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New Music: Out of Date post several songs off upcoming album “D-Side”

Milan, Italy’s Out Of Date have posted several songs off of their upcoming album “D-Side”. Listen to the songs on the band’s Facebook.

The band hopes to have the album out in the early months of 2011. They also mentioned that they have signed to Bells On Records (Japan).

New Song: “Waffles” by Hogwash off “Sticker Paralysis”

Parisian punks Hogwash have just made a new track available to stream on their MySpace page. The song, Waffles, appears on their most recent album, Sticker Paralysis, which was released last June on Bells On Records. Check it out here.

Hogwash’s last album,  Old’s Cool, New’s Cool, came out in 2008 also on Bells On Records.

Straighten Things become “A Second Plan”, working on new album “Californium”

I hate it when bands just change their name for no apparent reason but that’s exactly what members of the french skate punk band Straighten Things Out have done.  Now they are reformed under the new name “A Second Plan”. The band is working on a new album “Californium”,  which they hope to have out sometime next spring. You can stream demo versions  of  ““WMT”,  “Melrose Fake” and”Recalculating” on their Facebook. I’m assuming these three demos will be remastered and appear on their new album since they don’t appear on their previous releases.

The band will announce more details soon. We will keep you posted!

New Song: “State of Mind” by Straighten Things Out

French punks Straighten Things Out have just uploaded a new song to their MySpace page. The song, State of Mind, may be new to us, was released on Bells On Records back in 2006 on their album Dawn of a New Hope. Listen to the track here.

Straighten Things Out’s last album, I Think We Better Split Up, came out last year on Bells On.

Melodic punk act PMX streaming new song “The Epic – Part 2”

Here’s some new, fast, melodic punk rock for you to start your Sunday.  PMX are streaming a brand new song on their MySpace page titled “The Epic – Part 2.”  We have absolutely no idea what release this song will appear on or if it means the band is recording a new album but as soon as we get word we’ll let you know.

The band released their last album, “Rise And Shine” on Bells On Records in 2006.

Forus releasing digital EP “We”, planning new full-length

French skate punk act Forus will be releasing a digital EP titled “We” sometime in the near future.  It will include 6 songs off the band’s last release “Aaron’s Revolution,” 3 tracks from the band’s split release “Coalition,” and a song the band contributed to a Belvedere Tribute album.  The band also mentioned that they will be working on a brand new full-length once the EP has been released.

You can stream “The Bottom Line,” the Belvedere tribute song on the band’s MySpace page.

Forus released their last full-length, “Aarons’s Revolution,” in 2008 on Bells On Records.

Play Attenchon streaming cover of Belvedere’s “The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking”

Peruvian punk act Play Attenchon are streaming “The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking” on their MySpace page.  The song comes off the recently released Belvedere tribute album from Bells On Records.

If you didn’t know, Belvedere was a Canadian skate punk band that called it quits in 2005.

Asado working on new album, streaming new demo song “Pelted Lies”

Manitoba punk act Asado have returned from a semi-hiatus to announce that they have reunited with their original drummer, Jesse Ferreira, and have begun collectively working on a new album.  To prove it they’re streaming a brand new demo song titled “Pelted Lies” on their MySpace page.

Asado released their self-titled debut in 2008.

ActionMen streaming cover of Belvedere’s “Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Disasters”

Italy’s ActionMen are streaming “Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Disasters” on their MySpace page.  The song comes off the recently released Belvedere tribute album from Bells On Records.

If you didn’t know, Belvedere was a Canadian punk band that called it quits in 2005.

Album Review: Play Attenchon – “La Ilusion Que Llevas”

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Where do I start? “La Ilusion Que Llevas”, the most recent release from Peru’s Play Attenchon, had been on my radar for a (very) long time before it came out in 2008 and the hype was big since the band had posted some of their top tracks on their myspace page so many were hungry for more. Everyone had been leaving positive feedback and times were good for the band and now with the official Bells On release available to the entire world, times were rollin’. I would first like to say how nice of a guy Alessandro (drummer) is to everyone in the punk rock community and beyond. There’s always someone in a band that takes the extra steps to help promote, communicate, provide updates, etc, to people and Alessandro is by far one of the best (or even the best) punk ambassadors out there today. Being in Peru is hard enough to promote music but through the help of the band’s “open arms” approach, Play Attenchon have gotten the much needed attention they so desperately deserved. First off for the album, take a look at this:

High Points:

– Mario’s vocals are like a Spanish Zoli Teglas from USA’s Ignite and Pennywise.

– Alessandro’s technicality on drums and the bass pedal sounds on the recording are amazing. You can hear everything!

– They “bring it” on every track

– Even if it’s Spanish vocals, the music and vocals have that little “something something” that makes you listen to the band over and over again.

I love the approach that the guys took going into the studio. And wow @ Angelo at Ances Studio did a superb job. The band’s goal was to have all instruments sound at a high level and they accomplished that. The drums REALLY sound good. I’m sure you would not be surprised if I told you that the band’s main influences are Belvedere as well as Forus and pretty much all Bells On Records bands. The first track of the album, “Intro”, is instrumental and like Forus’ EP starter track, it shines from the get go. I mean how can you not be interested with an opener like that? Imagine playing a hockey game and pumping up the troops with a track like that just before hitting the ice. Carnage I say. As indicated before, Mario’s vocals are such a high point and the album starts off with the track “Ya No Sere El Mismo”. There’s a lot of stops-and-go with a lot of fancy pedal work. If someone is not familiar with the band and not accustomed to hearing Spanish vocals, they will surely love the music no matter what. “Viviendo En El Pasado” sees more hardcore vocals at the start which then fades to the distinctive melodic sung ones. The track finishes off with a crafty classic like solo.

Moving along, “Solo En La Oscuridad”, being at the middle of the album brings all the elements of the band’s influences into this track. It’s a powerful track to show anyone who wants to hear Play Attenchon for the first time. I really would show many tracks from the band to a first time listener so it was a tough one to choose; trust me. “Mis Suenos” starts us off with a sweet guitarmony and finishes with some Whippersnapper like guitars at the end. Play Attenchon really can create some of the best shorter solos out there! Sorry Dragonforce. They make you think; wow did they really play that? “La Ilusion Que Llevas”, the title track of the album, is not the title track for any reason. That guitar riff that they play at the intro and later on (1:42…) is just lovely to hear. This kick ass song has some crazy vocals/back vocals as well. It shows that they REALLY know how to use their vocal talents to the extreme. “Identidad” has the best start of a song that I’ve heard in a while. I don’t know what’s it about but the guitars just have that effect on me I guess. In the end, this is an album you can’t pass by. If you have a music collection and you do not have this release please do not call your music collection great. It’s kind of like the law on the jungle.

And yes, the songs might have been written a couple of years ago but they sound like the “cream of the crop” of the punk rock out today. The new album that the guys are working on is surely to be a classic for the books. The punk rock community might have a day off when that release is official. Also, on a side note, the band is now focusing on English vocals to get their name out more in the international scene. You can hear the band with English vocals on the “Coalition” four-way split on Bells On Records; it contains a sweet Craig’s Brother cover to boot!

Music Video: Short on Time – “Crematoria”

Belgium punk / metal band Short on Time have premiered the music video Crematoria. The song appears on their 2009 sophomore release Sanctuary through Bells On Records.

Check out the music video here.

If you dig melodic punk rock heavily influenced by metal riffage you should head over to this band’s MySpace profile and give a few more of their tracks a listen.

Bells On Records set August 11th release date for Belvedere tribute album

For those of you that were bummed when Canadian punk band Belvedere called it quits in 2005, you’ll want to check this out. Bells On Records is releasing a Belvedere Tribute album on August 11th and will include contributions from a bunch of awesome punk bands.  Album artwork can be seen <=over there=

Check out the tracklist and contributors here and a sampler of the album on the Belvedere tribute MySpace Page.

Random Punk Cover: Hogwash cover “Save Me” by Queen

I love it when punk bands do punky versions of totally random, non-punk songs.  Songs like, Queen’s Save Me, for example.  And it just so happens that French punk rock act, Hogwash, have done a cover of that very track, which you can check out right here.  I kinda like it.

Hogwash released their last album, Sticker Paralysis, last month on Bells On Records.

Never Been Famous recording debut full-length

Steyr, Austria’s Never Been Famous will be entering the studio in early July to record their first full length album (no title yet). This will be the follow-up to the band’s EP “Charged”, released in Japan though Bells On Records.

An interview with the band in Steyr, from summer 2009, can be found with Marcus from The Grind on, where the band discusses the plans for the new album, the sound they’ll be aiming for, and general info from the band’s early days to their “Charged” EP recording. You can stream Volume LVIII (58) at here and/or you can download the direct link here.

You can also view a review of the EP “Charged” here.

Yells Fire In A Crowded Theater working on new full-length

Indiana’s melodic punk outfit, Yells Fire In A Crowded Theater, are currently working on a new full-length album which they claim “will be out shortly”.  Not exactly a lot of info there, I know, but I’m really digging these guys so I wanted to write something anyway.  They sort of remind me of a more technical, juiced up version of Smoking Popes.  Anybody feelin’ me there?

The band recently released a split with Japan punks Not So Young.