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Dying Scene Interview: The Business

It seems like punk bands have less and less staying power every year. The Business is certainly one band to challenge that status quo. Since their founding in 1979, they’ve been a fixture in the punk, skinhead, and oi! movement around the world. Sure, they’ve taken a few breaks, but they’re back together now and making new music. Hot on the heels of their latest release, Doing The Business (May 2010, Sailor’s Grave Records), I had a chance to catch up with the band during the their US tour to talk about American food, broken thumbs, and not bringing enough socks on tour. Check it out here.

Big thanks to Andy and Duane at Sailor’s Grave and of course the boys themselves for doing the interview and putting on a great show in DC.

Interview: Burning Streets discuss latest album and Boston vs. New York punk scenes

On October 13th, 2009 Burning Streets released their first LP, Is it in Black and White? on Sailor’s Grave Records.  Backed by the release and a few Canada and US tours, the band’s popularity grew amongst the street punk scene and a few weeks ago Lyz Manikas cornered the fellas in their van outside the “Home for the Troops” show for a few questions.

Check out the interview here.

Burning Streets announces tour dates in support of their debut release “Is It In Black And White”

Boston punk act Burning Streets have announced that they’re hitting the road for 2 months this summer in support of their debut release Is It In Black And White.

The “Kiss the World Goodbye Tour” will begin on June 8th in North Carolina and end on August 2nd in Illinois. The tour will be sponsored by BlankTV and will be posting exclusives of the band as they make their way through the country.

You can watch the tour announcement on BlankTV as well as see the tour poster with the full dates by clicking here.

Is It In Black And White is out now on Sailors Grave Records.

Music Video: “Black and Blue” by The Kings of Nuthin, off new album “Old Habits Die Hard”

Massachusetts rockers The Kings of Nuthin have just posted a new music video for their song, Black and Blue. The track appears on their latest album, Old Habits Die Hard, which was released this week on Sailor’s Grave Records, and apparently is about the band’s time in Italy (and getting banned from the country for five years!).

The song is also streaming on their MySpace page along with the title track of the album. Head here to give them a little listen. Watch the video here.

Rumor: U.S. Bombs working on new album

According to Wikipedia, it appears that this year may see a new U.S. Bombs album.  For those to lazy to click the link, this is what it says exactly:

As of 2010, the U.S. Bombs have been working on a new album, which is due for release in 2010.

Until we here something more from an official source this will stay classified as a “rumor” but we’ve got our fingers crossed.  If released, the new album will be the follow up to 2006’s We Are the Problem, released on Sailors Grave Records.

New Music: “Service Is Our Business” from upcoming Hollowpoints album “Old Haunts On The Horizon”

hollowpoints-old-hauntson-the-horizonYou can stream a brand new song from Hollowpoints on the band’s MySpace page.  The song is titled Service Is Our Business and it will appear on the band’s upcoming release Old Haunts On The Horizon, which is slated for release May 11th on Sailor’s Grave (US) and Concrete Jungle (Germany).

Hollowpoints are currently on tour in the US.  Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

New Music: Sailor’s Grave Records post new tracks from The Hollowpoints and Angel City Outcasts

Always true-to-punk label Sailor’s Grave Records have just posted a couple of new songs from upcoming albums of some of their signed musicians. Head over to the label’s MySpace page to check out God Save Anna Nicole and Sidewinder from The Hollowpoints and Angel City Outcasts, respectively.

Both tracks will appear on the bands’ newest albums Old Haunts on the Horizon and Angel City Outcasts, which are set to hit stores May 11.

New Song: “Keep The Bubble In The Middle” off upcoming Hollowpoints album

hollowpoints-old-hauntson-the-horizonYou can stream a brand new song from Hollowpoints on the Concrete Jungle MySpace page.  The song is titled Keep The Bubble In The Middle and it will appear on the band’s upcoming release Old Haunts On The Horizon, which is slated for release May 11th on Sailor’s Grave (US) and Concrete Jungle (Germany).

Hollowpoints are currently on tour in the US.  Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

Sailor’s Grave Records announce “No Piece for the Wicked” tour featuring The Business and The Hollowpoints

sailors-grave-recordsSailor’s Grave Records have announced details about their No Piece for the Wicked tour that will wind through the eastern two-thirds of the country. The tour begins on April 22nd and ends May 15th and will feature iconic Oi! band The Business and The Hollowpoints as the two main acts.

There will be also be a “Sailor’s Grave Records showcase” during the 2nd stop of the tour. This showcase will feature The Business, The Hollowpoints, Refuse Resist, Beantown Boozehounds, and Burning Streets. This is one showcase you won’t want to miss!

Click here to see when they’ll be stopping by your town.

The Kings Of Nuthin’ announce new album “Old Habits Die Hard”, streaming 2 new tracks

sailors-grave-recordsOn May 11th, 2010, Boston’s The Kings Of Nuthin’ will be releasing their new album Old Habits Die Hard on Sailor’s Grave Records.  The album’s cover art can be found here and the band has made two tracks from the album available for streaming.  Check out the track Black And Blue here, and Old Habits Die Hard here.

I hadn’t heard of these dudes until today but I’m stoked this press release landed in my inbox. They’ve definitely got a hard sound to describe; sorta like oldies swing music meets punk rock…  Or a grittier, more punk rock version of World Inferno Friendship Society….  It’s best to just listen to the tracks or read this snippet from the press release:

Old Habits Die Hard is the band’s first all-original full length since 2002’s Fight Songs. Recorded at The Outpost (Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen, Blood For Blood, etc), Old Habits Die Hard is classic KON — a mystifying mixture of Joey Ramone huffing paint and Little Richard sniffing glue. Laced with pounding cadences of wild R&B and the punk rock that inspired it, all woven into one potent tapestry of rock n roll chaos.

Hollowpoints announce new album “Old Haunts On The Horizon”, streaming 2 new tracks

hollowpoints-old-hauntson-the-horizonSeattle’s Hollowpoints will be releasing their new album Old Haunts On The Horizon May 11th, 2010 on Sailor’s Grave Records.  The cover art is <= there and the tracklisting is here.  To get a taste for the music you can listen to God Save Anna Nicole here, and Falling Up Stairs here (both tracks will appear on the new album).

Fans of street punk or Swingin’ Utters should definitely give these guys a listen.  In fact, Hollowpoints contributed one of the tracks (From The Observatory) to the recently released Swingin’ Utters tribute album – you can stream that song on the Hollowpoints MySpace page.

The Hollowpoints released their last full-length album, The Black Spot, in 2005.

Video: Dillinger Escape Plan – “Farewell, Mona Lisa” Trailer

option-paralysis-1A little late night snack for you guys. The Dillinger Escape Plan has just posted a trailer for their video of Farewell, Mona Lisa. Peep the trailer here. The song comes off their new album Option Paralysis which is slated to be released March 23rd.

The band is currently on tour with Darkest Hour. Check out the their Dying Scene Shows page for more details.

The Business announce new album “Doing The Business”

the-business-doing-the-businessBritish Oi! stalwarts The Business are releasing Doing The Business, the band’s first release for Sailor’s Grave Records, on May 11th.  Doing The Business is a new four-song studio EP with six additional live tracks, five of which are from the legendary Marquee recordings from 1982.  The cover art (yonder <=) was illustrated by renown artist Craig Holloway (Agnostic Front, Ramallah, Cold as Life, etc) and the tracklisting can be found here.

You can stream the tracks “Mean Girl” and “1,2,3” from the release on the band’s MySpace page.

Details on The Dillinger Escape Plan’s new album “Option Paralysis”

option-paralysis In case you haven’t heard The Dillinger Escape Plan have a new album coming out March 23rd. The cover art for the new album, Option Paralysis, can be seen on the left. It seems the band have formed an agreement with Seasons Of Mist to form Party Smasher Inc., and we can expect all future releases and official merch to be released under the Party Smasher umbrella. If you want a sample of the new album you’ll have to download, Farewell, Mona Lisa, which is available on iTunes as of yesterday.

For a better look at the cover art and a full tracklisting, check out the full story here.

The Business signs to Sailors Grave Records, releasing new album

sailors-grave-recordsIconic street-punk band, The Business, have officially joined the Sailors Grave Records roster with a new album slated for release on April 20th, 2010.  Here’s what label owner Andy King had to say about the union:

I couldn’t be more proud to be working with THE BUSINESS.  I can not think of any other band that more thoroughly embodies the deep history of the working class British Oi! movement than THE BUSINESS. Their fist-pumping anthemic music, uncompromisingly consistent aesthetic and message, and fierce staying power is unmatched. SGR fully embraces Micky and the boys with wide open arms and a hearty welcome.

You can listen to the track Mean Girl, which will appear on the as yet untitled new album, right here.