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The Measure (SA)’s new song “Unwritten” recorded for Pink Couch Sessions

kissofdeathrecordsCheck out The Measure (SA)‘s  new song, “Unwritten,” recorded acoustic on video for the Pink Couch Sessions on

Watch the video on the Full Story page.

Take a look at the band’s upcoming shows on the Dying Scene Shows page.

New Song: “Response” from The Measure (SA)’s upcoming release

kiss-of-death-recordsThe Measure [SA] are streaming a brand new song titled “Response” over on their Fest 8 page.  According to the band, the track will appear on an upcoming release on Kiss Of Death Records.

Stream the entire Whiskey Trench album “Television”

kiss-of-death-recordsYou can stream the entire debut full-length, “Television,” from Montreal’s Whiskey Trench over on the band’s MySpace page.  The album is split in half and being played in two “songs” in the MySpace player – “New LP – Side A” and “New LP – Side B”.

“Television” was released September 22nd on Kiss Of Death.

Listen to “High Noon” by Anchor Arms off their upcoming split with Madison Bloodbath

anchorarmsHere’s another post that is half speculation and half fact.  Anchor Arms have a new song up on their MySpace page titled “High Noon” (FACT).  It is featured on their upcoming split with Madison Bloodbath (SPECULATION).  I couldn’t find any information on the split but it’s still early and I was too lazy to do any serious research.

Anchor Arms released their last full-length, “Cold Blooded” on Fail Safe Records in 2008.

Preview tracks from Fellow Project/Jonesin’ split 7″

fellow-project-jonesin-splitHuntinton Station’s Fellow Project, and Long Island’s Jonesin’ released a split 7″on Kiss Of Death Records earlier this month.  You can get a preview of Fellow Project’s contribution “Till It Becomes Us” on the Fellow Project MySpace page, and a preview of Jonesin’s contribution “Knee-Deep In Spite” on the Jonesin’ MySpace page.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the release you can find it here.

How Dare You posts new song “Still Young”

kissofdeathrecordsHow Dare You has just uploaded a new song to their myspace page. The song is titled “Still Young.” No clue if this is a song they recorded for one of the 2 split 7 inch records they have been working on or if it is a song they recorded for perhaps a second full length album. How dare THEY not give us a clue! In any event, go check it out and let us know what you think.

The bands last album, “Comfort Road,” was released on Fail Safe Records November 4, 2008.

Jonesin’ split 7″ with Fellow Project coming soon

JonesinJonesin’ announces upcoming split 7″ with Fellow Project to be released on Kiss of Death Records sometime this year.  You can hear two Jonesin’ songs featured on the 7″ titled “Knee-deep in Spite” and “I Wish the Sun Was a Giant Pizza” on the band’s Myspace page.