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Ray Rocket debuts music video – “First Time”

Ray Rocket (from Teenage Bottlerocket) just released a new music video for the song, “First Time,” and you can give it a look below.

The track comes from Ray’s debut solo record, Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?, which is due out tomorrow (April 1st) on Rise Records. You can pick up a copy of the album right here.

You might recognize the song, as it’s a version of a song of the same name from Teenage Bottlerocket’s previous album, Tales From Wyoming. Also, the video might make you tear up a bit, because it features a lot of old home video of Ray and his twin brother Brandon, who passed away late last year.

Ray Rocket is headed out on tour in May with The Copyrights and The Lippies, as well as The Penske File on the shows in Canada (sick lineup!). Check out the dates/locations here.

Ray Rocket covers “Pet Sematary”

Ray Rocket (of Teenage Bottlerocket) drops another jam from his upcoming solo album Do You Wanna Go To Tijana?.

You can listen to his cover of the Ramones’ classic “Pet Sematary” below.

The album releases on April 1st through Rise Records. If you want to pre-order it, you can do so right here

New Music: Ray Rocket – “Without You” off upcoming album “Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?”

The long-talked-of debut solo release from Teenage Bottlerocket‘s Ray “Rocket” Carlisle is now on the horizon, set for an April 1st release on Rise Records. Pre-order bundles for Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana are A) super rad and B) available here.

A new track from the album has been made available for streaming, so have a listen to Ray’s solo rendition of TBR’s “Without You” below.

Also of note is that Ray will be embarking on a North American solo tour with The Copyrights and The Lippies following the record’s release.

Chris Fox is the DD again today on Dying Scene Radio (and that’s “guest co-host” not “day drinker”), w/ special commentary from Ray Rocket, Skipjack, Murderland, and more!

This week on Dying Scene RadioChris Fox is the DD again today (but we mean “guest co-host” not “day drinker”).  Bobby Pickles welcomes the Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter frontman (and a thousand other bands) “in-studio” once again in a pinch as a last minute replacement for Elena Venetia who was busy with her dude doing V-day shit. This is the Fuck Valentine’s Day Special!

Listen to all the incessant blathering below!


DS Editor AnarchoPunk’s three-part piece highlighting the exploits of the honorable Chris Fox. It’s bitter cold in CT, and Reno not so much. The playlist was not chosen for Valentine’s Day, in fact – fuck Valentine’s Day. It’s corporate shill Holiday. Every time Chris Fox does the show, a big timer dies; this week, it’s Justice Antonin Scalia, and Bobby hopes for a super liberal replacement solely for the benefit of federal marijuana legalization. Bobby uses the phrase “Italian Guineas” – PC people be warned. We discuss the negative idiot TONE LO-KI who enjoys informing people of deaths. Salt Lake City pop-punk outfit Problem Daughter signs with Dying Scene Records. Chris says, “always drink before you tune, that’s the trick, depending on where your priorities lie.” No Doubt/AFI should form a Hardcore band called “Some Doubt” – joke stolen from Entropy NY’s Brian Lawrence. Fuck cowbell, more bass.

Special commentary from Teenage Bottlerocket founding member and co-frontman Ray Carlisle; Tasmanian punk act Luca Brasi; Roman skatepunkers (former Jet Market shredders) Thousand Oaks; Belgian pop-punk group For I Am; Gainesville emo/indie-punk act Edmonton; Boston’s ska-revivalist group The Pomps; Ohio pop-punk act, The Spastic Hearts; LA based pop-punk band Murderland, and San Diego punk act Skipjack.

Boss’ Daughter – I’m the DD today
Ray Rocket – Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?
Luca Brasi – The Cascade Blues
Thousand Oaks – You Can’t Fight Fate
Faintest Idea – Down Pressure
Face To Face – Double Crossed
Problem Daughter – Like a Dog
New Age Healers – Lost Your Mind
Medictation – Memories Of Youth
For I Am – Grandma’s Missing
Edmonton – Solid Knowledge
Hey Stroker – Momentum
Spanish Love Songs – Paper Cup
The Bennies – Party Machine
The Pomps – All My Guns
The Spastic Hearts – Spend It With You
Two For Flinching – Super
The Slackers – Truth Comes Knocking
Murderland – Whatever Happened
Brian Fallon – A Wonderful Life
Skipjack – Something To Believe In

DS Exclusive: Ray Rocket on his solo debut, and continuing Teenage Bottlerocket after Brandon’s death

Teenage Bottlerocket founding member and co-frontman Ray Carlisle is the latest and greatest member of this little scene of ours to dip his Chuck Taylor-adorned toes into the ‘solo acoustic punk’ waters. Performing under the Ray Rocket moniker, Carlisle’s debut solo album, Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana? is due out April 1st on Rise Records, and features a dozen tracks, two of which are new, and the remainder of which are reworked (sometimes almost unrecognizably reworked) versions of Teenage Bottlerocket classics. News of the album just dropped officially last week, and brought with it the title track’s music video that will undoubtedly go down as one of the best damn ways to spend three minutes that you’ll have this year (get your minds out of the gutter, you filthy animals).

By now, you’ve all seen it, probably way more than once. The clip for “Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?,” the lead single and title track from Teenage Bottlerocket’s Ray Carlisle, features Ray and his nine-year-old son Milo hanging out and doing all the rad stuff that dads and their kids get to do when it’s just them hanging out: practicing karate, snowboarding, dance parties, and just sorta generally spending time together being awesome. (Haven’t seen it or need a refresher? Go here.). It’s all of the adjectives that we’re not supposed to use when describing things on a website with its roots planted in the punk rock community: funny, sweet, adorable, inspiring, heart-melting… You get the idea. “I really just wanted it to be sort of a Saturday with me and Milo,” Carlisle tells me over the phone. “Even though we filmed it on a Thursday! I took him out of school for the day, that’s why we were the only people at the ski area; that’s the local ski area near Laramie. I think that we totally captured that. I love the feel for the video.

That sort of positive, uplifting feel is a pretty recurring theme on Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?, as you would probably expect given Ray’s typical wheelhouse. After some demoing and fine-tuning, Carlisle holed up at his recording studio home-away-from-home, the legendary Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, to lay down the dozen tracks that appear on the album. The bulk of what you hear comes from Ray and his recording partner/engineer Andrew Berlin, with the exception of backing vocals from fellow Bottlerocket Kody Templeman, an appearance from the Spastic Hearts’ Angi Phalangee, and drums on “First Time,” the album’s final track, from Carlisle’s late brother, Brandon. “That’s Brandon on drums,” says Carlisle, sounding about as choked up as I felt upon hearing those words. “That’s the last song Brandon ever played drums on before he died.

As it turns out, production on …Tijuana would wrap on October 27th of last year; Brandon fell into a coma on November 3rd before eventually succumbing four days later. The track, which the Carlisle brothers penned together following the death of a loved one, takes on particularly heaviness given Brandon’s death. “It’s not conventional the way that he plays drums (on “First Time”)” says Carlisle. “It really shows off everything that Brandon was capable of with his drumming. He was spectacular.

Though the Ray Rocket album was obviously planned and recorded while Brandon was still alive, the project seems to carry his spirit throughout. “Brandon was into it,” says Carlisle, before half-jokingly noting that “(his) number one concern was that it was going to suck!” Fans of TBR and the Carlisle brothers can undoubtedly rest assured that Ray’s solo project, and the album itself, do not, in fact, suck. Carlisle notes, and yours truly agrees, that “it just turned out so cool and I hope that people don’t judge it (based on it being interpreted as strictly an acoustic TBR album). Everything does have its own personality, and I changed it up enough that the excitement is there!

While it might, on the surface, appear to the outsider to be on the early side for Carlisle and his Bottlerocket brothers in arms to get back on the active side of the music circuit, Ray is careful to run most decisions through a “what would Brandon want” filter, particularly as Brandon served as chief decision-maker in Teenage Bottlerocket. He “was always such a huge decision maker with our music, as far as every aspect of it goes. I mean, the songwriting, the production, the T-shirt design. Brandon was always driving the boat, you know? So things are gonna change, and we’re all gonna miss him, especially this first handful of shows.” The coming year will prove to be a busy one for Ray and company. Teenage Bottlerocket will shake the rust off in mid-March with a few local shows before Ray hits the road for his first solo tour, opening for the likes of The Copyrights for the bulk of the month of May. “I think that it’s cool that I get to get out there and get my mind off of stuff,” says Carlisle.

Check out our extensive interview below, and head here to pre-order Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?.

New Video: Ray Rocket – “Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?”

The long-talked-of solo debut from Teenage Bottlerocket‘s Ray “Rocket” Carlisle has now got specific, and awesome, release information…and a debut music video!

The album’s called Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana? and it’s due out April 1st via Rise Records. Pre-order bundles are A) super rad and B) available here.  Oh, and the debut video for the title track will melt your goddamn heart, I promise you. Check it out below.

Also of note is that Ray will be embarking on a North American solo tour with The Copyrights and The Lippies following the record’s release.

The Copyrights announce tour of North America with Ray Rocket (Teenage Bottlerocket) and The Lippies

The Copyrights will be heading out on a tour around North America with opening acts Ray Rocket (Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket fame, playing solo) and The Lippies, with The Penske File joining on all dates in Canada. The tour will hit both Pouzza Fest and Bled Fest, and you can check out the dates and locations below.

The Copyrights released their latest album, Report, in August 2014 through Red Scare Industries. The Lippies will release their self-titled debut this year, also on Red Scare.