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Full Album Stream: “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Vol. 2” (featuring unreleased Rancid song)

Pirates Press Records will be releasing their next compilation “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Volume 2” on 12/12/12, but the label is already streaming the whole thing online.

The compilation features bands like Street DogsThe Business, and Flatfoot 56, but as the story’s title suggests, there’s also an unreleased track by a little known band called Rancid that many people will probably be interested in checking out. You can check it out the Rancid song (and the rest of the compilation) right here.

Details announced for Oi! – This Is Street Punk Volume 2 (features unreleased Rancid, Street Dogs tracks)

Release information has been announced for “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Volume 2.”

The compilation features bands like Street Dogs, The Business, Flatfoot 56, and a previously unreleased track from a little band called Rancid. Click here to check out pre-order information.

“Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Volume 2” is due for release on 12/12/12 via Pirates Press Records.

Street Dogs release music video for “GOP” – fans trying to get them on Daily Show

Street Dogs have released a new music video, for their song “GOP”, which can be seen here.  The song was originally written and recorded as “GLC” by Menace back in 1978, and has been “modernized” by the band with new lyrics. “GOP” will be released on a 7-inch by Pirate’s Press Records on Election Day, November 6, 2012. The band has also launched a project to get this song “out to the masses,” and is recruiting volunteers. You can join the movement here.

To top it off, a LOT of fans are writing Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to try and coax them into a Street Dogs performance – They are aiming for Nov 5th or 7th. You can message the show, or weigh in on the discussion here.

Rare Song: The Kickovers (Street Dogs, Weezer, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) – “The Good Life”

Boston based music podcast Mutiny On The Microphone recently featured a song on its latest podcast by The Kickovers, a short-lived group that featured Nate Albert & Joe Sirois (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) Johnny Rioux (Street Dogs), and Mikey Welsh (Weezer). The song “The Good Life” can be found on the band’s Fenway Recordings album Osaka, which saw a limited release in 2002.

“The Good Life” can be heard as the second song played on Episode 23 of the latest Mutiny On The Microphone podcasts.  Check it out here.

7 Patriotic Punk Songs To Blast At Full Volume On 4th of July

Alright America, it’s time to celebrate your heritage.  Political squabbling aside, and for all its shortcomings, let’s face it, the good ole’ U.S. of A. ain’t such a bad place in the end.  After all, I’m pretty sure we’re the country that invented fireworks, beer, bikinis and rock and roll, which everybody knows is why we celebrate July 4th.

As folks around the world gather together for this momentous Global Holiday I encourage you pessimistic political punks to put aside your misgivings for a day, be glad you don’t live in Harare, and blast these 7 Patriotic Punk songs* that make you proud to be an American.

Street Dogs ask for fan help recovering gear from British Airways

Street Dogs guitarist Tobe Bean posted a status to the band’s Facebook page this morning, asking for fan help to recover lost gear. Apparently several instruments were lost on British Airways, and they have not had any success getting assistance from the airline, so they’re asking for fans to draw some attention and hopefully get their gear back. Check out the status:

A week ago @British_Airways lost 2 Gibson Les Pauls, 2 1970’s Fender Basses, and a set of Zildjian cymbals. At this point @British_Airways have made no attempt to get these back to us. Also mind you we spent $600 in bag fees for this kind of service. Words can’t express the impact that this takes on a band to not have your necessary tools of your trade. We are calling on all of you to retweet and repost this story wherever you can to hopefully get their attention and get our gear back. Thanks for all support you guys are truly the greatest fans in the world.

The band also posted this to Twitter if you want to help out by re-tweeting it. Good luck, dudes.

Video: Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) performs “Prayer of the Refugee” acoustic at Get Out The Vote Rally

At the recent Get Out and Vote Rally in Wisconsin, the likes of Tim Mcllrath of Rise Against, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Mike McColgan of Street Dogs performed acoustic sets in honor of the cause.

Click here to watch Tim Mcllrath perform “Prayer of the Refugee” and Mike McColgan perform “There’s Power In The Union.”

Rise Against and Street Dogs playing free rally show for recall election in Madison, Wisconsin

Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, Mike McColgan of Street Dogs, along with guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine,and singer-songwriter Jackson Browne are all hitting the stage in Madison to turn out the vote in a Wisconsin recall election that’s too close to call.

The “Get Out The Vote’ Rally, sponsored by We Are Wisconsin, will provide a massive boost to canvassing efforts days before the recall election on June 5. The event, which will be held at the Madison Labor Temple at 1602 S. Park St., is free to the public with a sign up to volunteer to help get out the vote. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

McIlrath says his fans often ask how they can get involved with issues of change and awareness. “The frontline happens to be in Wisconsin at the moment, and I’m excited to be out there to help turn out the vote with everyone,” he added.

Three different polls released in the past week have shown a dead heat with challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett having clear momentum and a superior field operation. Both sides have consistently said the election will come down to whom has the better ground game and turns out its base.

“Wisconsin has the lowest amount of new jobs being created out of all American states and a high unemployment rate,” said McColgan. “Certainly with that in mind Wisconsin needs a change and a break from a governor who is beholden to corporate interests and the American Legislative Exchange Council.”

Madison Labor Temple
1602 S. Park St.
Madison, WI 53715

Tobe Bean (Street Dogs) appears on Joe Sib’s Complete Control

Street Dogs guitarist, Tobe Bean, has recently appeared on the latest episode of Joe Sib’s Complete Control. Tobe discusses his roots in music, touring in Australia, and what it’s like to be in one of Boston’s “bringin’-it-est” bands.

You can check out the full episode right here.

Street Dogs announce a handful of US shows and summer European tour

Boston punk rockers the Street Dogs have announced a handful of additional US shows leading up to this year’s Punk Rock Bowling festival, as well as a European tour this summer.  Check out all the dates right here.

Don’t forget about the band’s plan to release a live album and DVD in this, their 10th year.  Sounds like its gonna be a big year for them.

Street Dogs released their fifth album “Street Dogs” August 31st, 2010 on Hellcat Records.

Video: Guitarist Tobe Bean (Street Dogs) talks touring, beer, his music roots and more

Guitarist Tobe Bean of the Boston punk band, Street Dogs, was interviewed on episode seven of Joe Sib’s Complete Control TV. Toby discussed touring, beer, his music roots and more.

You can check out the interview here.

Comedian Grant Cotter also appeared on the show. The Street Dogs last released “Street Dogs”, their fifth album overall and second for Hellcat Records, on August 31st,2010.

Photo Gallery : Street Dogs at Slim’s. San Francisco, California. March 16, 2012

The weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, Boston-based Street Dogs performed at the legendary Slim’s in San Francisco.

Issues at the door kept me from seeing the openers Murder The Stout kick off the night, but I was inside to catch a fair amount of Old Man Markley‘s set. I have seen this band several times and they always have a great stage presence and vibe.

Devils Brigade followed, and got the crowd ready for the always-rowdy Street Dogs. The band is celebrating their 10th year of being together, and show no signs of stopping.

Check out some live shots Dying Scene was able to grab during Street Dogs’ set here.

You can view photos from Old Man Markley’s set here, Devils Brigade here, as well as a complete gallery of Street Dogs photos here.

Street Dogs are planning on celebrating their 10 years of bandhood with a live album and DVD.  Stay tuned to Dying Scene for more details on this as they surface.

Street Dogs celebrating 10 years with live album/DVD, other releases in the works

According to a post from front man, Mike McColgan, Boston’s Street Dogs are planning on celebrating their 10 years of bandhood with a live album and DVD.  He also mentions that “other 7-inch splits and b side releases [are] set to go.”

The Street Dogs last released “Street Dogs”, their fifth album overall and second for Hellcat Records, on August 31st,2010.

More bands added to Punk Rock Bowling 2012 (Sham 69, Street Dogs, Hot Water Music, Youth Of Today, Hepcat, Dead Ending, Real Mckenzies, Old Man Markley, Beltones, Far From Finished) and more

Several more bands have been added to this year’s Punk Rock Bowling lineup. Additions include Sham 69, Street Dogs, Hot Water Music, Youth Of Today, Hepcat, Dead Ending, The Real Mckenzies, Old Man Markley, Beltones, Far From Finished, Toys That Kill, American Heist, Holding Onto Sound, The Bots, The Dips and American Werewolves.

They join previously announced bands such as Rancid, the Briefs, NOFX, Pennywise and the Adicts.

PRB happens May 25-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Street Dogs announce West Coast tour dates with Old Man Markley and Devil’s Brigade

Boston punk rockers Street Dogs have announced dates for “The Crooked Drunken Sons” tour which is a quick run of 5 shows that starts in Sacramento, California on March 14th.  They’ll be supported by Old Man Markley and Devil’s Brigade, which sounds like an awesome show to me.  Check out the details here.

The Street Dogs last released “Street Dogs”, their fifth album overall and second for Hellcat Records, on August 31st,2010.