgnostic Front and The Disasters‘ front man Roger Miret was interviewed on Inked for a Cause. Heidi Minx is the founder of Franky & Minx, and she is also a hostess of the DIY boards Punk Rock Domestics, but one of her passions is Built on Respect. Built on Respect was founded in 2008 and is a non-profit dedicated to teaching small community groups sustainable business skills with a DIY approach. In the interview, Roger discusses being a vegetarian, new material for his bands, and the responsibility of hardcore music lovers to their community.

You can head over to the Full Story page for the interview.