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HD Full Set Video: The Flatliners live at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco

Love The Flatliners and have an hour to kill? Good news! A high quality video of the Canadian punk act’s full set at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, California, from December 7th has made its way online and you can check it out below.

The Flatliners’ latest album “Dead Language” was released back in September through Fat Wreck Chords, who also released the band’s new 7-inch entitled “Caskets Full” on November 26th.

Cover Art Battle Winner (November 26th): The Flatliners

Congratulations to those crazy Canadians in The Flatliners, whose new 7-inch “Caskets Full” won last week’s Cover Art Battle, which featured new releases from NOFXTeenage BottlerocketSwingin’ Utters, and Green Day frontman Billie Joe and Norah Jones!

As always, don’t forget to click here and get your vote in for this week’s Cover Art Battle, featuring new releases from TransitSimple Plan,LowbrowSouth Bay Bessie, and more.

Congrats again to The Flatliners! This is their second time winning a Cover Art Battle!!!

You can find details on all of the band’s upcoming tour dates below. There’s also the option to pick up a copy of the “Caskets Full” 7-inch from the Fat Wreck webstore… and if you’re not sure it’s worth buying, feel free to read our review of the record!

The Flatliners announce short Canadian tour with Off With Their Heads and Sights & Sounds

The Flatliners are doing a short run of tour dates this December in Canada. The band will see support from Off With Their Heads and Sights & Sounds. Check out the dates below.

The Flatliners will be touring in support of their fourth studio album, Dead Language, which was released this past September through Fat Wreck Chords.

Album Review: The Flatliners – “Caskets Full”

The Flatliners have come a long way from the ‘Destroy To Create’ days. Don’t get me wrong, that album is a full throttled punch to the head. But from The Great Awake onwards, these guys have blossomed into some of the most sincere and mature sounding bands in their particular corner of the punk scene today.

‘Dead Language’ earlier this year saw them release their fourth full length record since 2005. And while it may not have quite measured up to 2010’s ‘Cavalcade’ in terms of pound for pound quality, it was another strong release in an already impressive career.

‘Caskets Full’ is the first single to come out on the heels of ‘Dead Language’. Here it’s backed with two other finely formed scorchers in ‘Wynford Bridge’ and Tony Sly cover ‘Fireball’, which originally appeared on the masterful Tony Sly tribute album a few weeks ago.

The Flatliners are one hell of a cover band. Whether taking a stab at Johnny Cash (‘Cry, Cry, Cry), Rocket From The Crypt (‘Straight American Slave’) or Austrian punkers Astpai (‘Southwards’) The Flatliners always bring a fresh spin to whatever they decide to squeeze through their particular musical ringer. 
In this particular release’s case, that spin is put in motion on Tony Sly’s song ‘Fireball’ from his brilliant 2010 solo release ’12 Step Program.’ 
The song itself is, like all of Sly’s music but particularly his solo work, a highly emotional tale of hope in the midst of hard times. The lyrics sound great coming out of Chris Cresswell’s mouth and the rockier treatment The Flatliners give the song leave it with all of its power to move. It was a great pick by the band for Tony Sly’s tribute and a great capper to this release.

I don’t know where ‘Wynford Bridge’ came from. It could be a castaway from the ‘Dead Language’ sessions, or an older newer song, or a brand new song birthed especially for this release. The Flatliners are a hard working group of guys and between their full length releases, their 7” releases and all their splits with various bands, I sense they’re never far from a studio laying down an album’s worth of tracks to be peppered out in between their full lengths. What I do know is, like Oasis before them (you’ll never see that comparison made again) The Flatliners are a band whose b-sides are often as good as their a-sides. ‘Wynford Bridge’ touches on familiar themes for the band: stark imagery and desolate landscapes forming a sharp picture that seems cynical but often ends up being hopeful in a challenging sort of way. The music is pure punk rock energy infused with catchy melodies and heartfelt chorus’. Classic Flatliners, then.

Finally, ‘Caskets Full’ is from ‘Dead Language’ and is a wise choice for a first single as it actually is one of the best songs on the record (it’s hard to believe how often that isn’t the case).

Once again, catchy melodies and gang vocal-ed chorus’ are joined by tommy gun drumming and throaty proclamations of youth in unity living as if tomorrow never comes. The buzzing, bending guitars tying everything together in a pretty (punk rock) bow and creating a fine taster’s choice package of songs from one of the scene’s best and most consistent bands.

5/5 Stars

New Music: Flatliners – “Wynford Bridge” off new 7-inch “Caskets Full”

The Flatliners have premiered a new song off their brand new 7″ single “Caskets Full” today.

The release drops today, and the band is streaming the B-side of the single, “Wynford Bridge” (previously unreleased). The 7″ also features a cover of Tony Sly’s “Fireball”.

Check it out here.

The Flatliners last release “Dead Language” was released this past September through Fat Wreck Chords.

Cover Art Battle (November 26th): NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Flatliners & more


Looks like it’s Fat Wreck week here on Cover Art Battles! we’ve got new releases from NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Flatliners, Swingin’ Utters, and Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Norah Jones.

Check out all of the artwork for these releases and cast your votes in the poll below!

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Super 7-inch day at Fat Wreck Chords

For those of you who are fans or Fat Wreck Chords and/or collect vinyl, it’s finally the day you’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Four new 7-inch records are out today, from four of the greatest Fat bands; The Flatliners, NOFX, Swingin’ Utters, and Teenage Bottlerocket.

The new releases all include the band’s respective version of a Tony Sly song they did for the tribute album released last month. Get details about that here.

Color vinyl is long sold-out on the 7’s, but you can still pick up all of these records and hear some of the songs at the Fat Wreck Chords web store.

The Flatliners discuss covering Tony Sly’s “Fireball”

The Flatliners have detailed a bit about their reasons for covering “Fireball” for the Tony Sly tribute album “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute.” Here’s what they had to say:

It took us a long while to decide on a single song to record in tribute to Tony, due to the simple fact that his collection of hit songs is near-endless. In the end, we decided on Fireball because of its power. As Tony proved on 12-Song Program, this song can easily stand on its own as a one-guitar, one voice arrangement. All we set out to do with the song was make it louder. The power in the lyrics, the emotion in the performance, everything served as an incredible launching point for us, and we were luckily able to amplify that and get it to a point where it sounds more like a celebration than a cover song. It is certainly a tragic reason that all these bands are getting together to honour Tony and his music, but I’m sure there would be a smile on his face for being in such great company.

“The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute,” featuring covers of songs by No Use for a Name and Mr. Sly (who died a year ago) from NOFXBad ReligionStrung OutRise AgainstPennywise, The Gaslight Anthem and many others, was released on October 29th through Fat Wreck Chords.

Direct Hit! announce additional North American tour dates

Milwaukee pop punk act Direct Hit! have just announced additional North American tour dates.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

Direct Hit! put out Brainless God through Red Scare Industries this past September.

Interview: The Flatliners talk Tony Sly tribute, creative process, KHTDR and more…

We recently got a chance to catch up with and interview Chris Cresswell and Scott Brigham of The Flatliners at the Philadelphia stop of their tour. We talked about their contribution to the Tony Sly tribute album, “Dead Language”, what “KHTDR” actually means and more.

You can check out the full interview here.

Stream The Flatliners Daytrotter Session

The Flatliners recently performed their songs “Daggers”, “Bury Me”, “Monumental” and “Drown In Blood” for a Daytrotter Session which you can stream here.

The Flatliners released their latest album “Dead Language” on September 17th through Fat Wreck Chords and will be putting out a 7-inch titled “Caskets Full” on November 26th.

The Flatliners detail upcoming 7-inch “Caskets Full”

The Flatliners have announced they will be releasing a new 7-inch entitled “Caskets Full,” featuring the song of the same name from their latest full-length, along with a cover of “Fireball” that will be appearing on the Tony Sly tribute album, and an unreleased track:

Continuing in our tradition of recording as many songs as humanly possible before our hands and ears bleed out, thus resulting in a pile of 7″s as high as Tommy Chong, we deliver to you the Caskets Full single 7″.

The cover art can be seen above and the tracklisting, as well as details on all of the band’s upcoming tour dates can be found below.

“Caskets Full” is set to be released alongside new records from Swingin’ Utters and NOFX on November 26th through Fat Wreck Chords, who released The Flatliners’ latest album “Dead Language” on September 17th.

Cover Art Battle Winner (Sepember 17th): The Flatliners

Congratulations are in order for The Flatliners, whose new record “Dead Language” won last week’s Cover Art Battle, which featured new releases from Saves The Day, Great Apes, Stray From The Path, and many others, with a whopping 65% of the vote!

Don’t forget to click here and get your vote in for this week’s Cover Art Battle, featuring new releases from SNFU, Touché Amoré, Into It. Over It., The Horrible Crowes, and a couple others.

Congrats again to The Flatliners! Head on over here if you’d like to give “Dead Language” a listen and make sure you read our review of the album.

The Flatliners announce Canadian winter tour w/ Off With Their Heads

The Flatliners have announced they will be playing a short run of Canadian tour dates with Off With Their Heads in December.

Details on the tour can be found below.

The Flatliners’ latest release “Dead Language” came out on September 17th through Fat Wreck Chords. The guys in Off With Their Heads are currently in the studio working on a new release.

Album Review: The Flatliners – “Dead Language”

The Flatliners have come a long way since their ska days of Destroy to Create. Both the band and their sound have matured significantly, and they’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves, despite having only released a total of four full lengths and a handful of EP’s and 7 inches. Their latest album, Dead Language, is thankfully a far cry from the band’s early years, but not enough of a departure from the more recent Cavalcade or even The Great Awake to allow it to stand on its own.

Dead Language kicks off on a high note with the album’s title track, but disappointingly descends from that point forth. Like nearly all of the Flatliner’s albums, Dead Language seems to blow its proverbial wad at the onset; descending thereafter with only scattered highlights. The title track itself is impressive; replete with the intensity and galloping beat seemingly absent from the remainder of the album.

“Dead Language” segues into a poppier little ditty by the name of “Bury Me,” which keeps a similar pace to the first track; but then embarks upon an entirely different direction with “Birds of England”… after which the album becomes a mundane mix of songs more reminiscent of pop rock than punk.

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Cresswell’s singing capability has never been brilliant, by any means, but adequate for punk rock. On Dead Language, however, there’s this persistent and nagging feeling of Cresswell overcompensating to make up for what are glaringly obvious vocal shortcomings: listen to “Caskets Full” for evidence.

“Quitters” harks back to the initial title track in terms of pace and tempo, but sub-par vocals drown any opportunity for the song to shine.

Closing Dead Language out with “Young Professionals” and “Brilliant Resillience”, it appears as though the band was making a futile attempt to recapture the vibe of the album seemingly unleashed at the onset, yet after enduring the “meat” of Dead Language, it proves too little, too late.

2/5 Stars