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Introducing Oi! / Street Punk Act: Out Of Order

Montreal based street punk band, Out Of Order aren’t exactly new to the punk rock scene, but they’re new to DS coverage. These guys have been around since 2001 and have since released two full-length albums and a split 7″ with Gag Order. Their most recent LP, “Better Days” came out last year and will soon be available for the first time on CD through East Grand Records. If you haven’t heard them before, you can stream three tracks and buy the digital format of that album below.

What’s next for Out Of Order? The band will be entering studio in the upcoming months to record their third full-length album, and should be heading on the road this spring/summer to play some US and European tour dates. Stay tuned folks cause we’re not done hearing from these guys…

DS Exclusive: 2014 – A Year in Concert Pictures (milhouse)

2015 is nearly upon us, and as visions of upcoming concerts dance through my mind, I reflect on the year that has passed. I think about the concerts I was able to attend, and those that slipped through the cracks. The new friends made, the old friends re-acquainted, the massive heaps of beer, bruises and cuts, hangovers, lost voices, and of course the photos – without which many memories may have gone by the gutter. My photos are like my children, and having to choose favorites just seems so unfair, but there are clearly some standouts.

The year’s first show featured a Dying Scene favorite, Chuck Ragan, with some other incredible moments over the year including joining Bum City Saints for a studio session in February, the annual trip to Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling in May, Pirates Press‘ 10th Anniversary shows in October, interviewing Blood or Whiskey in November, and more that I’m sure I’m leaving out. To my surprise and delight, I was able to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Cock Sparrer, four times this year, as well as having the opportunity to present Colin with a framed concert print of himself. Outstanding! Swingin’ Utters, La Plebe, Lagwagon, and others were among many bands whom I would get to see multiple times over the course of 2014.

I have narrowed down my collection to 30 of my favorite shots that I took during 2014, and some of the winners include Nihilist Cunt, Bishops Green, Anti-Nowhere League, Cock Sparrer (of course), Bum City Saints, Street Dogs, Laura Jane Grace, The Adicts, Angelic Upstarts, Total Chaos, and more. Have a look at a year in concert pictures below. Above shot not included in the 30 is PPR owner Skippy stage-diving at an after-party Cock Sparrer show – epic.

Big thanks to Skippy of PPR, Ian of Chapter Eleven, Jay from DS, Alberto from La Plebe, and everyone else who helped make this year amazing!!

Music Video: Sabotage (Swedish streetpunk) – “Blå Linjen Blues”

Get to know Sabotage. The Sweden-based quartet has been hard at work over the past couple years, proliferating a beautiful sound of the streets. Members have played in other punk bands such as Antipati, Agent Bulldogs, Frontlash, Contemptuous and more.

As Sabotage, the band released an EP “Betraktelser från staketet” earlier this year through Sweden-based Oi! label Pretty Shitty Town Records. The group is gearing up to release a new 10″ that is set to be released early 2015, and has published a new track available to stream. It’s entitled “Blå Linjen Blues” (Blue Line Blues) and you can check it out below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sabotage as they become available.

Victory and The Cliches (Oi!) stream new “A Smoking Split” 7-inch

Minnesota’s Victory and Sweden’s The Cliches have just released a split 7-inch titled “A Smoking Split” through Oi! The Boat and Randale Records.  It features two new tracks from each band and you can stream (and buy) it here.

The Old Firm Casuals and Evil Conduct team up for a Christmas split 7″

Oi! fans, get ready for some Christmas cheer from Evil Conduct and The Old Firm Casuals.  Although Yuletide Cheers and Oi! has been out for a while now, it’s that time of year and you really can’t miss hearing 2 of your favorite Christmas tunes sung with streetpunk flavor.

The split features Evil Conduct’s version of “Silver Bells,” and The Old Firm’s “Father Xmas.”  You can stream both tracks below.

DS Photo Gallery: Cock Sparrer at Pirates Press Records’ 10th Anniversary ‘Rock The Ship’ Party

The time had arrived and the rain had subsided just in time for Cock Sparrer to take the stage at Pirates Press‘ 10th Anniversary ‘Rock The Ship’ party. The English quintet is one of my all-time favorite bands and in addition to their longevity, influence, and musicality, the mates are a true stand-up bunch of guys. If memory serves correctly, the set began with the iconic sirens of ‘Riot Squad’. Classics like ‘Argy Bargy’, ‘Watch Your Back’, ‘I Got Your Number’, ‘England Belongs to Me’, and many more would be featured, and I knew it was going to be an amazing set. Cock Sparrer hasn’t released new material in quite some time, but that doesn’t stop anyone from getting giddy as a little schoolgirl in preparation to see them.

One thing that is clearly evident is that the guys are having the time of their lives on stage. Smiles abound as Darryl and Mick and Steve all dance and gallop around while pausing for cameras and even touching on some choreographed dance moves. It was really a treat to see, and Cock Sparrer shows no signs of slowing down. After my three songs in the photo pit, I chose to live out one of my dreams and go side stage with the streetpunk legends. Of course the set rounded out with the obligatory ‘We’re Comin’ Back’, which they always end their set with, and they always stay true to their promise.

The night wasn’t over though, as after a little chat and liquid rejuvenation we were off to Bottom of The Hill for the after-party show with Downtown Struts, Workin’ Stiffs, and a *Special Guest*.

Check out all the shots from Cock Sparrer’s set at ‘Rock The Ship’ below.

Thanks again to all the Pirates Press crew for everything you do!

Music Video: The Old Firm Casuals – “Election Day”

Rancid guitarist/vocalist Lars Frederiksen’s side project The Old Firm Casuals have released a music video for their song “Election Day” and you can check it out below.

“Election Day” comes from the band’s latest album This Means War, which was released in July on Oi! The Boat Records and served as a follow-up to the group’s a 7-inch Never Say Die, launchd in January.

Drug Shock (Oi!) stream “Vermin” off upcoming album “Strength In Numbers”

New England Oi! punks Drug Shock will be releasing their debut full-length “Strength In Numbers” on October 15th jointly through Rebel Sound Music and Joe Pogo Records.  To give you a taste of what’s to come you can stream “Vermin”, a new track off the pending release, below.

Drug Shock has been brought together by former members of Iron Cross and Step-1 Music street punk band Copyright Chaos.

You can pre-order the album here.

The Cottonettes stream new song “Call Me”

Guildford punk rock band The Cottonettes are streaming a new song called “Call Me.” You can give it a listen below.

The Cottonettes have released one demo collection which you can listen to here.

Album Review: Noi!se – “The Scars We Hide”

With a bevy of 7” singles, EP’s and a compilation album under their belts, not to mention their almost ceaseless touring schedule, it’s hard to believe that The Scars We Hide is Noi!se’s first proper full length. The Seattle (Tacoma) foursome have made a mighty imprint on the punk scene the past few years considering they’re more or less just getting started. With loyal fans among their peers as well as in the general public, Noi!se is fast becoming one of the more exciting bands in the scene to keep an eye on.

The Scars We Hide is twelve songs of blistering punk rock power with a sharp melodic sensibility and some of their tightest arrangements we’ve heard from the boys thus far.

This band has established a precedent of beginning their releases in a big way. One of Noi!se’s best songs, ‘Rising Tide’, kicks off the EP of the same name, while another one of their best songs, ‘Idle Action’, kicks off the compilation release Pushing On, from 2012. In the same way, The Scars We Hide’s first song, ‘Rank and File’ is another of the band’s best compositions, with a simple bass line feeding into a frenzy of crushing guitars (both rhythm and lead), before (vocalist/bassist) Matt’s easily identifiable vocals introduce us to the record. 
The song features the bands trademark gang vocal’d chorus’ and blistering guitar breaks.

This is a blueprint the band follow throughout the album, keeping things at an absolutely breakneck pace, with Matt and (guitarist/vocalist) Nate trading verses back and forth, with each succeeding delivery more aggressively impassioned than the last.

Drummer Kenny and lead guitarist Jesse round out the band nicely, not only with the addition of their voices to the fat, delicious chorus’, but with their raw talent. The drumming is particularly impressive on tracks like ‘Silenced Voices’, an anthemic rave up that makes one want to find the nearest mosh pit and start slamming bodies. As well as closing track ‘The Future’s Warning’. Take it from someone who hit skins in a punk band years ago, it isn’t always an easy genre to drum to. Jesse’s guitar is evident and front and centre in nearly every track on Scars, with particularly memorable appearances in the impossibly catchy ‘Pawn in the Game’ and the crusher ‘So I Drift Away’.

Elsewhere, ‘How We Made It Through’ is a great song about coming through the shit, living to tell the tale and rather than letting it get the best of you, choosing instead to craft a more meaningful existence from it. While ‘Statistics’ impressively charges from nail gun Agnostic Front-like hardcore in its verses to catchy The Business-like street punk in its chorus’.

Street Punk/Oi! music isn’t the most inventive subgenre in punk rock, but it is among the most exciting. A genre born in the streets of the U.K., it has had a steady and ever growing batch of impressive North American bands flying its flag since the 80’s. Noi!se impressively straddles the line between being a band that sound like the best of classic 80’s Oi! music, mixed with the sensibilities and gritty sheen of today’s street punk elite. They’re hands down one of the best bands in punk rock right now and The Scars We Hide is not only their finest moment, but may be the best punk rock record of 2014 so far. A record my needle will be licking the grooves of on an almost consistent basis for the foreseeable future.

Noi!se is a band that makes me want to drop everything and start a punk band of my own again. And what higher praise can you give a group than that?

5/5 Stars

Living Fire (oi!/street punk) release “Dead to Sin”

Brazilian oi! and street punk group Living Fire have just released their sophomore album Dead to Sin via Thumper Punk Records. You can order it here.

The album serves as a follow-up to their debut release Jesus Rules.

The group aims to synthesize a punk rock music style with their evangelistic project.

Justice Blocc (Oi!) stream upcoming 7-inch, announce 2 week tour dates

If you’re an Oi! fan and you’re not yet familiar with Colorado Springs Oi! band Justice Blocc its time to take notice.  The band has a self-titled 7-inch coming out on Oi! The Boat Records this Winter and on August 25th they’ll be hitting the road for a 2 week tour of the Midwest.

To get you acquainted with the four piece we’re pleased to stream their forthcoming release in it’s entirety.  Listen to it below while you check out the dates and locations of their upcoming tour.

The Scally Cap Brats launch Indiegogo campaign to fund new album “Our Storied Past”

Ottawa-based Oi!/street-punk band The Scally Cap Brats announced today that “Our Storied Past” will be the title to their second full-length album and that they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund its release. On their facebook page the band said that:

“For the last couple of months we’ve been working on a new album. Today we can tell you that it is called “Our Storied Past” and will hopefully be released in October through our own label Take A Shot Records. We’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into this one and we truly believe it is the best work we’ve done to date. It’s a more mature, heartfealt effort than our previous album and is something we allI desperately want to share with the world.

Now, the band is going to need your help to make that happen. We\’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund the release of the album in both CD and vinyl format. We have all the typical perks you would find in such a campaign plus some cool unique ones. Any little bit helps and it would mean the world to the band if you could contribute.

Over the next 30 days of the campaign, we’ll be releasing more details like the song titles, and artwork so stay tuned for that as well.”

The Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

The Old Firm Casuals’ drummer Paul Rivas breaks arm, band hopes to continue European tour

Image taken from The Old Firm Casuals’ facebook page

Tough break (sorry for that) for The Old Firm Casuals. The band recently embarked on a full European tour, but suffered a setback when drummer Paul Rivas broke his arm (that’s the X-Ray above). The Bay Area oi punk band (which also includes Lars from Rancid) were forced to cancel their gig at the Punk Rock Holiday Festival in Slovenia. However, they’re hoping to continue the remainder of their tour dates with a few fill-in drummers. Check out the full European rundown here. Get well soon, Paul!

The Old Firm Casuals’ debut album, “This Is War,” is available here.

Pirates Press Records releases Cock Sparrer 6-cassette bundle set including “Shock Troops”, “Runnin Riot in ’84”, etc.

Pirates Press Records has just announced that they will be releasing a whole bunch of Cock Sparrer albums in cassette format!

The release will be available as a set or individually, and will include the band’s iconic 1982 debut album “Shock Troops”, as well as “Runnin Riot in ’84”, “Guilty as Charged”, “Two Monkeys”, “Here We Stand”, and “True Grit Outtakes” (previously released as “Rarities”).

Head here for more information and grab your copy while they last.