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Ink Bomb (Skate Punk, Holland) Stick to Their Tradition with Charity Acoustic Cover of Against Me!’s “Black Me Out”

For the third year in a row, Dutch punk band Ink Bomb will sell an acoustic cover for charity. This year the band chose the song “Black Me Out” by Against Me! and will sell copies for 3 euros. All proceeds will be donated to OutRight Action International, an LGBTIQ organisation. The donation campaign will end on January 11.

Previous charity covers from the band have included Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” and “Nothing With You” by Descendents.

You can check out their version of “Black Me Out” below. If you like it, get it bought and support a great cause!

Punchline 13 release their cover of “Last Christmas”

Montreal pop punks Punchline 13 have decided to tackle doing a cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”. If you’re in a Christmassy mood, have a listen below.

The track, along with the rest of their discography, is up on Bandcamp now.

The Dumbheads (pop-punk) stream new EP “Something Did Go Wrong”.

Fans of Screeching Weasel, the Ramones and the Queers should pay attention! Russian pop-punk band The Dumbheads just released their new EP Something Did Go Wrong. The three song EP features two wonderful poppy songs that will get stuck in your brain pretty fast and tops it off with an instrumental tune. Too bad there is only three songs! Listen to the full release below.

Stream new MxPx Christmas song featuring guest vocals from Tsunami Bomb singer

Last week MxPx put out another  holiday single called ‘December’. This straight forward pop punk number is a welcome addition to the band’s growing collection of Christmas songs. Guest vocals are provided by Emily Whitehurst (Tsunami Bomb) and Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan, who is also the most recent guest on Mike Herrera’s podcast).

Check out the video for the song below. The song is part of a re-release of ‘Punk Rawk Christmas’ (available on all streaming sites).

2018 has been a busy year for MxPx in terms of releasing music. They put out a self-titled full length, their first in over six years, during the summer to critical acclaim. This was followed up a few months later with the EP ‘Best Life’.

Back Garden Light (pop punk) release video for ‘The Right Side’

French pop punk outfit Back Garden Light released their new single ‘The Right Side’ last Friday via Red Toad Music (KROD Records). They play a familiar sound of pop punk mixed with more metal influences, so if bands like Chunk, No Captain Chunk!, Can’t Bear This Party or Knockout Kid are your thing, this video below is worth a look.

Their last release was the EP ‘Life’s A Game’ in 2016.

The Maple State (Indie Punk) release new video for ‘Germany’

The Maple State returned earlier this year with the release of ‘Things I Heard At The Party‘. This Manchester band was big on the UK scene in the mid-2000s (at one point turning down a tour with Paramore as they considered them too pop punk!) before calling it quits a decade ago.

They have just released a video for a new song called ‘Germany‘. This is in a slightly more upbeat direction than their previously released album (that was received well), check out the video below.

Offended By Everything (Texas pop-punk) release music video for “The First Time”

Dallas pop-punk act Offended By Everything have released a music video for their song, “The First Time,” which comes from their upcoming album Evergreen that is set to be released on January 4th via Standby Records.

You can check it out below, along with some of the bands’ upcoming tour dates.

Offended By Everything last released Never Too Late To Start Again in 2017.

Nightlife (London pop-punk) release music video for “In My Head”

London pop-punk act Nightlife have released a music video for their new single “In My Head.”

You can check it out below.

Nightlife last released Salt & Acid in 2017.

Pkew Pkew Pkew release music video for “65 Nickels”

Toronto’s Pkew Pkew Pkew have released a music video for their song “65 Nickels,” which comes from the band’s upcoming Dine Alone Records debut full length that is set to be released in early 2019.

You can check out the video below.

Pkew Pkew Pkew last released a 7″ single for another song taken from the upcoming full length, “Passed Out,” in September 2018.

Cookie Break (pop-punk) streaming new single “Rescue Me!”

Polish pop-punks Cookie Break are streaming their new single “Rescue Me!”. Featuring some razor-sharp guitar riffs and some pretty full percussion, this song is reminiscent of the early days of Sum 41.

Give it a listen below.

This is the first new music from Cookie Break since their début EP Going Nuts was released back in 2016.

Album review: Twenty2 “Nice Knowin’ Ya”

After a decade long hiatus, Montreal’s Twenty2 are back with a new EP Nice Knowin’ Ya. Picking up where they left off, 2006’s Defective, this album is full of emo-tinged pop punk delivered with a familiar angsty sneer and melodic rage.

Nice Knowin’ Ya blasts out of the gates with “Intro(vert)”, a sub-minute explosion of frenzied guitars and intense anger. “I don’t care if you don’t get it, it’s ok if we have to end it here and now, because I have no time and alone I’m just fine” Jon yells with a sense of defiance.

Like the inevitable sense of quiet dread sets in after an explosion, the emotional side of this album kicks in after the first song. Perhaps showcasing that “alone I’m just fine” is not entirely accurate. “Won’t Hate” has distinct change of energy, stepping down the rage and giving it a melancholic feel. “I’ll never be the same without you, I know I’m better off without you, I will turn around and leave you behind” is delivered in a way that is difficult to figure out if he is talking to someone else, or attempting to convince himself. This self doubt is layered over a driving rhythm and soaring vocal melodies.

“Radio Mind” continues the punchy instrumentation and soaring melodies found throughout this album, but also double-downs on the emotional response to “Intro(vert)”. “I haven’t been here long enough, I hate to look back but it’s tough to move on” opens the song “Can’t Hold on, Can’t Let Go” who’s title alone suggests that there is a distinct sense of regret involved in the situation this album is presenting.

There are a couple of stand out tracks featuring guests. The first one being Stephen Egerton from the Descendents on “I’d Rather Die”. This song puts the anger back on display and the guitar work has a more frenzied feel. When Jon’s vocals come back in after the guitar solo there is such anger and resentment, it’s a palpable chill-inducing moment. This song definitely explores the angrily-accepted side of the emotional spectrum on display in this album.

The other guest track features Al Nolan from Canadian punk band Almighty Trigger Happy. The last and titular track “Nice Knowin’ Ya” is the perfect example of a band creating highs and lows in the exploration of emotions. The guitars are aggressive and in your face, the drums explode and make you feel every hit, the bass line driving and complementary, all of which on fire with angst but then drop off so quickly in the breakdown it’s a free fall of energy that ends with a primordial scream. The call and answer vocals, as well as the harmonies are executed perfectly. “Fuck you and everything you want from me. Got no time for anything but my need, I gave you even my own sanity, what’s left is just for me.” screamed on the verge of a breakdown shows that “Alone I’m just fine” was definitely not true.

Nice Knowin’ Ya leaves a little to be desired, I wish there were more songs like the title track and “I’d Rather Die” as some of the other songs start to blur with similarity. However this album shines because of the honest lyrical look at the feelings we all experience after an emotional fallout. The rage-fueled things we say, in a sub-one minute song, versus the depth of the feelings we experience afterwards, in five songs across fourteen minutes.

3.5/5 Stars

Goalkeeper release new EP “Bad Times Don’t Last”

Philadelphia pop-punks Goalkeeper have released their new EP. Bad Times Don’t Last is a five track affair, including recent video “Nothing At All“.

Have a listen on Spotify now; upcoming tour dates are below.

Horror Section release self-titled debut LP

Horror-pop-punk act Horror Section officially release their debut full length on December 7th. The self-titled, 16 song LP is out on Eccentric Pop Records, with physicals up for pre-order now.

The album is up on Spotify now.


Album Review: Loose End (pop punk) – “Overthinking Everything I Know”

With so many pop punk bands coming out of Australia at the moment, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Loose End from Melbourne make their attempt to have an impact with their second EP ‘Overthinking Everything I Know’. The release, recorded by Chris Vernon from Belle Haven, is a follow up to their self-titled effort in 2017.

The EP opens with ‘Cracks in the Curtains’ with dropped-D crunchy riffs coming straight in followed by familiar (and welcome) chugging guitars under an upbeat verse melody. The chorus here is one of the strongest on offer from this release and almost becomes an ear-worm. The new single ‘Hiding in Someone Else‘ follows with shouting vocals that come in without warning followed by the melody. This method can work on a pop punk song but it needs to be more thought out (they would do well to listen to Senses Fail‘s song “Is It Gonna Be The Year?” from earlier in 2018).

Third track ‘Doesn’t Matter’ flows quite nicely to begin with but the chorus falls a bit flat, it feels like it is missing a big hook, in fact the best parts of the song are the ‘woahs’ after the second final choruses. ‘The Stress & The Envy’ picks things up somewhat with a bouncy riff and well thought out chorus. This is a song that could easily be found on a WSTR album (a band they unsurprisingly cite as an influence).

On ‘Identity’ Loose End push things in a slightly different direction with a somewhat heavier sound than the other tracks. Given they listen to Comeback Kid and Trapped Under Ice, it makes sense that they delve into this territory. I cannot help but feel like this song is lost in the middle, not quite working as a heavy song nor a pop punk one. Closer ‘Jordan Street‘ is the first single of the EP, and is a decent enough pop punk effort with cliched but genuine sounding lyrics, the transition from the verse to the chorus is quite impressive and shows what this band are capable of.

‘Overthinking Everything I Know’ is certainly a more interesting and enjoyable listen than their last effort. I could be wrong, but the press release simply states that they recorded the songs with Vernon, so as far as I’m aware they only engineered the release and did not produce it. I feel like the band could really do with a seasoned producer to come in and help define their sound and craft some stronger hooks. Given that this is only their second release, Loose End have time to keep pressing forward, and these skills may come with time. Their sound is still blending in too much with their pop punk peers from their home country as well as their counterparts from the US and UK. They have some way to go before they have crafted a sound as interesting as someone like Trophy Eyes (another influence they nod to).

Not so much ones to keep an eye on, more a band to keep checking up on every now and then to see how they have developed. They do, however, deserve a bonus point for not singing in a fake American accent like many other UK and Australian bands in their genre.

2.5/5 Stars

Showoff singer starts ‘Punk Rock Bowling Meet Up’

Chris Messer, singer of Chicago pop punk Showoff has started a ‘meet up’ for people that love bowling and punk rock music. If you think this might be of interest to you and live in the Milwaukee area, check out the link to sign up here.

Originally produced by John Feldmann in 1999, Showoff have had several great releases over the years. Their album Midwest Side Story released on Messer’s own Dodgeball Records  in 2017 was overlooked and underrated.