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The Rougneck Riot announce new album “Out Of Anger”

The ladies and gents in The Roughneck Riot have announced their long-awaited new album Out Of Anger will be released on October 13th through TNS Records. You can check out the cover art above and listen to two songs from the record below.

Out Of Anger serves as a follow-up to 2012’s This Is Our Day. The band will be touring Europe in support of the release ’til the end of the year.

The Roughneck Riot add dates to European tour

The ladies and gents in The Roughneck Riot have added some more shows to their upcoming tour, which will see them playing shows around the UK and in other parts of Europe this August, September, and October. Dates and locations can be found below.

The band’s currently working on a new full-length to serve as a follow-up to 2012’s This Is Our Day. You can check out two songs from the album – “Resistance” and “All That We Know” – here and here, respectively.

Faintest Idea announce Russian tour dates

UK ska-punks Faintest Idea will be embarking on a 2-week Russian tour this Friday, June 27th. Details on when and where they’ll be stopping can be found below.

Faintest Idea’s latest album The Voice of Treason was released in 2012 through TNS Records. Head over to their Bandcamp if you’d like to give it a listen and/or pick up a copy.

Music Video: Acid Snot – “Hometown”

Spanish melodic punk band Acid Snot have just released a music video for the title track off their new EP “Hometown.” Check the video out below.

Acid Snot recently self-released their EP “Hometown” which can be streamed here.

Officer Down release music video and free download for new song “Open Waters”

U.K. punk trio Officer Down have released a music video and free download for their song “Open Waters.”

You can check it out below.

It’s taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Dead Lands’, which will be released in July on vinyl/CD through TNS Records.

Officer Down signs to TNS Records

The U.K. punk trio Officer Down has signed to Manchester-based TNS Records.  The label will release Officer Down’s next album, Dead Lands, later this year.

Officer Down is also touring the eastern U.S. this summer, and you can find all the dates below.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man (Punk) announce new 7-inch

Manchester punk act Revenge of the Psychotronic Man will be releasing a new 7-inch called  “10 Years Of Revenge: Still Getting Pissed, Still Talking Shit and Still Dancing Like Idiots” April 14th through TNS Records.

The 7-inch will include two new recordings of the songs “Get Pissed, Talk Shit and Dance Like An Idiot” and “Rita, Sue and Bob Too” as well as two remixes from the band’s latest release, “Shattered Dreams Parkway.”  That album came out October 22nd 2012 via TNS Records.


Wonk Unit sign to TNS Records for release of upcoming album “Nervous Racehorse”

London punks Wonk Unit will release their upcoming album, Nervous Racehorse, on TNS Records.  This will be thet’s 4th album overall, and it is slated for release on March 13th.

Wonk Unit will head out on tour in support of the album in March for a string of dates around the U.K.  See if they’re coming to a city near you below.

The Franceens (garage punk) sign to TNSrecords, realease music video for “Attack”

TNSrecords have announced that they will be releasing the debut album by UK garage punkers The Franceens. Along with the announcement The Franceens have also released a new video for their track “Attack”, which has been taken off their debut EP “Duck And Cover”. Check it out below.

The band is currently recording the final touches of the album, which is due to be released at the beginning of December.

Press Blurb:

“The Franceens play high-energy garage/punk, which has a 50’s twist to it. The music is delivered with ferocity, honesty and precision. It’s twangy, intense and full of raw power. The band is a tight combination of catchy riffs and vocal hooks, backed up by a solid rhythm.”

The Roughneck Riot announce new record to be released on TNSrecords

UK folk punks The Roughneck Riot has posted a photo to their Facebook page of them in the studio. The caption announces that they are in the beginning stages of writing new material set to be released April 2014 on TNSrecords. This record will be the follow up to “This Is Our Day” released on Bomber Music.

Stoj Snak streams “Fuck EP”

Danish screamer-songwriter, Stoj Snak, is streaming his new EP, Fuck, which was released yesterday. Despite the aggressive sounding title, Snak intends it to carry a message of love and acceptance.  On his Bandcamp page, he explained his lyrical choices:

“You wouldn’t think that writing songs about free, consensual sex would make much sense this day of age – in fact I almost threw out this song because I thought the lyrics were outdated and redundant. However, every now and then ridicules and quite scary events (like the Russian anti-gay laws) occur to remind us that the freedom to be who you are and express your love the way that you find best is not prevailing everywhere and that this freedom is something still worth standing up for. If for nothing else than to show everyone, who feel that their sexuality, choice of partner(s) or whatever is being looked down upon in one way or another, that we are many people everywhere who are on their side.

Love is one of the few uncorrupted things that make this world worth living in. So fuck how you want to fuck. And if anyone else tries to tell you differently; fuck them!

This EP is for everyone who dares to love…”

If that sounds like your sort of thing, the EP is available for streaming or pay-what-you-want download on Stoj Snak’s bandcamp, or right here.

Acid Drop (street punk) release music video for new song “Hell and Damnation” from upcoming album “The End of Days”

Leeds street punk/skate punk act ACiD DROP have released a music video for a brand new song called “Hell and Damnation,” which will be appearing on their upcoming album “The End of Days.”

You can check it out right here.

“The End Of Days” is set to be released on July 8th via TNS Records and Pie Race Records.

Acid Drop (street punk) announce new album “The End Of Days”, debut new song (free download)

Leeds street punk/skate punk act ACiD DROP will be releasing a new full-length album titled “The End Of Days” on July 8th via TNS Records and Pie Race Records.  To give peeps a taste of what’s to come they’ve debuted the the first single from the album, “Knock You Down”, which you can stream right here along with a trailer for the rest of the album.  If you dig the tune you can download it for free.

Album Review: Stöj Snak – “Songs About Beliefs”

Sometimes some of the best punk music in the world comes from a dirty basement tucked away in a dark corner of a far off land. Mighty Midgets, a ‘melodic speed punk’ band from Aalborg, a university town in northern Denmark, is such a band. They have a small loyal following close to home, but North American punk connoisseurs will most likely follow your name dropping of them with a blank stare. Which is too bad, because Mighty Midgets are amazing. Melodic hardcore punk in the vein of No Trigger, Closet Monster. Even Comeback Kid, if they played their songs twice as fast. But Mighty Midgets are notable for another reason; giving birth to some of the finest folk punk I’ve heard in a long time.

Self described as a Danish folk punk screamer-songwriter band, Stöj Snak is the brain child of the Midgets’ guitarist/backing vocalist, Niels H. Sörensen. Sörensen is the sole official member of the band, though ‘Songs About Beliefs’, the band’s second release, features a handful of guest musicians on various tracks, helping to fill out the sound with everything from gritty distorted harmonica to banjo to organs that a flute?

The quality singing abilities of Niels on ‘Songs’ is one of the highlights of the record, ripping on his vocal chords like he forgot he was singing folk songs and thought for a second this was another Midgets record. It’s unique and creates a fresh sounding dichotomy that reminds one of Frank Turner’s finer moments, with the passion dial turned up.

The lyrical content is your typical punk packaged mix of political outrage, laced with optimistic encouragement and a sprinkling of sarcasm. The urgency with which the words are delivered is what slips the hook in though.

‘Songs About Beliefs’ is an insanely catchy group of songs. ‘No Refunds’ in particular has not left my head since first hearing it three days ago. The great thing about Stöj Snak though is that having this group of songs bounce around in your cranium without rest all day is a pleasant side effect of the music, unlike, say, Mumford & Sons, which can burrow into your head like a parasite and lay its evil banjo eggs until you’re just about ready to scream.

I have little doubt that many of you will not have heard of this band, or their hardcore counterparts Mighty Midgets. If you’re going to take anything away from this review though, take this: you are missing out.

Head over either band’s bandcamp page here and here, and you can buy Might Midgets’ ‘Raising Ruins For The Future’ record for as much or as little as you like.

For just over a buck you can buy either of Stöj Snak’s EP’s, which, in their ‘Redux’ form have been beefed out with Niels rocking live versions of all the songs thrown in there for free.

Seriously dude, it’s like a buck and a quarter (minimum). They won’t even let you smell the coffee at Starbucks for that.

5/5 Stars

Stöj Snak (folk-punk) streams new EP “Songs About Beliefs”

Danish folk-punk, screamer-songwriter outfit Stöj Snak is streaming their entire upcoming EP “Songs About Beliefs” right here.

Songs About Beliefs was released today via 5FeetUnder Records and TNS Records.