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Album Review: Strike Twelve – “Moonshine”

Moonshine is the sophomore effort coming from the Golden State’s Strike Twelve. If you’re unfamiliar with them, Strike Twelve is a melodic skate punk band hailing Southern California. In other words, you know it’s going to be good. The songs average at around two and a half minutes in length, the guitars are aggressive a la Pennywise and the bass lays down an incredibly thick foundation in the vein of early Rise Against. Unlike those bands, however, Strike Twelve takes it easy on the politics for most of the duration on Moonshine, instead focusing their efforts on having a grand old time and personal reflections.

The album starts off on a heavy-handed note of self deprecation between the two opening tracks. From Toilet’s declaration of always finding a way to spoil anything beautiful, and The Long Tail’s refrain of “we can’t admit we’re just pieces of shit reaching out for something that we’ll never get”, Moonshine starts off as a very depressing album. Luckily things pick up with the third track, “The Beer Pong Song”, an ode to one of the biggest sports in the world of beer drinking. From there on the album is a mixed bag of fun party tunes (“San Francisco”, “No Means No”, All-a-Riot”) and more serious and introspective tunes (“Unglued”, “Washed Away”, “The List”). The album never leans too heavily in one direction, and that helps to keep things fresh… although forty-five minutes does run on for a little long for the skate punk genre and cutting two or three tracks to save for a follow up EP or B-sides to singles wouldn’t have hurt Moonshine in the slightest.

In terms of musicianship, Moonshine is just as strong and diverse as the song-writing. Sure, a lot of the sounds are familiar (there are bound to be comparisons to almost any band from the 1990’s Epitaph roster), but the members of Strike Twelve are all talented enough to make the sounds of yester-decade work for them today in the modern age. The bass work on Moonshine is particularly impressive; many tracks taking full advantage of its powerful and deep voice (so to speak) – a staple of the heyday of melodic punk bands. That’s not to take away from the rest of the band: the guitars chug their way through verses and blare out solos at all the appropriate moments, and the drums set a steady framework in which the rest of the band can do their thing. Vocalist Matty T keeps the band grounded firmly in the genre with a voice that is reminiscent of Jim Lindberg, albeit of a slightly softer timbre.

In this day and age when every other punk frontman is ditching his band for an acoustic guitar, and Epitaph is signing bands that look like they piss neon glo sticks, it’s extremely comforting that Strike Twelve exists and that they have recorded Moonshine. It is bands and albums like these that helping keep punk rock alive and well; no schticks, no gimmicks, no haircuts, just good old fashioned songs about beer, insecurity, and persistent telemarketers.


RIYL: Pennywise, Rise Against, No Trigger

Strike Twelve stream “Zom B Nation II” off upcoming album “Moonshine”

So-Cal melodic skate punk act Strike Twelve are geared up to release their second studio album Moonshine on November 24th through Felony Records. To get you properly psyched we’re streaming “Zom B Nation II”, a fun little number from the album right here.

Moonshine can be pre-ordered here.

Strike Twelve released their debut full-length, Killing California, in 2009 also through Felony.  You can stream the album in its entirety here.

Strike Twelve announce upcoming album “Moonshine”

So-Cal melodic skate punk act Strike Twelve are geared up to release their second studio album Moonshine on November 24th through Felony Records. The release will have full digital distribution (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc) as well as physical copies that can be purchased at shows and through the band’s online store.

Moonshine can be pre-ordered here.

Strike Twelve released their debut full-length, Killing California, in 2009 also through Felony.  You can stream the album in its entirety here. (Recommended!)

Battle Born release new single “The Killers”

Las Vegas melodic punk act Battle Born have released a new single, entitled “The Killers.”

You can check it out here, and if you’re inclined to, you can download it here.

The band last released an EP, called “Gadget Rangers Of Death,” on May 12th through Felony Records.

Battle Born (melodic punk) stream “Waiting” off upcoming EP

Las Vegas, melodic punk act, Battle Born will release their upcoming EP “Gadget Rangers Of Death” on May 12th through Felony Records. To give you a taste of what’s to come we’re streaming “Waiting,” a new track from the album below.

For those not familiar with the band, imagine if Ignite was signed to Fat in the mid 90’s.  Or just stream the damn song – it’s good!


Battle Born detail upcoming EP “Gadget Rangers Of Death”

Las Vegas, melodic punk act, Battle Born have announced that they will release their upcoming EP “Gadget Rangers Of Death” on May 12th through Felony Records. The original songs will be available on iTunes immediately after the release. But because of licensing costs, the cover songs they recorded will only be available if you buy a physical copy of the album. Hard copies of the album will only be available for purchase at their shows.

You can check out the artwork and tracklist here.

The EP release show will be held at The Bunkhouse in Nevada with The Core and ‎Surrounded By Thieves. The band released their latest album “Stick To Your Guns” in 2009.

New Music: Raised By Apes – “We Will Proclaim,” “The Love” and “Scotland”

Vancouver punk act, Raised By Apes, have posted three more new songs called “We Will Proclaim,” “The Love” and “Scotland.”

You can check them out here.

Raised By Apes’ last release was 2009′s Destination Unknown on Felony Records.

Raised By Apes stream 4 new songs off upcoming album

Vancouver punk act, Raised By Apes, have posted four new songs called “Voodoo Curse,” “Long Way Back to Vancouver,” “One of Those People I Hate” and “Drion.”

You can listen to them here.

aised By Apes’ last release was 2009′s Destination Unknown on Felony Records. The songs will appear on their upcoming album. No further information has been provided but, will keep you updated.

Chaser calls it quits, re-releasing all out of print releases

Well this is a bummer.  Southern California’s melodic punk act, Chaser, has decided to call it a day.  Over the band’s 12 year career they put out 4 full-length albums, a couple EPs and did one Acoustic Dying Scene Session with us, which you can download for free here.  The band will be re-releasing its original self-titled full-length along with their “No Hope” EP and second full-length “In Control” (all out of print) in one compilation album.  Details still to come on that.  In the meantime, you can read Chaser’s official statement right here.

Editors’s Note: Chaser was one of the few bands that inspired me to start Dying Scene.  Before I launched the website I introduced myself to singer Mike LeDonne after a show in Redondo Beach and told him that while I didn’t quite have a punk news site yet, I intended to feature them on it when I did.  I must have looked like a delusional, overzealous fan but he could not have been a cooler dude and he humored the hell out of me.  A few months later I followed through on my goal to launch and Chaser was the first Band Spotlight we ever featured.  On their next album (“The Big Picture”) Chaser became the first band to thank Dying Scene in the album’s liner notes and for being a kid who grew up making it a point to read who bands thanked on their albums that could not have been a higher reward for the work put into running this site.  I wish Mike and the rest of Chaser the best of luck in whatever they do next and thank them for their inspiration, genuine kindness and most of all for the music they gave us.

Another Damn Disappointment working on new album

Sacramento punk rockers, Another Damn Disappointment, are currently working on a new album. Here’s what they had to say,

We have 15 tracks demo’d for the new album. Shooting for having it fully recorded by the end of the year. Wanna get this thing released by April 2012. That will put us at 3 years since our last release. We had well over 4 years between hooligan and relentless so it looks like we’re ahead of schedule.

The band last release was 2009’s full-length album, “Relentless,” which was released through Felony Records.

DS Exclusive Download: Chaser – “Know Your Way” (acoustic)

I’m not BS’ing when I say that SoCal melodic punk act, Chaser, is one of the reasons I started Dying Scene.  To me, their album “Numb America” was indisputable proof that the punk scene was still alive and kicking, which is why it was such an honor when the band agreed to do an acoustic Dying Scene Session with us last Summer. Our friends at shot and recorded the session at lead singer Mike LeDonne’s home in Orange County and we absolutely love the way they came out.  Today we’re happy to be giving away one of the songs as a free mp3 download.

The track is called “Know Your Way,” and its original was featured on the band’s break out full-length album “Numb America.”  The acoustic version can only be found on Dying Scene and you can stream or download it for free right here.

Check out the videos for the entire Chaser acoustic session right here.

DS Exclusive Interview: Mike LeDonne (Chaser) discusses life as a touring band, the SoCal music scene and hot sauce

Southern California melodic punk act Chaser have been a touring band for 11 years and show no signs of slowing down. After playing with some big names in punk rock, numerous tours and a line-up change, the guys still manage to put out some solid straight up punk rock releases (imagine the love child of Pennywise and Strung Out.) I recently sat down with lead singer Mike LeDonne at the Slidebar in Fullerton where we discussed touring, the departure of guitarist Cameron Denning, the SoCal music scene and hot sauce. Delicious hot sauce. Check out the full interview here.

DC Fallout reveal cover art of upcoming “Serfs Up” EP, announce tour dates

Los Angeles based melodic punk act, DC Fallout have revealed the cover art of their upcoming EP “Serfs Up” and you can view it here.

“Serfs Up” will drop on June 28th, but you can listen to it in its glorious entirety exclusively on “The Grind” here.

If you want to get the inside scoop on the EP, read our interview. The band will also be touring later this month.

DS Exclusive Interview: DC Fallout talks new EP “Serfs Up,” music scenes, politics, zombieacalypses and more

I had the pleasure of conducting my very first Dying Scene interview with Los Angeles based political punk rock band, DC Fallout back in June of 2010. Since then the band has grown a lot. They recently released their newest EP “Serfs Up” and will be flying the flag of political punk rock at this year’s Warped Tour.

Now we’re back with DC Fallout interview número dos. This time around we discuss their new “Serfs Up” EP, music scenes, presidential elections,  the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Zombieacalypse and more. Check it out here! Oh, and while you’re reading you can listen to the “Serfs Up” EP in it’s glorious entirety exclusively on “The Grind” right here.

DC Fallout streams two new songs off upcoming “Serfs UP” EP

Los Angeles based melodic punk act, DC Fallout are streaming two new songs entitled  “The Great Contradiction” and “A Man Without A Country.”  You can listen to them here.

Both tracks will appear on their upcoming EP  titled “Serfs Up” which will be released on June 28th. If you want to listen to their latest album, “Retreat,” go here. Check out our interview with the band here.